Skills shortage in Canberra?

Jazz 4 September 2007 7

ABC online has an article from yesterday evening about a big increase in the number of job advertisements in Canberra compared with a national average.

Now i’m not one to normally pay attention to job ads in the paper (i have’t looked in a few years) but is the number of jobs really an indication of a lack of skills in the market? Or is it a case of increased business opportunities resulting from punters spening their extra case from lower income tax.

What do you think?

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7 Responses to Skills shortage in Canberra?
S4anta S4anta 11:45 am 05 Sep 07

It wouldn’t have anything to do with the amount of people retiring would it folks? Leaves an employment and corporate knowledge vacuum.

jemmy jemmy 11:02 pm 04 Sep 07

It’s not the dep’ts that are dragging the chain on clearances; the mob who do them are short-staffed

They’re addressing this. They’ve hired some people with more to come and the backlog has started to reduce. It had to, even internal clearance renewals were being affected.

ant ant 9:57 pm 04 Sep 07

It’s not the dep’ts that are dragging the chain on clearances; the mob who do them are short-staffed.

There’s people out there, with the skills, but still employers (and more, the agencies they hire) are very narrow in their view of what they want. Anything outside the box, and their eyes glaze over. Has always been the way.

skaboy12 skaboy12 7:33 pm 04 Sep 07

The shortage is not just in the IT industry. I am in sales and I struggling to find staff after 9 weeks of advertising.

BTW if anyone wants a job selling phones, car audio, accessories, home entertainment and has some sales experience please let me know at

we need people for Civic and Woden.

DawnDrifter DawnDrifter 3:30 pm 04 Sep 07

re the IT industry.. because of this shortage, our agency gets contractors in from Syd, Melb, bris to fill the void.. these guys get paid mega(enough to make the hassel worth while after paying weekly flights and rent). we have nicknamed em mercenaries.. im a local mercenary.
like VY said, if you are cleared to say around Secret or TSNV you can get a job anywhere and get good $$$.. id suggest the construction industry is in the same boat with us having to import the workforce from interstate to get the seemingly endless string of projects running on time(but most likely over budget).. will take a while to fill the gaps

justbands justbands 12:05 pm 04 Sep 07

*pigs out on oysters*

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 11:44 am 04 Sep 07

From a private sector perspective, there is a massive IT skills shortage in Canberra because of all the big projects that are currently running with govco, and the big ones coming up. Because most of these require some level of security clearance (and most depts take their sweet time doing these), there is something of a barrier to entry if you’re looking for a job. If you have the right skillset and a current clearance, though, the world is your oyster.

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