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SkyPlaza – the location! the colour scheme!

By Smackbang - 8 August 2005 30

Since I saw the first proposals for a 20-storey residential tower next to the Southern Cross Club, I have never understood the idea behind SkyPlaza. It strikes me that residents of this tower can expect to enjoy lovely views of the multi-storey carpark at Woden Plaza Westfield Woden and even perhaps might get to overlook the Southern Cross itself, or maybe even KFC and JB Hi-Fi. But each to their own – if people want to pay huge amounts of money to live there, that’s their decision.

But now they’ve started to paint the building in a bizarre mix of cream, purple, white and yellow. Who thought this was a good idea? Was it too much to expect this building might be painted in a neutral, less offensive, colour scheme? How about white?

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
SkyPlaza – the location! the colour scheme!
Ari 8:47 am 09 Aug 05

It’s not just the colour of those flats that’s offensive, it’s the fact they seem to have been thought up in the Harry Triguboff (Meriton) School of Architecture.

It’s possible to make interesting designs for high-rise apartments, but you wouldn’t think that when looking at the boring cookie-cutter boxes piled on top of each other at Woden.

It’s the old three-storey walk up style from the ’50s and ’60s built on a larger scale.

Ralph 8:41 am 09 Aug 05

Anything that is a Sportsy Magna or Camry qualifies as well.

Fuck they are gay. Go the front wheel drives! Definately cars for the cardigan wearers.

Alos, anyone driving a ute that doesn’t see tools or soil in the tray would have to qualify.

I already know I’m a bogan, but I guess I can add wanker to the list too now.

vg 8:38 am 09 Aug 05

Completely untrue Ralph, but I think I left myself wide open for that one

bulldog 8:32 am 09 Aug 05

Anything that is a Sportsy Magna or Camry qualifies as well. Just becasue it says ‘VRX’ or ‘Sportivo’ doesn’t change the fact that it’s a Public Servant’s weapon of choice.

Alos, anyone driving a ute that doesn’t see tools or soil in the tray would have to qualify. Why buy a ute if you don’t need one? Wankers, that’s why.

Ralph 7:43 am 09 Aug 05

That’d be XR6Ts vg.

johnboy 8:25 pm 08 Aug 05

Dunno dude, I’m not that into cars.

vg 6:46 pm 08 Aug 05

Just so I can clarify it in my own mind, what sort of cars are soul-bogans driving? WRXs, SS Utes?

justbands 5:18 pm 08 Aug 05

RE: The views…. Actually, the views from there would extend over the lake to Civic & lots of things in between. Of course, you’d have to have one of the top (or close to) level apartments.

bulldog 5:12 pm 08 Aug 05

soul-bogan. nice.

In the spirit of not having seen it yet I’d like to add that it can’t be that bad. Unless of course you are in a position where you can’t not look at it. Doubtful.

Cameron 5:09 pm 08 Aug 05

I’m fairly certain that the purple you refer to is just undercoat.

johnboy 5:07 pm 08 Aug 05

well we need to build homes for cashed up garish soul-bogans somewhere

Woden feels about right

bulldog 4:56 pm 08 Aug 05

My hand is way way up.

In any case, just count your lucky stars it wasn’t built twenty years ago, becasue like everything in Canberra at the time (and even still), it would be mission brown.

Besides, since the NMA we really haven’t had enough monumental eye-sores to complain about.

Spitfire3 4:55 pm 08 Aug 05

I think someone will come up with a witty nickname for it before it’s even finished.

I hope to be that person 🙂

Thumper 4:46 pm 08 Aug 05

Hands up who think the title ‘Skyplaza’, will sound very very dated in about 10 years….

Spitfire3 4:41 pm 08 Aug 05

I’m reserving my judgement until it’s closer to finished. So far it hasn’t offended me.

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