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Smoking Ban in ACT Schools

By GnT - 26 June 2007 34

Education Minister Andrew Barr has announced that ACT schools are finally going to catch up with the rest of Australia and ban smoking on school grounds.

You may be thinking, like me, isn’t smoking already banned in schools? Smoking is currently banned in ACT government primary and high schools, but some colleges allow smoking by both teachers and students over 18.

What amazes me more than the fact they have taken so long to get with the program is the reaction by the other political parties. Liberal Vicki Dunne says some teachers need to smoke to reduce stress, and Greens Deb Foskey asks who will police the ban (um … teachers?).

About time I say.

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Smoking Ban in ACT Schools
Deadmandrinking 5:25 pm 28 Jun 07

Why not just have designated smoking areas? Less hassle for the poor bloody teachers who are going to start enforcing this.

neanderthalsis 2:40 pm 27 Jun 07

Once upon a time it was the kids that had to sneak behind the buildings for a smoke, now it is the teachers. Oh, the irony.

jacross 11:15 pm 26 Jun 07

GnT is shocked that people believe that Mummy Government shouldn’t stick their noses in every aspect of our lives? GnT needs to broaden his/her horizons.


nyssa76 10:38 pm 26 Jun 07

WTF? My post went AWOL?

Kramer, cigarettes are already 75% tax. ADF personnel get them for $3-4.

As for smoking in your own house, who’s going to police it? Hrmmm…

Kramer 10:14 pm 26 Jun 07

“I say triple the price of cigarettes (more tax revenue please) AND ban smoking everywhere except at home (assuming no one under 18 lived there…)”

Motion seconded!

shane 9:42 pm 26 Jun 07

My step-daughter goes to Copeland college. Apparently, according to her, everybody smokes in the open regardless of age. I went there to pick her up one day and sure enough she was right. I pointed at a couple of girls smoking and she said they were only 16. I saw at least two staff members walk past and do nothing.
Not much point in legislating things if nobody gives a crap.

Tack 5:44 pm 26 Jun 07

Hi – –
Yep Should have happened years ago 🙂
Schools are educational institutions that should be setting an example of how NOT to kill yourself.
Allowing staff and “18 year olds” to smoke can be construed as tacit approval, this sends the wrong message.
Sure it is outside – AND?- Why does that make it better? You walk past and carcinogenic/cytotoxic compounds are still available to breath in –
School grounds are frequented by… CHILDREN…. and they should not be exposed to this disgusting, health destroying habit in the school area.
Let them get it at home like everyone else 😛

I say triple the price of cigarettes (more tax revenue please) AND ban smoking everywhere except at home (assuming no one under 18 lived there…)

That is all 🙂

KandyA 5:18 pm 26 Jun 07

nice. P1,
it was actually outside somewhere, but there could have been more in the teachers’ lounge I guess.
Im sure that would be an interesting position for Ms Dunne and her political party, bong rooms for teachers to avoid cigarette smoking and to aid in relieving pressures of the job, leading to :
really chilled out teachers,
an influx of keen teachers to the ACT, and…well, there just isnt the comparative data to extrapolate to possible learning outcomes for students in the bong smoking teachers lounge schools, time for a bold experiment in the ACT?

p1 1:38 pm 26 Jun 07

I think that this Liberal Vicki Dunne says some teachers need to smoke to reduce stress… and this …the 1st thing i found lying about was a bong… may be related.

Thumper 1:33 pm 26 Jun 07


Same here. Country Victoria to canberra.

“We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto…”

KandyA 12:37 pm 26 Jun 07

I remember coming from a Victorian school that banned students from smoking to an ACT school. the 1st thing i found lying about was a bong.
“things are different here I guess” I thunk.

Mr_Shab 10:51 am 26 Jun 07

Nice plattitude snahon. Civil responsibilites where? If they’re not smoking inside and they’re of legal age – where’s the problem?

I’m sure that 18 yr olds give the odd durrie to the underage kids – but banning the cigs in colleges would have very little influence on that, IMO.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 10:16 am 26 Jun 07

With civil liberties comes civil obligations AD.

Absent Diane 8:55 am 26 Jun 07

yet another breach of civil liberties.

Thumper 8:48 am 26 Jun 07

I thought it was banned.

When I was teaching, about 4 or so years ago, we’d slink off around the back of the car park to have a durrie. It was kind of an unwritten rule that if you smoked, you did it there and no-one cared.

I think you’ll find this ban will have the same effect.

And I certainly have no problem with it.

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