So Zed, tell us your views on abortion?

johnboy 21 August 2008 135

The ABC reports that the Labor MLA Mick Gentleman is maneuvering in the Assembly to force all MLA’s to declare their views on the legality of abortion.

What’s driving this is that for many months now the devout Catholicism of the Liberal Leader Zed Seselja has been the subject of gossip around town with some scurrillous suggestions being made that he could be a member of a particularly controversial grouping within that church.

Zed has told the ABC that he supports the status quo:

    “My position is that I don’t see re-criminalisation of abortion as something that I would support.”

Either way, getting Zed on the voting record on this issue seems to be a major priority for the Government.

Zed's refusal to vote on abortion

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135 Responses to So Zed, tell us your views on abortion?
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Primal Primal 10:26 am 25 Aug 08

The correct answer is always: “I believe in what my electorate wants me to believe in”. You get points for listening to the masses AND can get away with total inaction because the electorate will always have a divided opinion.

Granny Granny 1:40 pm 23 Aug 08

I’d say there would probably be a few who would cut their right hand off to prove they had ‘been through the mill’ … but that may also be too much of a generalisation.


Bundybear Bundybear 1:31 pm 23 Aug 08

My late aunt was a student of the human condition, and one of those truly wise people you don’t meet too many times in your life. My wife was also, so I guess that makes me doubly blessed. They both hated behaviour that diminished people to no end, gossip, etc. Anyway, my aunt met one of my brothers teenage friends, and after talking to her for a while asked her what was the major traumatic event in her life – don’t recall exactly what it was but it was certainly something big, death of a sibling or similar. Later on I asked my aunt what had made her ask the question, and she said that for the teenager to show such maturity and compassion at her young age, she must have experienced some heavy duty drama.

The hard things we encounter in life certainly have an impact on how we think and behave.

I’d say “I vote we elect pollies who have been through the mill” but that might be too much of a generalisation.


Granny Granny 12:58 pm 23 Aug 08

Thanks for sharing something so private and painful, Bundy. I also have a young child with a severe disability, so I do understand something of your journey. My daughter has Rett Syndrome. They call them Rett angels, which is kind of appropriate when you know them. The little ones that pass away are ‘angels with wings’.

: )

Like you, I hate the fact that people are always trying to label me and stick me in a box. People are as individual as snowflakes, yet they go, ‘Here. This box will do for you.’

I’m like, ‘I’m a free spirit. It doesn’t fit. I hate it. It’s not who I am.’

They’re like, ‘Tough. We’re doing this for our own good. We need to understand you.’

I’m like, ‘Well get me out of the damn box then!!’

Bundybear Bundybear 12:12 pm 23 Aug 08

I always seem to catch up with the interesting threads a bit late. Then it’s a minor internal battle to decide wether to bother posting or just enjoy the read. Quiet saturday morning time helps to make the decision a bit easier.

The guts of this thread seems to be that if I choose to become a politician, the public are entitled to know my beliefs about every issue, in order to know how I will vote on that issue. And if I am a member of a particular group I will absolutely adhere to all tenets of that group, and that will dictate how I behave at all times. And that because I have declared my affiliation to a certain group, the general public will be able to predict my behaviour in a given instance because of my affiliation – members of the general public at all times being such even handed and objective assessors.

Let me tell you one of my views. I am a Christian. Bang, you all just made a number of assumptions about me, some correct, some incorrect. Some will immediately think I’m anti-abortion and could never vote for legislation that’s pro choice. That’s because you don’t know about my son who was born with spastic quadriplegia after the most traumatic pregnancy you could imagine – living independantly at 28 and doing just fine thank you. Nor about the fact that within weeks of his birth we had to choose between an abortion and the almost certain death of my wife when she fell pregnant straight away. So you can’t assess what my actions will be based on one declaration, and unless you have all the additional information you could almost be forgiven for jumping to a conclusion.

Politicians will regularly tell us their view, or their planned course of action, many times then changing that stance when a situation arises that carries a number of side issues they hadn’t previously thought of, sometimes because of party lines, sometimes because they want to protect their job.

How about during this election, we have a look at how people act or have acted in the past, and make assessments based on how they behave, instead of how they talk. I will not be voting for Labor because I can’t stand the thought of another four years of Mr S jumping on his “change the universe bandwagon” instead of fixing transport, health, education, justice, and taking outrageous actions to save face when errors are made. I haven’t actually decided who I will vote for, and it would be helpful in making that decision to see some objective assessment of how all members have acted. We will have to assess the newbies on their platforms, but we can also look at how they have acted in previous areas of their lives. And if they don’t perform, they get the boot, based on their actions.


Thumper Thumper 9:11 am 23 Aug 08

I do recall commenting that the closer we get to the election the more newbies will jump in for a rant and then disappear forever.

lolly boy is just one of many to come.

Granny Granny 12:11 am 23 Aug 08

Why doesn’t Jon Stanhope just post under his own name?


ant ant 12:00 am 23 Aug 08

Lolly, I hope you stick around! Although I sadly suspect you won’t. You and the angry kiddies of Queanbeyan would’ve got on. Despite your having edimacation and all. But, if you were at ANU, and the ANU-types were at ANU, doesn’t that make you an ANU-type? Just askin’.

Lolly Lolly 6:17 pm 22 Aug 08

Well it has been amusing reading the discussion, particularly given everyone is pretty aware of who the Labor staffers are on here. “I was going to vote for Libs, but now after this post I’m not going to. Boo hoo hoo”. You’ve gotta be kidding me, like you hadn’t already decided that you were going to be stupid enough to give Labor ANOTHER bloody term in office.

As a Libs supporter, I of course will be voting for them, and probably lamenting in October the fact that we’re stuck here in Labor Town, with The Labor Times and ABC Labor Radio.

I agree with all those on here who have pointed out Labor’s hypocrisy of demanding answers from Zed without getting answers from their own ranks first, and using this as a handy little (completely irrelevant) diversion in the midst of their incompetence of recent months and years. Anyone who buys into the whole abortion distraction has just fallen for the tricks. And anyone who says personal beliefs should be separate from politics should get off this post and shut the hell up cos we all do it.

Oh and an end note (this is my first post): there seem to be a lot of annoying people on here. I went to the ANU and many here seem like those really annoying ANU-types trying to be all political savvy and sound intelligent when they’re really just full of hot air. Mainly Labor voters I think. Oh and trying to be funny with really nerdy humour. That’s probably the most entertaining part.

peterh peterh 3:06 pm 22 Aug 08

Loose Brown said :

And can people stop thinking in terms of Z (who?) Vs Stanhope.

If the Libs win government, we get a whole swag of conservative, money focussed, right leaning mo-fos.

better that than a bunch of infighting, grandstanding, overtalking, bushfire denying, arboretum building, dragway denying, water recycling, power station proposing, gaol building pollies who now are shifting the focus squarely at the opposition, based on a backbencher’s question, not the chief minister’s.

I would prefer that we had a group of candidates that acted in the ACT’s best interests, rather than their own.

what am I saying??

never going to happen.

Granny Granny 2:42 pm 22 Aug 08

I have no problem with freedom to question. I just think there should also be freedom to answer.

As you say, silence can speak volumes.

It may not always be wise, but it should always be an option.

Loose Brown Loose Brown 2:33 pm 22 Aug 08

And can people stop thinking in terms of Z (who?) Vs Stanhope.

If the Libs win government, we get a whole swag of conservative, money focussed, right leaning mo-fos.

ant ant 2:25 pm 22 Aug 08

A candidate’s views on all social matters are relevant, and should not be considered “private”. If the candidate is elected, they will be passing laws and amending old ones and taking all kinds of action which affect the daily lives of the people.

it is entirely reasonable for people to ask a candidate how they feel about a range of issues, and also to ask the candidate to declare how they will treat these issues if they get into office.

Lastly, if a candidate actively avoids commenting on these issues, it rraises legitimate questions about their beliefs andd agenda.

Granny Granny 1:44 pm 22 Aug 08

Loose Brown said :

Who is this ‘Z’ guy everyone is talking about?!?!?!?

Did you never watch Zorro?


Whoops! Showing my age again ….

Loose Brown Loose Brown 1:40 pm 22 Aug 08

And who cares what he thinks about abortion!?!? Geez – the Riotact is becoming SO cliquey!

Loose Brown Loose Brown 1:35 pm 22 Aug 08

Who is this ‘Z’ guy everyone is talking about?!?!?!?

johnboy johnboy 1:22 pm 22 Aug 08

Well I’m sorry you feel that way.

Personally I think we’re doing Zed a favour with some free polling on the subject.

jakez jakez 1:20 pm 22 Aug 08

johnboy said :

if/when Zed votes on the motion he can be sure to get plenty of reportage from us on it.

As for candidate endorsement we’ll keep our powder dry on that until election eve.

Well I think falsely accusing someone of doing something, and then saying that if they then in the future don’t do something that they have already been accused of doing that you will retract your false accusation, is extremely unethical.

Granny Granny 1:09 pm 22 Aug 08

johnboy said :

Zed has every right to abstain.

But I have every right to not vote for him if he does.

That is true.

: )

peterh peterh 12:52 pm 22 Aug 08

mutley…again said :

peterh, it’s a little sad that you feel you have to keep referring to your own little jokes.

and now you know my world…

come on in, the water’s fine… oh, no, it isn’t.

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