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Sonic gets shrill

By johnboy 15 August 2008 30

The Chief Minister would seem to be a little rattled.

Having just announced that he’s found a spare $97 million under the couch you’d think his only problem would be explaining the pressing necessity to rip the guts out of community schooling.

Instead yesterday we were treated to a plaintive Why would you trust the Liberals?, followed by a screeching “Liberals missing in action (or just on a couch watching the Olympics)”.

Napoleon said “never interrupt your enemy while he’s in the middle of making a mistake”. One finds it hard to imagine that the Chief Minister is giving all this ‘advice’ to his opponents out of the kindness of his heart.

I too am dismayed at the low-content small-target strategy the Liberals are deploying, but to get this reaction it appears to be working for now.

UPDATE: Ooh, another one getting snippy about the quiet coming from the Shadow Ministry.

To be fair he has a bit of a point. The Liberal strategy is not (IMHO) in the tradition of robust democracy and appears to hope to profit from the ignorance, and susceptibility to marketing, of the electorate.

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Sonic gets shrill
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Gungahlin Al 10:32 am 16 Aug 08

I hear you minime.

Fortunately the town centre planning study has recognised some of these issues too and has recommended Gribble and the other side being set up for surface car parking in the shorter term. But I don’t think too many people recognise the profound impact on the town centre that Franklin will have when developed (very soon). We are meeting with LDA next week about the first of the major unit developments there immediately behind the Flemington corridor (yes the LDA approached us to consult – progress!) and preparing a submission on another townhouse DA elsewhere in Franklin right now.

On duplication of Flemington, it is amazing is it not to see how much money is spent on a controlled intersection that is to be ripped up in a few months time? I mentioned it to Andrew Barr last week…Will all the other current works along Flemington also be ripped up shortly? Good question – I saw the tender ad for the duplication a few weeks ago, so it would seem even more pointless than usual.

Mark up your mini-swallowing GDE pothole so we can test out the system – before it becomes a Forester swallowing pothole! BTW someone is squatting on the domain so we registered instead. but we’ll only launch it if our mini variant gets some use.

ant 10:16 am 16 Aug 08

Mr Evil said

Mr Evil said :

Are their financial skills so bad that they really have no idea what kind of income the ACT is going to make each year?

Yes, I can’t see how this happens if they’re running a proper budget. Maybe they’re not running a proper accruals system? It should have been tracked right through, this “surplus” should have been flagged ages ago.

minime2 4:25 am 16 Aug 08

Yes Al, Flemington Road – the second-hand-material arterial, was not made to carry the weight and sheer volume of those construction vehicles. It never was made for the patrons either, rather for the developers to use to build alongside it .. so it was a double blind. I notice the new intersections being built along it for the new massive size downtown Franklin are ignoring the “duplication strategy” width of Flemington. Was not that a rush job to ready for the designated bus lanes? some years back. And now the MINI has to dodge that pothole just west of the Barton Hwy overbridge on the GDE. And when all those Franklin folk DRIVE to Gunghalin shops, they will find all that 15 min, half hour and pissy 2hr parking all around it. Only leaves competition underneath the big boys for all day parking. Where the hell are the consumers going to park when Harvey turns up; or the new pub? Ya gotta drive to the pub! Or you could wait for the 12.15am bus home …. yeah, right. Don’t even me started on Hargreaves.

Pandy 11:57 pm 15 Aug 08

I hate Sonic for his arrogance. Will vote against Labor even though I like ’em.

bd84 11:04 pm 15 Aug 08

The result announcement is a tad premature when it’s only an interim result. I think it’s time that Stanhopeless stops using his chief minister’s press releases for spouting his bullsht about whatever he can think of the day, he should be releasing it on the Labor party site rather than official government press releases when it’s just him bitching to try and get re-elected.

Gungahlin Al 4:58 pm 15 Aug 08

“Anyone want to revive a Hargreaves Memorial Pothole thread, with user submissions?
(now with possible Google Earth references)”

Skid: you got me thinking, and Flemington Road is starting to fall apart at a rapid rate the last few days…

So there is now a section on the GCC website called Fix My Street and in case it kicks off, we’ve registered so we can spin it out into something fully fledged.

dodgybranchopolous 4:55 pm 15 Aug 08

Say what you like about Hargreaves, at least he’s releasing new stuff. The only thing missing from the Liberals ‘policy’ website is a tumbleweed blowing across the screen

jakez 4:17 pm 15 Aug 08

PM said :

Loose Brown said :

Hmmm I read the CM’s release. The thought of a Steve Pratt as AG does quite scare me.

If the guy thinks cleaning up legal graffiti sites in storm drains is a priority for the ACT – imagine what kind of laws he’d dream up.

I thought Stefaniak was the shadow AG…

He is. Big Bill or Shameless Steve, let’s never say we aren’t spoiled for choice…

PM 3:28 pm 15 Aug 08

Loose Brown said :

Hmmm I read the CM’s release. The thought of a Steve Pratt as AG does quite scare me.

If the guy thinks cleaning up legal graffiti sites in storm drains is a priority for the ACT – imagine what kind of laws he’d dream up.

I thought Stefaniak was the shadow AG…

Mr Evil 2:58 pm 15 Aug 08

Thumper said :

I’ve been privy to one of Hargreaves profanity laced rants.

How he is a politician is beyond me.

He’s always been a boofhead, so at least he’s consistant!

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