Southside Road Blocks…

Fiz 1 August 2008 7

Did anyone else spot the road blocks early this morning (12am/1am) around Erindale Drive and the Tuggeranong parkway? Many police cars were out… I think the curious side has got the better side of me! I just hope everything is ok 😉

But something was definatly going down in the southside tonight/this morn’…


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7 Responses to Southside Road Blocks…
bd84 bd84 10:05 pm 01 Aug 08

Felix the Cat said :

I believe that Police only need to attend if someone has an injury. Not sure if a small scratch counts as an injury or it needs to be more substantial? Maybe VG could shed some light on the subject if he’s still around?

From memory, the law is that the police need to be called if there has been and injury to either driver/rider or if either vehicle is undrivable, if it is unsafe for you to remove the vehicle from its location (normally in heavy traffic) and you can also call them if the other driver refuses to provide details including driver’s licence.

The_Soarer The_Soarer 7:41 pm 01 Aug 08

Procedures at an accident:

1. Swap drivers details. Get licence number and state, full name, date of birth and phone number of the driver. Get their rego number, state, and make of vehicle. Take note of their passengers as well.

2. Report accident to local cop shop within 24 hours, insurance will usually want proof this has been completed.

3. Police should be called if there are disruptions to traffic (ie, vehicles stuck on road), significant injuries caused (ambulance needed..), or, if you think the other driver would blow over on a random breath test.

Handy thing to do is drop into your local cop shop and grab a blank copy of the crash report form. Keep that in your car. That way you’ll have a prompt as to what details you should collect.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 7:16 pm 01 Aug 08

I believe that Police only need to attend if someone has an injury. Not sure if a small scratch counts as an injury or it needs to be more substantial? Maybe VG could shed some light on the subject if he’s still around?

It always amazes me when you see a couple of cars have a quite minor bingle but even though the cars are still driveable and there appear to be no (or very minor) injuries people insist on leaving their vehicles in the middle of the intersection in the precise spot where they collided. It’s like they are expecting the CSI team to turn up and start investigating the how and why of the accident. If your car is at all driveable get it off the road and onto the traffic island/footpath/nature strip before another bunch of cars run into you.

madman madman 3:35 pm 01 Aug 08

Actually on this note but slightly off topic and even so that the thread is dead.

Lastnight I was riding home on my bike when on the corner of Barry Drive and Marcus Clarke Street I saw a motorcycle in the middle of the intersection and a car right behind it.

Turns out that the Car didn’t stop in time for the redlight and plowed the motorcycle straight into the intersection.

Totally ruined the bike. I helped the guy get his bike up and off the road.
However the attitude of the passanger of the car was appaling – yelling at us to get the bike off the intersection. Do you not understand that your car nearlly killed another road user and you’ve ruined the bike so much that the clutch won’t work to get into neutral to move the damn thing… Also the guy did not want to pay for a tow truck for the bike and wanted to use his trailer to move the bike… I was like “in hell i’m going to help you move this 350kg bike onto the back of a trailer”. Anyway at least the driver was willing enough to drive the rider to get some medical advice.

Also thanks to the (what i think was) Action Bus Employee who pulled over and put his yellow flashing lights on and checked on everybody. Loosers to everyone who just honked when flying around us trying to move the bike. Is there no decent people left in Canberra?

Just to throw it out to everyone….

What should you do in the event of an accident and at what point must the police attend on site?

1.Exchange Information (deadset given)
2…. (out to you)

madman madman 12:22 pm 01 Aug 08

Yup… I saw it closed. Went through Fisher and saw a tow truck on the parkway.

I believe the cement divider is offskew now too…

peterh peterh 11:16 am 01 Aug 08

oh, that’s not right, they all think that they are in a rally.

Anyone see the accident on townshend street yesterday?

someone went up the down into one of the courts. unfortunately, there was someone else coming out the right way….

Devil_n_Disquiz Devil_n_Disquiz 10:10 am 01 Aug 08

Yup. Both were MVAs

Wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that many Canberrans have no idea how to drive when the roads get damp ?

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