Southside Shan Tung Chicken a’la Phoenix Garden?

The_Tigress 3 March 2011 12


A recent get together with friends had us asking (and lamenting) about what happened to the Phoenix Garden in Phillip.

Two of us are still trying to find a south side Shan Tung chicken like theirs – with mixed results.

Can anyone help?

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12 Responses to Southside Shan Tung Chicken a’la Phoenix Garden?
fun size fun size 3:09 am 05 Mar 11

fun size said :

It refers to Shan Dong (??, or Shan Tung in the old Wade-Giles system) province in China

Hmmm…no Chinese characters allowed, I see.

cleo cleo 12:13 am 04 Mar 11

When my daughter comes to visit me in Canberra, we always go to Sammys, she especially goes there to order Shan Tung chicken, as she says it’s the best, she knows her food, as the restuarant near where she works, won best food restuarent last year.

fun size fun size 6:49 pm 03 Mar 11

EvanJames said :

What is in Shan Tung chicken? I thought Shantung was a fabric, never knew it was a dish also.

It refers to Shan Dong (??, or Shan Tung in the old Wade-Giles system) province in China, a couple of hundred kilometres south of Beijing, where I live. The chicken and the fabric are both products that are in the style of products that come from that area – or something like it, anyway 😉

EvanJames EvanJames 5:08 pm 03 Mar 11

What is in Shan Tung chicken? I thought Shantung was a fabric, never knew it was a dish also.

Swidt Swidt 4:35 pm 03 Mar 11

Unfortunately I have not tried Shan Tung chicken from many places, however I suggest checking out Panda Chinese in Monash (located at the little Monash shops on Barraclough Crescent). Their Shan Tung is incredibly delicious (albeit with not much to compare it to).

I highly recommend you check them out, in general they are very tasty, decent servings and well priced!

KaptnKaos KaptnKaos 3:46 pm 03 Mar 11

Agree with Watson @ #3. Shan Tung is the measure of any Chinese restaurant.

If you have Shan Tung at Sammy’s you will be disappointed everywhere else you go, having said that I have had some at Timmy’s Kitchen in Manuka years ago and it was almost comparable to Sammy’s.

jsm2090 jsm2090 12:44 pm 03 Mar 11

Ugh Mings. Used to go there until I was violently ill one day after a lunch meal. Noble Palace does a good Shantung Chicken. My favourite would be Kopi Tiam in Manuka (though it seems to drift on and off their specials menu) or the Shantung Lamb at Chairman and Yip if you’re in the city.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:10 am 03 Mar 11

(I realise that Sammy’s isn’t southside, but why settle for less when you know its not going to compare)

Everglade Everglade 11:04 am 03 Mar 11

+1 for Ming’s and Noble Palace. Ming’s is so much better than Phoenix Garden. Surprisingly Lisa Restaurant at Chisholm shops also has a good one.

Watson Watson 10:55 am 03 Mar 11

Sammy’s Shan Tung has been my favourite for the past 10 years too and I still eat it there regularly.

Don’t know any restaurants South of Kingston, I’m afraid.

Shan Tung is ultimately the dish I use to rate any Chinese restaurant! (Surprisingly, the Dickson Dumpling House does a fairly decent one. So does Jimmy’s Place.)

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:17 am 03 Mar 11

Sammy’s in Civic used to do a Shan Tung chicken that was worth selling someone else’s kidneys for.
Haven’t been there in a while, though.

notdingers notdingers 9:44 am 03 Mar 11

It has been a while but I remember Ming’s in Phillip doing a pretty good Shan Tung chicken.

Also Noble Palace in Woden do a pretty great everything

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