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Stage Two Restrictions Forever?

By johnboy - 9 August 2005 38

The Chief Minister has put out a media release on his visit to new works at Googong. Apparently they can now move water out of Cotter, into Googong, and from thence to us. One wonders what has happened to the millions spent to be able to pump directly from Cotter?

ABC Online has more on this and it would seem that while we won’t be forced into Stage 3 this summer we’ll be stuck on Stage 2 pretty much forever until we run out in 2023 (bearing in mind it’ll take 20 years to build a new damn and it’s 2005 already). As Mr Stanhope only plans to win “a further four years beyond” the next election I suppose that makes it someone else’s problem

The Chief Minister seems to relish telling us how to flush our own toilets for the next 7 years, rather than setting a sustainable price and letting us make up our own silly minds.

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
Stage Two Restrictions Forever?
T_Bone 12:05 pm 11 Aug 05

I hear alot about water tanks, how expensive they are and the lack of Gov assistence. Are there other alternatives to tanks for individual residences? Surely there are poorer, drier populations on the planet that we can learn from.

Maelinar 11:04 am 11 Aug 05

do I have an english lawn – NO!
have I washed my car – NO!
do I tend my garden – NO!
am I still using 40% of total potable water as indicated by the government statistics – YES!

Es, you don’t know what your talking about.

The Es-Sense 10:31 am 11 Aug 05

What about just thinking about saving some water instead of whinging.
Are you Aussies? Yes! Do you love your sunburnt country? Yes! Does a sunburnt country need an English lawn? NO! Do you need to water consuming cultivate noxious weeds, while farmers downstream can’t feed their cattle? Well, it’s up to you whether you want to live with the land you have or whinge and garden like poms.

Kerces 5:26 pm 10 Aug 05

Chris, Ralph: One of the conditions of the Federal Government’s resuming the land from then NSW farmers for the ACT back in the early 1900s was that it would always remain in possesion of the federal government. That’s why we don’t ahve freeholds in the ACT (at least, if I’ve understood it all correctly that’s why).

bulldog 5:22 pm 10 Aug 05


Stand with me at the next election Thumper! Together we will fight for the opressed, the poor, the neddy and the dirty car owners!

No probs seeing MLA’s w/o jobs, then they can justify living in Govvy housing.

Thumper 4:37 pm 10 Aug 05

Water issues will never be properly addressed simply because it takes money.

For instance, I reckon I could just about live from water from a tank, if I had one. Now, if we had a subsidised water tank purchasing scheme then I would seriously look into getting one.

What we have, however, is a convoluted tank scheme which basically only allows those which heaps of money to be able to purchase the said tank.

In addition, all new houses should be required by law to have tanks and grey water recycling, but that costs money and the government won’t subsidise that either so the extra cost would be on the home buyer.

As for a dam? Well, Stanhope won’t build a dam because, one, it will cost a lot of money, whch is something the ACT Government doesn’t have a lot of thanks to their strange economic policies. And two, he won’t be around to see when it opens and therefore would miss the glory. In fact, it was a Liberal idea, therefore there is no way that he could allow it to go ahead as we all know that anything the opposition says, Stanhope is diametrically opposed to.

No much better to simply do nothing, hold lots of meetings and consultation and sit back. By doing nothing Stanhope can’t be blamed for what hapens, and won’t be taken to task for spending millions, or possibly billions.

As noted, Stage two will remain as it has now become the norm. In time no-one will remember when we didn’t have restrictins as the now Stage Two will be, well, like having no restrictions.

Simple stuff, if you tell people something for long enough they will believe it. Likewise, if you keep something going, a la water restrictions, for long enough, they become the norm.

Stanhope couldn’t give a stuff about water issues, except for lip service when it suits.

Oh, and does anyone really think that our current government, or opposition, have the peope there to be able to build a dam? They can’t even build a road.

Ralph 3:35 pm 10 Aug 05

Couldn’t agree more.

I’d be more than happy to see the non NCA areas absorbed back into NSW.

Chris 3:28 pm 10 Aug 05

Bulldog, why not simply reactivate the old ‘No Self Government Party’ and lobby the feds to take back Canberra (OK, the Dept. of the National Capital can look after the Parlt. triangle) and the rest can either go back to where we were pre-self government or be absorbed into NSW! Either way it couldn’t be more expensive than our present morass. BUT – a lot of ACT MLAs would be out of jobs….

bulldog 1:42 pm 10 Aug 05

Cheers RG, I’ll bear that in mind.

I once worked with a colleugue who was French and he was agast at how laid back we were in Australia. He had told me on numerous occasions that if the shit they pull off here was done in Europe people would be out on the streets in protest, industry would shut down and the Gov’t involved would have to ammend it’s decisions.

Don’t know if he was correct, but it bears consideration. Mind you I don’t think that plan would work here becasue we are all such dependant consumers…

Any other ideas that don’t involve sending me to the poor-house?

Although the press involved sounds appealing: Vote 1: Bulldog to bite the bad guys!

RandomGit 12:17 pm 10 Aug 05

bulldog, run for the assembly and raise it.

Mind your backpocket while you are at it.

bulldog 12:08 pm 10 Aug 05

Piss poor water management and inaction from the current and past Governments is to blame for our situation. And we are to blame for letting it happen.

Why can’t someone in the assembly stand up and indentify all the problems we raise on this site? Why are we letting the Gov’t continue with their self serving policies dictated by their own back pockets?

Any ideas? Anyone? Seriously, something needs to be done.

Spitfire3 10:41 am 10 Aug 05

When I read things like “…rather than setting a sustainable price and letting us make up our own silly minds” it makes me think that if that ever did happen, the “speed cameras are revenue raisers!” screechers would take up a new mantra: “upping water prices is revenue raising!”

Maelinar 9:33 am 10 Aug 05

Somebody mentioned somewhere recently about why the government keeping us in a state of ‘frenzy’, this is a good example of us being too worried about other things and allowing the wool to be pulled over our eyes on the home front.

Sorry about being off topic, but is anybody doing anything about the government’s oligarchy at the moment ?

Despot Stanhope sounds better than Comrade at the moment

Mr Evil 8:37 am 10 Aug 05

Next thing you know, we’ll all be asked to dig longdrops in our backyards to conserve water!

Ralph 8:26 am 10 Aug 05

Will the general populous ever wake up and realise that water rationing (restrictions) is akin to communist regimes?

People even get into a communist mindset and are happy to be dictated to by the state about their water use, and comply, ‘because it is for the greater good’.

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