Stanhope brings peace to Cyprus? Gets cypriot to talk to him

johnboy 30 July 2008 9

Just when you think a Chief Minister is finally learning to concentrate on local issues he goes and announces an involvement in the Cypriot peace process.

    “I believe that the proposal being discussed in September, featuring a central state with one sovereignty, one citizenship, one economy and one international personality while, at the same time, preserving the political equality of both communities in Cyprus, is the best way forward.”

When approving market days in Gungahlin is too hard why not sink your teeth into the most vexed foreign affairs issues?

And what were your views on the Schleswig-Holstein Question Mr Stanhope?

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9 Responses to Stanhope brings peace to Cyprus? Gets cypriot to talk to him
Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:45 am 31 Jul 08

Maybe Stanhope will be able to tell Cypriots that he’ll take the blame for what’s happening over there, so he can then spend the next two years doing all he can to not take the blame.

vg vg 11:16 am 30 Jul 08

Standope wouldn’t know Cyprus if it bit him on the ass.

He should spend a little time there before offering his opinion, once again, where its not wanted.

You’re a glorified mayor Sonic, learn your place

peterh peterh 11:02 am 30 Jul 08

does cyprus have any trees that jon might want for his arboretum?

seems a bit strange for him to be voicing an opinion, unless he needs some more drought tolerant trees to replace the wollemi pines and japanese cherry trees. (lets face it people, they either will die or get stolen….)

DJ DJ 10:58 am 30 Jul 08

Cyprus has enough problems without his opinion being voiced regardless of if he supports the process or not. After all what has it got to do with him? Has he served over there with any of the previous 93 Australian Police Contingents? Has he experienced first hand the life both sides live? He is a little slow too – this has been the focus of talks between the parties since the change of government months ago.

Best he simply doesn’t say anything at all, ever.

LG LG 9:58 am 30 Jul 08

… “not vote”

LG LG 9:58 am 30 Jul 08

Given Mr Stanhope’s strong skills in international diplomacy and the recent (non politicially motivated….) taxpayer funded glossy brochures telling us how wonderful our local education and health systems are… how could you note vote for him in October? 😉

la mente torbida la mente torbida 9:55 am 30 Jul 08

Maybe he is trying to beat Downer to the job….

Thumper Thumper 9:54 am 30 Jul 08



Ari Ari 9:39 am 30 Jul 08

Hasn’t Cyprus already suffered enough without Jon getting involved?

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