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Life is looking up

Stanhope gives backyard fireworks one last chance

By Duke - 15 February 2008 52

This depressing news was found tucked away on page 6 of todays Canberra Times, 15/2 – a putrid sign of the nanny-capital many people want Canberra to be.

“The ACT Government has backed away from banning backyard firecrackers, saying it will give Canberrans one last chance to behave on cracker night this year, ” says the CT.

“The Government has been considering a ban to start next year over protests about terrified pets, property damage and noise”

 I agree that things can get a little out of hand, particularly as the Government can’t seem to stop the illegal crackers entering the ACT, let alone Australia, but the vast majority of people who buy crackers are young families who use them responsibly and purchase them to delight their children (and most of the legal ones are so tragically tame any hoo!).

Next to Christmas and possibly my birthday, firecracker night was the highlight of the year for me as a kid.  I still get a kick our of seeing my kid relatives enjoy a fireworks show.

But now we’ll get to the crux of the argument, and i will doubtless win any friends here…….but I don’t give a hoot about your scared dog, I really don’t.  Just like my two neighbours (i’m surrounded on both sides by dogs) don’t give a hoot about my right to peace and quiet when they leave their dogs tied up all day barking and howling.

And I expecially don’t give a hoot about your terrified cats, who stalk the suburbs day and night looking for birds and reptiles to slaughter.

The list of things people want to ban in Canberra just gets longer and longer……….ban GMC (banned), ban smoking, ban Summernats, ban battery hens, ban meat, ban GDE, ban cyclists, ban alcohol……and so the list goes on.


Can you imagine the OUTRAGE that would occur if the Government told pet owners all dogs would be banned – just because a minority allowed their dogs to bark all day, maul children and other animals and soiled peoples lawn???

Hell man, firecracker night is the one night of the year i can get back at my doggy neighbours……….and I should have that right!

What’s Your opinion?

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52 Responses to
Stanhope gives backyard fireworks one last chance
Aurelius 2:01 pm 15 Feb 08

The worst aspect of the firecracker debate is that we have to see that annoying guy from the RSPCA whining all the time about the rights of dogs.
Wont someone at the RSPCA lock him up in a cage to shut him up?

barney 1:58 pm 15 Feb 08

& re: cats…exactly! F**k the cats. If people are so concerned about animal safety..they’d kill their cats.

Comment by justbands — 15 February, 2008 @ 12:33 pm

Yep. It’s okay to let your cat out and destroy native species.

Thumper 1:58 pm 15 Feb 08

I have two cats. they stay inside most of the time and when they go out they are kept in a large courtyard by way of a ping string. They can harm nothing.

I also have a rare muppet terrier who likes to eat cats so they really don’t want to go out the back anyway.

barney 1:55 pm 15 Feb 08

You make some good points, and I agree with everything you said. Society has become insane. It would be stupid to ban them because of some kill-joy’s who like to live in glass houses and live a lame and boring life.

Go and live in NSW if you don’t like Fireworks. Let somewhere else become a boring shit hole.

justbands 1:36 pm 15 Feb 08

How about a cat riding a recumbent bicycle whilst smoking a cigarette?

Ari 1:29 pm 15 Feb 08

Well, you do have to be a pussy to ride a recumbent bicycle.

Mr Evil 1:13 pm 15 Feb 08

Banning idiots might be easier.

caf 1:10 pm 15 Feb 08

I fear to imagine how a cat riding a recumbent bicycle would be treated on the Riotact!

stereo henry 1:01 pm 15 Feb 08

sparkler powder, bottles and cats would be a better combo

justbands 12:33 pm 15 Feb 08

> nd i will doubtless win any friends here

Actually, you’ve won me. I fully agree. I own a dog…I keep him inside for a few nights each year. On no!

& re: cats…exactly! F**k the cats. If people are so concerned about animal safety..they’d kill their cats.

Skidbladnir 12:26 pm 15 Feb 08

As someone who has put up with ACT commercial fireworks, the Territory Day celebrations in regional NT with fireworks sourced from small domestic operations and other non-local sources, the ACT bans mostly serve to tick off the fireworks producers, and further shift the profits more to the wholesale supply end than the retailer.
But an actual ban will put them out of business except for whatever annual Government bread-and-circuses Standope wantst o put on.

And I’ve also seen enough NSW and QLD people with ACT sourced fireworks months after the event to know that even the current bans aren’t working.

Thumper 12:21 pm 15 Feb 08

I agree. They shouldn’t ban fireworks.

And I also hope you get eaten by a frightened dog.

hingo 12:10 pm 15 Feb 08

You can always make your own fireworks with sparkler powder and glass Coke bottles. Muahahaha!

RandomGit 12:08 pm 15 Feb 08


Ari 12:07 pm 15 Feb 08

That’s one top-notch spray!

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