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Stanhope gives backyard fireworks one last chance

By Duke 15 February 2008 52

This depressing news was found tucked away on page 6 of todays Canberra Times, 15/2 – a putrid sign of the nanny-capital many people want Canberra to be.

“The ACT Government has backed away from banning backyard firecrackers, saying it will give Canberrans one last chance to behave on cracker night this year, ” says the CT.

“The Government has been considering a ban to start next year over protests about terrified pets, property damage and noise”

 I agree that things can get a little out of hand, particularly as the Government can’t seem to stop the illegal crackers entering the ACT, let alone Australia, but the vast majority of people who buy crackers are young families who use them responsibly and purchase them to delight their children (and most of the legal ones are so tragically tame any hoo!).

Next to Christmas and possibly my birthday, firecracker night was the highlight of the year for me as a kid.  I still get a kick our of seeing my kid relatives enjoy a fireworks show.

But now we’ll get to the crux of the argument, and i will doubtless win any friends here…….but I don’t give a hoot about your scared dog, I really don’t.  Just like my two neighbours (i’m surrounded on both sides by dogs) don’t give a hoot about my right to peace and quiet when they leave their dogs tied up all day barking and howling.

And I expecially don’t give a hoot about your terrified cats, who stalk the suburbs day and night looking for birds and reptiles to slaughter.

The list of things people want to ban in Canberra just gets longer and longer……….ban GMC (banned), ban smoking, ban Summernats, ban battery hens, ban meat, ban GDE, ban cyclists, ban alcohol……and so the list goes on.


Can you imagine the OUTRAGE that would occur if the Government told pet owners all dogs would be banned – just because a minority allowed their dogs to bark all day, maul children and other animals and soiled peoples lawn???

Hell man, firecracker night is the one night of the year i can get back at my doggy neighbours……….and I should have that right!

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Stanhope gives backyard fireworks one last chance
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montana 12:15 pm 28 Mar 08

you can actually still get firecrackers powerful enough to blow up letterboxes?

fireworks are fun! but they have gotten so lame and p1ss weak, they get quite boring after a few.

i had a few friends and their kids from Melbourne join in the celebration of lighting these up last cracker night. It was something that us Canberreans had the priviledge of doing that those Melbournites didnt, and boy did it feel sweet.

Blackpaw 10:17 pm 11 Mar 08

“vast majority of people who buy crackers are young families who use them responsibly and purchase them to delight their children” Who does this guy think he’s kidding. How many young families with children are letting off crackers into the early hours of the morning for days either side of the long weekend? Blowing up letter boxes? The vast majority of crackers in my area were being used outside the regulated days and times. Mostly by brain dead bogans who think making loud noises and bright (if ephemeral) sparks is fun, even if its waking people up at three am in the freakin’ morning. You like firecrackers? Well stick em up your butt and let em off.

Ingeegoodbee 9:04 am 21 Feb 08

I’d be buying up big this June and makingthe most of this last weekend of fun, ’cause sure as night follows day there will be enought dickheads who simply cant follow a few simple rules about fireworks – they’ll be letting them off all hours, outside of the designated days and yeah some of the better ones will find their way into peoples letter boxes.

wishuwell 8:52 am 21 Feb 08

gary you haven’t been talking to roymeforever of ‘morning rush hit action bus’ fame have you?

Elvis Las Canberras 11:49 pm 20 Feb 08

This is a cracker posting…but I remember a fire works night a couple of years back held out the back of a northside pub – beers, rednecks and crackers, it was all fun and games until the supervisor bloke dressed in white overalls (looked a lot like “the Doc” in back to the future) went in to grab another beer and left mayhem to reign.

It all ended with a roman candle falling over shooting great balls of fire into the assembled crowd. One old lady having her scarf scorched, a couple of shots screaming into a wood heap which caught on fire and a bag of crackers that went off like something from an A-Team episode (a kid was left in tears over a cracker night over in seconds and everyone running for their lives.

Could have ended much differently!


gary 7:19 pm 20 Feb 08

I hated those fireworks at all because somebody discharged their fireworks just behine my fencing then went away and left those discharged rubbish there.

Mælinar 10:50 am 18 Feb 08

Think of the carbon being pumped into the atmosphere directly by the bonfire, and then pass that over the current Government’s track record on everything.

I’m frankly surprised they haven’t already started demonising it…

Stage 4 wood on bonfire restrictions…

Skidbladnir 10:09 am 18 Feb 08

I much prefer this alcohol-enjoying, Labor attacking, firebreathing incarnation of Troy to that other one who is either a candidate for Fraser or maybe for Molongolo.

Fireworks should be kept, if only so that we\the kids can occasionally build a human-shaped effigy of whoever our ‘leader’ is and then stuff them full of fireworks, a la Guy Fawkes.

Anyone know if the gigantic communal bonfires will still be an option under these proposed changes?

Gungahlin Al 10:02 am 18 Feb 08

Mael: 😛

Minime2 has clearly not been underneath a balloon when the gas burner is triggered…nothing nice and quiet about that.

Mælinar 8:51 am 18 Feb 08

haha to Gungahlin Al, drinks skinny flat and skinny cap.


Thumper 8:33 am 18 Feb 08

My dog hates fireworks and terrorists.

And baths.

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