State of the Riot – August 2008

johnboy 2 September 2008 17

Once more I present to you the monthly State of the Riot feature. For new players there’s some fun stuff in the keywords down the page.

With my return to the site coming in partway through July the bounce continues to lift the growth figures very nicely. Harder work to keep it going next month, especially as we appear to have reached the growth limits of the existing hardware. Fear not, new hardware is on its way.

Key Stats:

Visits: 115,226, up 20.03% from 95,998
Pageviews: 365,523, up 23.19% from 296,721
Absolute unique visitors: 43,857, up 17.82% from 37,223.


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A special thanks to our friends in the Canberra media community who appear to be making more of an effort to mention us when sourcing stories from here.

Fun stuff

So the 20 most read stories on RiotACT in August were:

    1.) Google Street View – Canberra on the map
    2.) 15y/o Girl dies in a Conder car crash
    3.) Tess Ryan answers your questions
    4.) Hamish and Andy’s Gravy Chip – Now available in stores?
    5.) DFO Canberra Launches!!
    6.) New DFO Fyshwick will make airport seem “Brand Depleted”
    7.) Loss of a Canberran Icon
    8.) An email interview with Tess Ryan – Independent Canberra Escort and Companion
    9.) Debate on the Conder car crash
    10.) Death at the Canberra Centre today 09/08/2008
    11.) Attempted suicide in Isabella Plains standoff with Police
    12.) Central Cafe (Gungahlin) – first impressions
    13.) Do I deserve the bird?
    14.) The return of Kate?
    15.) Road accident witnesses sought
    16.) Not at all safe for work (or the young) – the world of the other Tess Ryan, browsersnob.
    17.) The other side of the story? Parkway bingle
    18.) Death in Knox St Watson
    19.) Being mean to Hummer drivers
    20.) Glen Porritt a free man

And the hundred highest ranked search terms which brought people to RiotACT in July were:

    1) riot act
    2) riotact
    3) the riot act
    4) dfo canberra
    5) the riotact
    6) riot act canberra
    7) pasquale barbaro
    8) riotact canberra
    10) mark parton
    11) riot-act
    12) todd carney
    13) dfo fyshwick
    14) wanniassa medical centre
    15) the riot act canberra
    16) the riot-act
    17) dale seaman daramalan
    18) contented soul act
    19) abandoned buildings in canberra
    20) canberra airport
    21) gravy chip
    22) canberra dfo
    24) “the crooked fiddle band” “merry muse” august 2008
    25) nyssa76 anissa
    26) riot act act
    27) limestone lizzy
    28) impact records
    29) gravy chips
    30) dfo canberra map
    31) hamish and andy gravy chips
    32) fraser court
    33) riot+act
    34) hill climb data for cyclists black mountain canberra
    35) danman
    36) brew bar tuggeranong
    37) erin molan
    38) hargreaves gde
    39) the basement belconnen
    40) anu singh
    41) flint restaurant
    42) “identical strangers” “canberra” “band”
    43) canberra computer fair
    44) what to eat in dickson
    45) best plumber canberra riotact
    46) hollowmen abc
    47) central cafe
    48) central cafe gungahlin
    49) canberra beer brewing hume
    50) peter leonard
    51) “lincoln hawkins”
    52) bootcamp in canberra
    53) plaka pizza
    54) massage canberra
    55) foskey staffer roland
    56) hamish and andy gravy chip
    57) grapevine voip
    58) three mothers thai
    59) +deano +”never buy”
    60) best restaurant in canberra
    61) free canberra sms
    62) yum cha deakin
    63) act computer fairs 2008
    64) menutree canberra
    65) smiths gravy chips
    66) “gavin massey” canberra
    67) tonk system addict review
    68) ha ha bar belconnen
    69) car+accident+on+majura
    70) corinbank
    71) wasp’s nests
    73) mig crash narrabundah
    75) political donations in the act
    76) “limestone lizzy”
    78) smiths gravy chip
    79) “tess ryan”
    80) dickson tradies club
    81) todd rohl gay
    82) dickson noodle house
    83) jess wright
    84) soul bar woden
    85) baker’s best
    86) charnwood stabbed
    87) saffron restaurant manuka
    89) wasabi manuka
    90) “the-riotact” and “smokers” and “vy” and “theatre”
    91) wasabi dickson
    92) “ghosts” “kurrajong”
    93) burgman anglican college
    94) hansel & gretel coffee
    95) lantern room campbell canberra
    96) mark parton blog
    97) melbourne cup public holiday act
    98) tania tominac
    99) todd carney online forum
    100) “gungahlin pool”

Also for all the nerds here’s the breakdown on web-broswers used to read us:

    Internet Explorer 60.44%
    Firefox 30.12%
    Safari 7.64%
    Opera 1.02%
    Mozilla 0.39%

And operating systems:

    1. Windows – 86.19%
    2. Macintosh – 11.25%
    3. Linux – 1.95%
    4. iPhone – 0.24%
    5. SymbianOS – 0.13%
    6. iPod – 0.11%
    8. Danger Hiptop – 0.02%
    9. SunOS – 0.01
    10. Playstation 3 – 0.01%

(There were also a views from a Nintendo Wii PalmOS, PSP and FreeBSD but too few to make the percentages).


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17 Responses to State of the Riot – August 2008
hk0reduck hk0reduck 12:09 pm 02 Sep 08

Someone wants to know if Todd Rohl wants a Toad in his Hole.


S4anta S4anta 9:02 am 02 Sep 08

maybe they are for the mysterious Dam nan Danman

Danman Danman 9:57 pm 01 Sep 08

happy to be in teh minority as far as browsing hardware goes, Safari, Imac and Symbian.

Meh Danman as a search term, thats just me and my narcissism.

Dunno who else would want to look for my name…Maybe I am an institution 🙂 (Or need one)

ant ant 8:16 pm 01 Sep 08

Nyssa and Danman both got stalked!

Adn with so many of us using various permutations of IE, it’s surprising that threads keep going after the IE curse has struck, after X many posts, we can’t post any more and the original article/picture disappears.

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:33 pm 01 Sep 08

My stalker’s on a roll….#25….I might be in the top 10 by Christmas.

johnboy johnboy 5:31 pm 01 Sep 08

The really oddball stuff sometimes doesn’t get the volume of traffic to make the list.

LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 5:22 pm 01 Sep 08

The list is a bit boring this month. Where are all the weird search terms?

Overheard Overheard 5:08 pm 01 Sep 08

caf said :

I think the State of the Riot posts should get a catchy subtitle – for example, this month could be “State of the Riot, August 2008: They came for Mark Parton, they stayed for Tess Ryan”.

Very good. (And more tasteful than saying that vice versa…)

caf caf 5:03 pm 01 Sep 08

I think the State of the Riot posts should get a catchy subtitle – for example, this month could be “State of the Riot, August 2008: They came for Mark Parton, they stayed for Tess Ryan”.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 4:19 pm 01 Sep 08

What is interesting is to break up the IE browser numbers into IE6 and 7 (which Google does allow for). Amazing how many departments are still using IE6 – the GCC site has about 60% of the IE users stuck with the old, or about 30% overall.

Ari Ari 4:15 pm 01 Sep 08

The world seems to have lost interest in “naked horses”

RandomGit RandomGit 4:11 pm 01 Sep 08

I can’t believe my ‘Randomgit has a huge penis riotact” searches aren’t ranking anymore.

*rolls up sleeves*

Time to get down to some serious business, INTERNET business!

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:43 pm 01 Sep 08

Firefox is a leaner, faster, meat-eating version of the bloated Mozilla Suite (formerly Netscape) browser.
Both are produced by Mozilla corporation.

So, when do we stop getting the HTTP 500: Internal Error messages, Jb?
(As in put down the buckets of cash, and pour some onto your infrastructure)

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 3:40 pm 01 Sep 08

Interesting that the search terms contain our now favorite lady of the night Tess Ryan and our former favorite street walker Limestone Lizzy. How many people looking for a hookers end up here?

Is there a second income coming in with the root@riotact address?

Granny Granny 3:37 pm 01 Sep 08

I have just converted to Firefox so I can use the RiotACT site properly, and I am really loving it. It’s so much faster, and it will even restore my session if the computer crashes or I accidentally close the browser window. I don’t even use IE at all anymore.

Hello, Microsoft!

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 3:32 pm 01 Sep 08

JB: Sorry for being a stickler for detail, but what is the difference between Firefox & Mozilla. Mozilla produce Firefox?!

grundy grundy 3:26 pm 01 Sep 08

The site has improved immensely since JB returned, and the visitor count has grown with it!

Keep it up.

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