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Statement by Chief Minister Katy Gallagher MLA

By Canfan - 5 December 2014 51


Today I have spoken with my caucus colleagues and Minister Shane Rattenbury MLA to let them know that I will be a candidate for the upcoming Senate vacancy created by Senator Kate Lundy who has announced she will not be contesting the next federal election.

Because of my decision and out of respect for the office of Chief Minister I have informed my colleagues that I will be resigning as Chief Minister on Wednesday next week.

Since Senator Lundy’s announcement the Federal Labor Leader Bill Shorten and Senate leader Penny Wong have both contacted me asking me to join the federal Labor team.

After much consideration I have decided that I can use the skills I have gained in my time as Chief Minister to step into the federal arena to stand up for Canberra, defend our city and be a strong local voice for our nation’s capital. This job has never been more important than now.

This has been a very difficult decision for me. I love the job of Chief Minister and it has been an absolute privilege to serve the people of the ACT in that capacity over the last three and a half years.

Every day that I have spent in the Assembly over the past 13 years – as an MLA, a minister and then Chief Minister – I have worked hard to do the right thing by the people of Canberra, to represent their interests, and to speak up on their behalf and on behalf of the city I love.

I have been humbled by the Canberra community’s support for me and the government I have led. I am proud of our achievements and grateful to have had the opportunity to have made a contribution at this level.

Whilst it has been a hard decision to make it has been made easier with the fact that there are so many capable, good people in the ACT Labor team to carry on our work.

It is the right time for me to hand over to the next generation of local leaders who will continue to provide the policy direction and good government this community deserves.

I would like to thank all my Labor colleagues and staff, Minister Rattenbury and his staff for their support and loyalty during my time in the Assembly.

I also pay tribute to be long and distinguished career of Kate Lundy whose dedication to her community over the past 19 years has been exemplary.

Katy Gallagher MLA

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51 Responses to
Statement by Chief Minister Katy Gallagher MLA
rommeldog56 2:13 pm 05 Dec 14

crappicker said :

Thanks Katy, you are wonderful.

Wonderful ? Don’t confuse articulation and projection of self with achievement. On that front :

1) The mess the ACT public hospital system appears to be in.
2) Continual degredation of municipal services.
3) What seems to be a looming debacle over the ACT Govt rules for Mr fluffy compo.
4) Tripling of Annual Rates.
5) Light Rail.
6) Many more MLAs and associated cost to Ratepayers.
7) ACT budget deeply in the red and getting much worse.
8) Blow outs in infrastructure project costs.
9) More Public Private Partnerships creating a fiscal drain for decades to come.
…..etc. What have I missed ?

What a “wonderful” legacy to leave ! Sounds more like rats leaving a sinking ship to me.

I only hope that a new Chief Minister will scrap the Light Rail in the hope that it Labor/Greens back in the race to retain Government at the 2016 ACT elections. But the thought of the ACT lib’s gaining power is probably just as depressing i suppose.

dungfungus 2:10 pm 05 Dec 14

Maya123 said :

Thevoiceofchoice said :

This is so sad for the ACT. As Chief Minister she actually got things moving. I am hoping the light rail goes ahead as planned.


I think it is far too early to declare a dividend.

JessP 1:52 pm 05 Dec 14

Could she take light rail with her? Please?

rommeldog56 1:08 pm 05 Dec 14

Why is it so…….

That when Zed S took up a spot in the Seante for the Lib’s there were cries by people and the ACT Gov’t that he “abandoned” the voters in Canberra – though this was shortly after the last ACT election.

But Katy G has not ?????

At the end of the day – they are both following their own self interests – no matter how they present their reasons for leaving.

MERC600 12:38 pm 05 Dec 14

Aren’t we a little quick off the mark here by installing our Kate. Surely the factions will hammer out who gets the vacancy.

GrumpyMark 12:00 pm 05 Dec 14

Given the lack of influence our ACT elected representatives have at a federal level, this seems a somewhat strange decision from Katy Gallagher, as she will go from being a ‘mover and shaker’ in a relatively small pond to just another vote in the Labor party machinery.

I don’t doubt that Katy honestly believes that with her experience, skills and personal qualities she will be able to make a valuable contribution on behalf of the ACT. However, as we all know she will be first and foremost a Labor politician with expectations that she will vote along party lines otherwise she will have no future in that dog-eat-dog environment. After all, other than Gary Humphrey on the “the Federal Government’s ban on the ACT’s civil unions law” (which was always going to be a futile exercise) how many other ACT politicians have crossed the floor to vote against their party to serve the ACT’s interests?

Nevertheless, I would hope Katy Gallagher’s contribution to the ACT is long remembered as she takes her place as one of the (arguably THE) best Chief Ministers the territory has seen.

PS Before anyone pegs me as a Labor staffer or pr spin doctor, I have no allegiance to any party, I simply recognise someone who has tried her hardest to make a difference in a very much thankless role.

Maya123 11:50 am 05 Dec 14

Thevoiceofchoice said :

This is so sad for the ACT. As Chief Minister she actually got things moving. I am hoping the light rail goes ahead as planned.


James_Ryan 11:46 am 05 Dec 14

What a shame!

Ms Gallagher is the only local politician from the two major parties with sufficient enough balance of common sense and compassion to lead us where we need to go as a community. I fear the implications of this development in the immediate future. The talent pool isn’t exactly deep.

Who will be Health Minister is nearly as depressing a question as who will be Chief.

crappicker 11:39 am 05 Dec 14

Thanks Katy, you are wonderful.

Algernon 11:35 am 05 Dec 14

The captain of the Costa Concordia told his manslaughter trial recently his decision to jump ship while passengers were left on board was affected by gravity. Katy’s decision to do the same is affected by a sense of gravitas.

Thevoiceofchoice 10:56 am 05 Dec 14

This is so sad for the ACT. As Chief Minister she actually got things moving. I am hoping the light rail goes ahead as planned.

RegGrundies 10:47 am 05 Dec 14

Barr or Corbell?

It’s like trying to choose your favourite form of flesh eating virus

VYBerlinaV8_is_back 10:35 am 05 Dec 14

I’m not a fan of Labor at all, but I think that Katy did a pretty good job given the cards she was dealt. The light rail will, of course, be a disaster but other than that I think she did OK and will be missed.

Be interesting to see who replaces her, and how the next election pans out. Like the next federal election, I’m tipping a race to the bottom, with well qualified and sensible independents doing well.

Joker 10:30 am 05 Dec 14

As much as I cannot stand the ‘Fabian Socialist Collective’, Katy seemed like a decent honest person. The ‘opposition’ are talentless.
‘We are the dead’

bd84 9:55 am 05 Dec 14

interesting.. Should be enough to kill off labor’s chances at the next ACT election given the lack of popularity of most other members who scraped in by the skin of their teeth.

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