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Stench of NSW Labor corruption taints Queanbeyan

By Ari 27 February 2008 17

It seems NSW Planning Minister Frank Sartor’s decision to allow the Tralee development to go ahead against independent advice was – quite coincidentally I’m sure – accompanied by a large donation from the developer to the NSW Labor Party.

From the Herald story: Village Building Company, which pushed for several rural properties in Queanbeyan to be rezoned residential so it could build more than 4500 homes on it, donated $154,400 to NSW Labor since 2002, Australian Electoral Commission returns reveal.

The minister, Frank Sartor, ignored the advice of his own panel and shortly after last year’s state election approved a strategy for Queanbeyan that would allow residential development at Tralee, near Canberra Airport – which does not have a curfew…

… The panel’s report said there was no reason for the rezoning when other more appropriate sites at Googong were available.

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17 Responses to
Stench of NSW Labor corruption taints Queanbeyan
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Zilog 1:22 pm 01 Mar 08

Byron’s full of shit. We put up with a great deal of noise in Qbn now! He couldn’t say why paths couldn’t be moved a little further west. Probably ’cause they can be. He opposes development in 1. Majura Valley, 2. Jerrabomberra valley, and 3. Eventually he’ll whinge about the Kowen plateau. Which is more important; the f*wits of canberra airport, or the community who can’t afford to be housed? Bring the development on and screw the airport!

Crikey 3:27 pm 28 Feb 08

If Joh was corrupt, he wasn’t very good at it, as he died pretty much a pauper.

While it is true that Steve Whan, Frank Pangallo, Sartor and Iemma may not have directly taken ‘cash’ from the Village People Co there is of course moral-corruption.

These twerps are prepared to sell Canberra and district down the drain just so we get another ghetto-looking Gungahlin sub-division under flight paths in Queanbeyan.

I am not a fan of Snow and co but I am a fan of a vibrant (yes, that word again Ant) international airport in the Capital region. I am all for increasing domestic flights, introducing international flights and making Canberra a freight hub. We have the opportunity to do all this without too many people’s lifestyle being dramatically affected. If Steve Whan, Frank Pangallo and NSW Labor Inc get their way the airport will become impotent and lots more people in Canberra will be sharing the aircraft noise.

Senator Humphries sat on the fence when he was in government now I hope Lundy and co crush this madness.

Crikey 2:30 pm 28 Feb 08

Bob Winnel donates $150,000 plus to the NSW Labor Party.

The NSW Labor Party, against independent advice, approves a development worth two hundred million dollars.

No corruption here!

Mr Evil 1:20 pm 28 Feb 08

Thumper – that defamatory to lilos!

Thumper 11:43 am 28 Feb 08

Indeed, old Joh may have been as corrupt as Grassby’s bootlaces, but he got things done.

Iemma governs in the way a lilo drifts down a river.

neanderthalsis 11:17 am 28 Feb 08

Old Joh saw that QLD got a new international airport, new dams, a working health system, massive infrastructure development around Brisneyland, a bribable police force and attempted to start the QLD space program.

All Morris Minor has done thus far is let the health system implode, let industry move elsewhere because of the ridiculous OHS and workcover requirements, centralised the TAFE system to become the most unwieldy bureaucratic nightmare known to man and let developers bribe ministers, shag town planners and do pretty much what they like.

Mr Evil 10:49 am 28 Feb 08

I don’t know if Iemma is as incompetent as good ole’ boy, Sir Joh.

neanderthalsis 9:59 am 28 Feb 08

I think he could well win that gong Thumper.

To come out and say that there is no problem with a developer making donations DIRECTLY to the minister responsible for planning and infrastructure and then have that minister over-ride his own Departmental and committee recommendations to approve the work of the donating body absolutely reeks, almost the sort of thing one would expect in QLD under Sir Joh in the 80’s (at least Sir Joh was a competent Premier and didn’t oversee the decline and fall of the state).

It also shows the incompetence and/or political weekness if ICAC to not pursue to matter and recommend corruption charges.

Thumper 8:40 am 28 Feb 08

Is Iemma not the most incompetent premier ever?

That includes all States over all time….

Pandy 12:22 am 28 Feb 08

I would frack her.

Ari 10:04 pm 27 Feb 08

It would be best if she/he is a blonde.

smokey4 9:13 pm 27 Feb 08

Has Qbn got a lateral thinking and acting town planner?

neanderthalsis 4:29 pm 27 Feb 08

The next Lib govt in NSW won’t be able to do a Jeff Kennet as there will be nothing left to privatise, no infrastructure to support growth and no health systen to revive them after the initial heart attacks they have when they realise what they have inherited.

Growling Ferret 3:50 pm 27 Feb 08

The next Liberal Govt in NSW?

They should already be in, but the religious zealots of the right stabbed their own team in the back, installed Peter Debnam as leader and lost the unlosable election.

They are no better than Labour

Ralph 3:03 pm 27 Feb 08

They’ve run NSW into the ground.

Wall to wall cronies and union thugs.

The next Liberal government in NSW will have to do a Jeff Kennett in order to try and revive the state economy.

Skidbladnir 2:56 pm 27 Feb 08

Iemma is now threatening libel suits against anyone who questions Sartor’s integrity, so watch yourself.

So quick poll: Does anyone think Iemma or Sartor is doing a good job managing the social and economic problems in the State of NSW, rather than just the guiding the economic interests of the District of NSW (Newcastle, Sydney, & Wollongong)?

Mr Evil 1:57 pm 27 Feb 08

NSW Labor corrupt – no!

I thought it was only the Liberals who did anything dodgy? 🙂

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