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Stop using water, ok?

By Kerces 27 November 2006 25

Apparently we’re all using too much water and if we continue in the same manner the government will be forced to ban sprinklers.

The Canberra Times reports that our water consumption is 11 per cent above what it should be under the Stage 2 restrictions.

Despite the amounts of times it’s rained recently, rainfall is still at some kind of record low and Actew says this is concerning. They want all the plebs out there to “take restriction requirements seriously” and stop doing non-report deals with their neighbours.

The good news is that we’re still better off than Goulburn.

[ED – It’s a shame the Stanhope Government failed to understand the difference between emergency measures which people will support in the short term, and permanent measures which they might not, you can only go to the well of good will so many times]

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Stop using water, ok?
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bozman 1:45 pm 04 Dec 06

Well Im about to put a tank in so no clown on the hill can tell me when I can or can not water. I am amased that the ACT governemnt will let me water for 6 hours a day ( 7-10 and 19-22) every two days when I have installed an eletronic watering system and all I need is 15 minutes in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. Thats 140 minutes a week compared to the 1260 minutes that they allow me too. But Im sure that they would fine me if they caught the water on for a day that I am not allocated to.

I dont know how many houses have been build in the ACT over the past 10 years but I have not heard of any new dams going in. Infact I dont think that that have build a dam since the 60’s. And seeing the thought that they put into the disaster recovery plan for the ones that we have ( ie the Canberra bush fires ) Im not expecting too much from them despite the constant increase in rates.

In relation to the storm water, they did build a dam at the lower molongo treament plant becasue when the heavy rain do come they can not contain the amount of water and used to have to release millons of litres of untreated sewage into teh river. So they built a dam so they could contain it and pump it back later for treatment. Dont let them tell you that it is safe water, go down and have a look arond, the signs “do not enter the water” say it all.

Thumper 12:27 pm 28 Nov 06

Cubbie is dry as a bone these days Mr Ferrett. After diverting all the water that should have flown into the river systems, they too are dry.

And as we know, the once mighty Darling is dead.

In the end all that water, well, some of it, ends up in Lake Alexandrenia (sp?)

Growling Ferret 10:24 am 28 Nov 06

“where does the water from the 1000s of hectares of asphalt parking lots and tile roofs go to in the ACT??”

Molonglo River, which becomes the Murrumbidgee (and is joined by all our lovely treated sewage), which then goes into Burrinjuck reservior and the storage point for the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area – see the link below on what the MIA produces.

Whatever is left then moves on to the Murray – but there isn’t much left of that these days once you hit Wentworth due to no flow on the Darling (thanks Cubbie Station)

Pandy 7:57 am 28 Nov 06

Into the river!

smokey2 7:56 am 28 Nov 06

This is not a simple issue solved by building a new dam or adding water tanks. If we do not get a decent winter rain soon we are all in trouble. – I mean Australians not just Canberrians.
Our food will soon increase in price to levels not seen before just like bananas
Our attitude to water must change and we must treat it as a sacred resource.

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