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STR – optimistic or delusional?

By Ralph - 9 August 2005 32

Today’s Canberra Times is reporting that contracts for the construction of the Gungahlin Drive Extension (GDE) have been awarded to a local consortium.

Urban Services Minister John Hargreaves appears confident that work on the GDE will be commencing shortly – expecting that a Federal Court appeal by Save the Ridge will be dismissed. Always wanting to be wet blankets, STR are screeching that the Federal Court will uphold their appeal, and that Hargreaves is counting his chickens too early.

When STR’s Federal Court appeal is dismissed, their only recourse will be with the High Court. Some legally minded readers may wish to inform us as to what section of the Constitution they could argue their case against (the environment is not quoted in the Constitution). If anything, it will simply be another delaying tactic for those concerned about their property values.

STR currently has $70 000 lodged with the Federal Court. Should STR lose their appeal, they will be required to pay this amount to the ACT and Federal Governments. The ACT Government can also seek further compensation from STR for additional legal and administrative costs.

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32 Responses to
STR – optimistic or delusional?
OpenYourMind 12:10 pm 10 Aug 05

RandomGit, I will happily accept your challenge.

As a general comment I have only ever mentioned ‘peak oil’ as it relates to discussions on cycling infrastructure within Canberra.

A more general comment would be that oil at a sustained $63 (current price) equates to roughly $1.33 a litre. Given Canberran’s high percentage of car use, this is current and topical to Canberrans I would have said – particularly given this original discussion thread is about building a new road.

Maelinar 11:53 am 10 Aug 05

The scary thing is I read that and had your email in 5 seconds. (the computer is running slow)

Here’s to unwanted emails ref oil ;P


RandomGit 11:52 am 10 Aug 05

OYM, come up with a peice on Oil related directly to Canberra and post it up. Show your guts.

Spitfire3 10:52 am 10 Aug 05

OYM, I would love for you to email me your full manifesto on the subject …but I seem to have lost my email address 😉

OpenYourMind 9:49 am 10 Aug 05

Ahhh, you all love it!

I can talk some more about the process of oil exploration and extraction if you really want me to 🙂

Ari 9:41 am 10 Aug 05

You’re making a good point, Maelinar – it’s just the mere mention of oil in any post generally sets OYM off onto a tangent about the evils of world energy policy.

Maelinar 9:27 am 10 Aug 05

No worries 🙂

I say use it till it’s gone. I’m all right, and that’s all that matters.

Once it’s gone we can finally get into some productivity instead of the social rut we are currently in.

If you take oil out of the equation however, you will note that the government are actually PAYING the populace out of revenue that they are gathering.

that’s what I was on about.

Ari 8:40 am 10 Aug 05

Thanks a lot, Maelinar.

You’ve given OpenYourMind an excuse to start banging on about oil for the umpteenth time.

OpenYourMind 8:01 am 10 Aug 05

This is getting very off the STR topic, but Alaskan oil is an interesting and current topic. There is an area of the ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) which is estimated to contain 10billion barrels of oil. American oil interests would dearly love to explore and drill this area, but they face an uphill battle against environmentalists protecting a very delicate area.

Yesterday oil touch $64 a barrel and Bush released an energy bill which contained no immediate hurt for Americans. One of the items glaringly omitted in the bill was a decision on ANWR.

Maelinar 4:34 pm 09 Aug 05

That would link in extremely effectively with something that I have been researching recently based loosely upon some great chap who while in a position of power organised MONEY FOR THE INDIANS !!!

A brief description follows:

All sectors of Alaska’s economy are natural resource-based. Oil transported by the Alaskan Pipeline, from Prudhoe Bay to the port of Valdez, is of greatest importance to the state’s economy but indications are that the supply might be drying up. Currently, oil revenues supply 85% of the state budget. Every Alaskan resident receives a yearly payment of about $1,000 from an oil-funded “permanent fund dividend.”

Now I wouldn’t mind paying exorbitant parking fines et al if I could reasonably expect to take it from money the government gave me.

Obviously the worse I parked, the less I would get to keep.

Instead of higher and higher corporate salaries, perhaps the local government could be looking at reallocating some of their rent revenue from the people paying market rent in Yarralumla towards a similar scheme.

Thumper 4:32 pm 09 Aug 05

Indeed, his comments on the news last night smacked of arrogance.

Vader 4:30 pm 09 Aug 05

To be fair, Hargreaves probably shouldn’t be counting his chickens before they’ve hatched. Pre-empting the court’s decision does smack somewhat of the arrogance for which the current government is fast becoming famous.

That said, I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that the Federal Court bounces STR, and the government subsequently sues them for every penny that bunch of nitwits own.

Thumper 4:17 pm 09 Aug 05

I note that Mr Hargreaves muted the possibility of seeking damages off the STR.

I wonder if we, as ACT taxpayers can do the same over the Coroner fiasco?

Or is it one law for one, another for others?

I suggest the latter…

But then again, how many time does the STR need to lose court challenges before they get the message?

Maelinar 3:38 pm 09 Aug 05

I find it amusing in the same territory that big business abounds to the tune of local government or national capital authority at their whim, with both sides bending over backwards to get them on their side, that a bunch of poncy wankers in what isn’t even a posh suburb can hold up crucial development.

That’s witholding the obvious information that proper planning would have had the infrastructure constructed prior to development, but us humans are a bit used to knee-jerk retrospective decision making.

RandomGit 3:02 pm 09 Aug 05

God, please, let this selfish luddite madness end once and for all.

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