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Stupid Canberra cyclists

By Pandy - 7 April 2008 105

[rant on]

It amazes me when I read the pro-cycling group get off in the local papers like the Canberra Times and say that cycling is a healthy life style choice that everyone should be doing and blame motorists for all the ills of the world.

Well I have two things to say to you: “Stuff the lot of you”

In recent days I have seen a cyclists ride his bike the opposite direction in the transit lane/bus lane on Adelaide Avenue, when on the there is a very adequate bike lane built for untold millions just 2 car lane to his right (Is it legal to ride against traffic in a bike lane?)

Then yesterday there was a recumbent cyclists riding his bike on Commonwealth Avenue, in a car lane. No whip flag, no reflective clothing. Do you guys know that these layed back bike riders are usually below car window height? Can you imagine the accident waiting to happen as a car changing lanes may not see these dickheads until too late?

[rant off]

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105 Responses to
Stupid Canberra cyclists
Mælinar 11:24 am 07 Apr 08

So, we’re pretty much all agreed that of the 3km of visible road in front of your car that you could/should be looking at, the 3m of blind space on the immediate metre on the left side of your car is pretty nucking irrelevant when you look at the big picture. And that this has already been done to death, brought back to life, reflogged, rinse, wash, repeat, ad-infinatum.

LG 11:00 am 07 Apr 08

Only complaint is the small number of cyclists that insist on riding on the road (or very near to the road), when there is over a metre of bike lane to use.

But I see a lot worse drivers than cyclists on the road

Tixylix 10:50 am 07 Apr 08

I’m all for spending millions on bike paths. Too many motorcyclists burning up the cycle lanes during peak hour, they give me the willies.

TO DEATH. Geeze, I see car drivers acting like idiots every day. And I drive like a complete bastard with no regard for public safety or other road users…

ant 10:24 am 07 Apr 08

I can’t see the difference between the visability of cyclists and dogs, roos, pedestrians and snakes. I squash snakes but avoid the others. The only cyclists who annoy me are teh ones who are pedestrians AND vehicles, depending on which state confers the greater benefits at the time. They’re irksome. But for the most, i’m happy to share the road with them.

vandam 10:21 am 07 Apr 08

Problem is since the cyclist types have been given ‘free’ (at the expense of motor vehicle users), lanes, They seem to think they own the road.

I see various problems. 1. Not many riders are wearing the proper safety gear. 2. half of them don’t ride in tha lanes designated for them 3. putting cyclists on roads with cars is a silly idea. 30kph speed of a bicycle vs up to 100kph for a car on the same stretch of road. There are plenty more, but I don’t see why the ACT Govt couldn’t upgrade the already in place footpath/cyclepaths rather than introducing more road rage, and more danger.

StrangeAttractor 10:21 am 07 Apr 08

far out folks, he’s talking about recumbant bicycles being below window height.

I’ve seen a few cyclists riding the wrong way down, haven’t managed to hit any yet, but I see it only as a matter of time. Toorak Tractor in front of me hiding the cyclist coming the wrong way, on an exit… bad news.

And weren’t we supposed to have one of the best cycle path networks in the world? why did we need on road cycle lanes?

neanderthalsis 10:19 am 07 Apr 08

I think he was refering to a cyclist on one of those rather odd “laying down style” bikes you see getting around, the ones that look like a cross between a street luge and a pushie (hence recumbent), which would be below eye level in many cars.

Thumper 9:22 am 07 Apr 08

Cyclists are fine, that is, those that obey road rules and realise that if they get involved in an accident they will lose, no matter who was in the right or wrong.

Apart from that, they keep the traffic down and make it easier for all of us who drive cars. This is a good thing.

What I don’t like is the sanctimonous wankers who think that because they ride a bike they are somehow better than people who don’t.

And to agree with Maelinar, yes, this story has been done to death, in fact, many, many times….

Duke 9:12 am 07 Apr 08

I drive a late model Falcon, I also ride a mountain bike, and I can assure you the handlebars of my average bike are well above the window sill of my average car.

Cyclists and motorcyclists are both at risk from motorists, but as these alternate modes of transport both have a legal right to use the roads, it’s better just to keep your eyes open and giving them a wide berth.

Absent Diane 9:11 am 07 Apr 08

Agreed with Maelinar! this is sooo 2005. Get with the times dude.

Mælinar 9:08 am 07 Apr 08

A cyclist to be out of vision would have to be damn close to the windows to be in the blind spot.

Go check yourself in for a nearsighted test Pandy, you should be paying more attention to your longer focus skills.

1 star because this story has been done TO DEATH already.

DarkLadyWolfMother 9:02 am 07 Apr 08

You think that’s bad? I once saw a [member of a vehicular group] doing [something incredibly stupid and/or illegal (strike out where applicable)] and they caused a whole load of grief to [other vehicular group]!

The should ban [members of vehicular group] from the [road/footpath/cycleway/cycle path/gene pool] before someone gets hurt!

I’m only thinking of their wellbeing. Really!

josh 8:55 am 07 Apr 08

can you believe that one time i saw one person doing something wrong and stereotyped an entire group of people?

like this one time, i saw just one car driver turn right when it said ‘no right turn’! all car drivers should be banned from the road and sent to be shot!

but yes, the stupid cyclists doing that deserve what’s coming to them if that’s the way they want to play it. i can assure you, though, that they’re in the distinct minority. and proportionally, there are just as many fuckwit drivers i’d imagine. and yes, just as many fuckwits in any other group of people, no doubt.

live and let live, eh, or whatever is the case for the few dickheads. they’re the exceptions. there’s always exceptions. deal with it, but don’t use it for any reason to needlessly hate on ‘the rest’, that just accomplishes nothing eh.

Pandy 8:52 am 07 Apr 08

I am talking about OTHER cars and 4wd’s.

No one can argue that motor bike riders are at more at risk than car drivers in accidents. What makes you think that cyclists are any less at risk?

Duke 8:48 am 07 Apr 08

This whole motorist V cyclist argument is bizarre. Yes some cycling habits leave much to be desired (as do driving habits), but I look at each cyclist as one less car clogging up our roads, which are arguably as congested as Sydney roads during peak hour.

Equally bizarre are the drivers who keep saying “aww but i can’t hardly see ’em” – time to hand back your licences, fellas, if you’re so incompetent you don’t notice a bike using the road. This is usually the excuse motorists use after plowing down a motorcyclist, whose dimensions are not much different to a bicycle.

“Usually below car window height???” Yeah but only if you’re driving a Landcruiser or Mack truck!

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