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Swine flu morons strike Canberra

By johnboy - 3 May 2009 59

The Canberra Times reports that Canberra is not immune to the swine flu idiocy sweeping the world.

    Chemists are struggling to keep up with demand for masks and anti-bacterial handwash as Canberrans become increasingly nervous about swine flu.

Good luck with your anti-bacterial treatments on a virus you cretins.

For avoiding the spread of all flus in general (which are killing a lot more people every hour than Mexican pig flu) we’re asked to wash our hands (normal soap is fine) and cover our mouthes when we cough. Which we should be doing anyway.


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59 Responses to
Swine flu morons strike Canberra
Deadmandrinking 1:36 pm 03 May 09

Next they’ll be asking us to wipe our arses.

It is a bit overblown. The only reason I suspect the swine flu has claimed so many lives, is because Mexico has a poorer health-care than we or even the US (for the insured) do. People haven’t died anywhere else, as of yet, save the baby in Texas, which I hear was actually from Mexico and crossed the border to receive better health care (although, I haven’t seen the news articles pertaining to that).

Why doesn’t the government stop sending the media into a scaring frenzy and actually work towards preparing for a pandemic in a calm, professional manner? How stupid does Rudd think we really are? Wash our Hands? Cover mouths when we cough? There was no need to go on about the bleeding obvious unless you wanted to scare people.

Next we’ll be burning pigs. Did Egypt’s actions sound dramatically biblical to anyone.

barking toad 1:30 pm 03 May 09

mexican babe flu is the new gorebull warming

deezagood 1:16 pm 03 May 09

That is rough hellsbells, but really, if you are genuinely sick and contagious, you shouldn’t be at work … and sick and contagious kids shouldn’t be at school either. Hayfever isn’t contagious, so that doesn’t count.

Maybe, just maybe, you get colds and bronchitis easily because you smoke?

el 12:49 pm 03 May 09

No sympathy from me if you’re happy to keep spreading it around – I get colds easy too.

Hells_Bells74 12:38 pm 03 May 09

I smoke, I get colds easy, I have kids round me lots, I have always been a little prone to bronchititis too throughout the years and since thirty have had a somewhat big disposition to hayfever. When I was working at CIT if I wanted a day off to nurse my common cold it would cost me dearly as a casual and my bank wouldn’t have enough in it that fortnight to cover the bills and living expenses, simple as that, now had I have got the proper flu, which I did once and took over a week off to recover and put up with no money at all, with the thoughts of if this keeps up one more week I’m going to have to claim sickness benefits, not pretty though, but would to keep the killer flu to myself. But please stop whinging and bitching and making the poor sick person’s life a living HELL cause you won’t stop having a go at that person for being at work and comtaminating them with a little old cold or hayfever or such and constantly telling me I need to go to the doctors when I feel no need to whatsoever and they won’t let up in their tones. Made me quit sooner than I’d wanted to, I had had enough, and the one who complained the most that had her desk next to mine, not once ever got sick from sitting next to me.

jessieduck 12:27 pm 03 May 09

I agree with Ant- it may have something to do with working in an area related to this type of thing… The WHO has suggested we be prepared for a pandemic and that’s what people are doing… it’s not stupid. I don’t think people should panic though. I am following WHO’s suggestions and am very happy that they aren’t restricting travel or anything too over the top.

I will fess up to buying hand sanitizer because I catch buses and, let’s face it, there are a lot of germy people on buses. I use it as soon as I get off the bus just as an extra measure- who knows when I’ll next be near a hot tap and soap?

deezagood 12:11 pm 03 May 09

That really annoys me too ant – when people come to work with a sniffle and say ‘I have the flu’! No you don’t love, if you did, you bloody well wouldn’t be at work! And take your stinking cold home, away from me, too!

ant 11:47 am 03 May 09

Unfortunately, many people think the cold they get every winter is the flu. The real flu is the ‘hit by a truck’ thing, with less public symptoms at the early stage, which is when they should be staying in bed.

deezagood 11:28 am 03 May 09

And ever since we all caught the flu, we now all go and vaccinated every year (not much good against weird flu strains, but I feel better being at least partially protected against Influenza A) and we haven’t had it since, thank goodness. Vaccinate people, vaccinate … because the regular flu is an absolute shocker.

deezagood 11:24 am 03 May 09

I only have my own experience with Tamiflu; my daughter had Influenza A two years ago, but by the time we realised what it was, both myself and other child also had the virus. My husband started taking Tamiflu as soon as my results came back and although he was a bit sick, his symptoms were far, far less severe than the rest of us; fevers weren’t as high, aches not as bad, lungs not as congested etc… and he remained functional (where the rest of us couldn’t get out of bed for a week and had fevers in the 40s). His version of the flu was more like a bad cold. Of course, we can’t be sure if this was the Tamiflu or other factors (maybe it was a bad cold and he didn’t actually get the flu … although after nursing the rest of us, I would find that unlikely). I suppose the stockpiling of Tamiflu has been orchestrated to help reduce the severity of affected citizen’s families/carers and others exposed to the patients – it apparently doesn’t really work if you already have the virus though.

ant 11:22 am 03 May 09

The whole shebang is being driven by WHO, who is following a series of pre-set protocols. Most nations developed pandemic plans when the bird flu scare hit. The underlying driver for this is that a pandemic is inevitable, some time.

We set up our plan in 2005 and what the media hasn’t mentioned is that it was developed by the national security people, and health were consulted. Some of the plan is public. And some of it is not.

If we ever get to the stages that are not publicised, I’ll have stocked up on tins, fuel and bullets, and locked the gate.

It’s a very comprehensive plan, aimed at primarily preventing the spread of a disease in the population, and if that fails, dealing with widespread illness and death, and the gradual collapse of utilities and public institutions.

If the WHO tells us there’s danger, we implement the plan, as we’re doing now.

gun street girl 10:59 am 03 May 09

In short, antivirals such as Tamiflu are given to lessen the effect of the disease in an affected individual. It is not a cure; it just stands a chance of lessening the severity of the disease, and to make the patient feel better, faster. The current virus has been shown to be resistant to two antivirals thus far; Tamiflu (AKA oseltamivir) is not one of them (neither is zanamivir, which markets as Relenza).

Trunking symbols 10:46 am 03 May 09

I can’t understand this Tamiflu business. We are told the government has stockpiled it and will distribute it if the epidemic gets out of control, yet there is no cure for swine flu and a vaccine is at least six months away. So what is the use of Tamiflu? What effect will it have (if any)?

I-filed 10:02 am 03 May 09

I think the reference to “anti-bacterial” was simply that it’s the generic term for portable handwash in a bottle. “Anti-bacterial” handwash is probably better to carry around with you than a bar of soap … and will do the same job removing viruses from your skin (if that’s what’s the need. I guess the handwashing could have to do with keeping your immune system uncompromised, in which case the antibacterial angle would be justified, no?).

Hells_Bells74 9:35 am 03 May 09

Just all makes sense when you hear that Donald Rumsfield and Dick Cheney are on the boards of the makers of Tamiflu. Sold in a panic to the world over the Bird flu etc. Tamiflu is useless anyhow. They probably have hands in the masks and quarantine centres too. If this was a real threat, they wouldn’t be telling us sh*t.

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