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Sydney logo on Canberra bus safety signs

By Kerces 5 January 2006 16

Sometime ago I read somewhere that the ACT Government had bought the rights (or something along those lines) to the Sydney buses “If you see something, say something” anti-terror campaign. About a month and a half ago I started noticing the posters on the backs of ACTION buses, although it appears the campaign was launched here in September (by the way, it turns out the Victorian Government is also using this campaign and it was originally an New York City invention).

So I finally got my act together to bring you said poster:

ACTION anti-terror campaign

So what do you notice about this sign? Remember, I first saw it on Sydney buses.

(This may help you work it out.)

That wouldn’t be a Sydney buses logo in the top right-hand corner would it? Ooops.

What’s Your opinion?

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Sydney logo on Canberra bus safety signs
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Erg0 9:51 pm 07 Jan 06

Incidentally, I was just in Perth and they’re using the same “If you see something, say something” slogan there (different colours, though). They also use the exact same bus/train/ferry in a circle logos as Sydney on all of the timetables, etc. Mind you, that shouldn’t be surprising in a state where all of the Government Departments have the same logo.

Absent Diane 10:48 pm 06 Jan 06

The reason you would get the same person is because it is the same service desk. The reason for the alternate number would be for streamlining calls to the cops… when the operator sees that number they know automatically that you are calling for the cops and you don’t need to waste time or breath saying which service you require… that is how it would work in theory anyway..

Nice sign

RandomGit 2:16 pm 06 Jan 06

I am actually surprised the Sydney version of this poster encourages people to call 000 if they “see something”.

Kind of the point I was aiming to make, without actually making it.

I wasn’t complaining about it, chill lads. I’ve never been taught any other number for the police other than 000 all my life, up until that point.

Smackbang 11:58 am 06 Jan 06

Actually they (the ACT Governmetn) don’t claim it is their idea. The small print at the bottom of the poster says the campaign was created by teh New York Metropolitan Treansportation Authority, and is used with permission.

As for 000, there is a huge problem with people calling that number for all sorts of non-emergencies (like wheelie bin theft). For that reason, I am actually surprised the Sydney version of this poster encourages people to call 000 if they “see something”.

vg 11:10 am 06 Jan 06

“Last time I called 000 to report someones wheelie bins getting stolen”

That will do me….and people wonder why 000 gets clogged.

So what if the same person answers. He/she would know if its a 000 or 131444 call and prioritise it accordingly. It’s a shame you couldn’t do the same and clogged 000 with a wheelie bin theft

Jey 10:33 am 06 Jan 06

Yeah, they shouldn’t say it was their idea when it wasn’t.
It is on the inside of buses and in bus shelters at the interchanges- well I’ve seen it in Civic and Belconnen at least.

johnboy 9:44 am 06 Jan 06

regardless of the other logo’s prior use, that sign DOES NOT have an ACTION Logo on it.

As for “paying” for such an obvious campaign? That sounds like a very dodgy backscratcher between bus management mates.

Perhaps they also have the sign inside?

Here we have a problem as Internet users and Bus users are two circles on the demographic venn diagram that intersect only narrowly.

(With the obvious exception of the 12-17 yr old demographic which dominates what confluence exists)

Really, like most of the rest of so called “terrorism measures” it’s more about being seen to do something than actually doing anything.

RandomGit 9:05 am 06 Jan 06

whereas in Canberra suspicious packages aren’t treated quite so seriously

Last time I called 000 to report someones wheelie bins getting stolen, the officer told me that 000 was for life threatening situations only.

I called 131 444 and lo and behold, I was talking to exactly the same officer. Fucking budget cuts.

bulldog 8:58 am 06 Jan 06

What about the fact that under the sign it states that this is an ‘initiative of the ACT Government’? Isn’t this an initiative of the NY Town Hall and the NSW Government? Why do they feel the need to promote themselves on these signs?

Perhaps it should read “An initiative of people much smarter than the ACT Government that has been adopted in a typically knee-jerk reaction and resulted in yet more ACT tax-payers money spent badly”.

Why have these signs on the OUTside of buses when the people they apply to should be able to see them more clearly on the INside and at interchanges?

Don’t get me wrong – I have no problem with the message, but the delivery sucks ass.

Jey 7:01 am 06 Jan 06

Honestly, I don’t mind if they nicked/reused the campaign. I’d prefer money spent on other things than paying graphic designers and advertising ppl to come up with anti-terrorism campaigns.

Smackbang 11:35 pm 05 Jan 06

Well, maybe they did. But it would have been there along with the Sydney Buses logo. Just liek hwo the bus icon on the top left of this timetable isn’t the Action logo.

Kerces 11:12 pm 05 Jan 06

you’re sure they don’t have that bus in a circle thing on their timetables? cos I could have sworn they did.

(but then i also could have sworn I saw a camel eating black mountain I guess…)

Smackbang 11:04 pm 05 Jan 06

No, that is not the Sydney buses logo. The Sydney buses logo is the logo on the top left of this page: and is the same as the logo for State Transit (

What that is is a generic icon depicting a bus. The Sydney version of this poster also features a generic icon of a train and a ferry (note that it does not feature the logo for CityRail ( or Sydney Ferries (

So the Canberra poster uses the same generic icon to symbolise a bus. Woop dee doo. Quite intentional, I’d think. Hardly an ooops.

I think the more interesting thing to note is that in Sydney people are encouraged to call 000 (see the poster in the margin of the link in the original page), whereas in Canberra suspicious packages aren’t treated quite so seriously – we’re not told to call the emergency number, just 131 444 for police attendance.

Kerces 10:41 pm 05 Jan 06

Well that didn’t work…

(otherwise click here)

Kerces 10:34 pm 05 Jan 06

Whodini, this is off the top of the city rail site linked to above and mirrors the posters (and logos) I’ve seen in Sydeny buses, trains and ferries.

whodini 9:38 pm 05 Jan 06

I think you’ll find Sydney buses use the combined rail/road/ferry logo… That looks more like a generic clipart symbol for a bus.

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