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Tax Cuts or Health & Education spending?

By Jazz - 29 October 2007 67

CT had this story thismorning on a recent poll in the marginal seat of Eden Monaro which showed an overwhelming majority of respondants wanted more spending on health and education rather than tax cuts.

Now those of us over the border here are far more savvy and know that such polls are usually structured to create a desired result, but if you were asked the same question, what would your answer be?

Do you want.
A) Tax Cuts or ;
B) More govt spending on Health and Education?

And no you cant have both!

What’s Your opinion?

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67 Responses to
Tax Cuts or Health & Education spending?
emd 1:30 pm 29 Oct 07

morto1980 is right.

The federal government are just giving us tax cuts so we can pay more for things like private health insurance and private education. Another problem with tax cuts is that they tend to favour the rich ie those on the highest income will get the most cash back in their pocket, which means they can spend even more on private services, which just widens the gap between the haves and have-nots.

Mind you, Rudd’s tax rebate on education costs isn’t much better for low income families (the ones who most need some help with education costs). When you have little or no disposable income to buy books and computers, it doesn’t matter if someone offers to refund part of the cost in your tax return at the end of the financial year. So once again, the people who will benefit most are not the people who need it most.

FC 1:14 pm 29 Oct 07

Health and Education for sure.

GnT 12:55 pm 29 Oct 07

Clearly spoken by someone outside the education industry.

GregW 11:52 am 29 Oct 07

‘get a Federal Education Minister who actually understand education’

I disagree, I think it is the states and teachers unions causing the problems. The federal government is pushing for nation wide assessment and performance based pay. Both good things.

I will also say health and education over tax cuts. In particular, health. Education is well funded but mismanaged. Health is underfunded.

szeretetta 11:37 am 29 Oct 07

B! B!

Tax cuts are pointless – doubly so when someone will eventually put taxes up again because there isn’t enough money…

hax 11:20 am 29 Oct 07

I totally agree. Using water as an analogy; Everyone can buy themselves a bottle of water, or put that same money towards a massive project to permanently fix the supply of water. It seems like society is going for the individual bottle more often these days, which isn’t going to fix anything in the long term, and is ultimately more expensive.
Ok, so my answer is Health and Education

MrMagoo 11:07 am 29 Oct 07

Its a no brainer for me, spending increases on health and education. Does this mean that we could get a Federal Education Minister who actually understand education as well?? Quite obviously Ms bishop hasn’t got the first idea.

morto1980 10:57 am 29 Oct 07

I think it’s important for everyone to keep in mind that while tax cuts are nice (because we get a bit more money in hand), sometimes the money is best used for major projects.

For example, if you give $10B back in tax cuts myself and all my mates will have $30 per week extra in hand. (All figures hypothetical).

However, we’d never be able to pool/co-ordinate that extra money to build something huge (and useful) like a railway, hospital, roads, etc. Eventually everything becomes user pays which is crap because no private enterprise is out to make a loss or just break even so some things become very expensive or aren’t supplied at all.

It seems that most people have enough money (consumer spending has *not* slowed even with all the interest rate hikes) and health, education (and infrastructure) seem to need some attention (uni fees keep going up, waiting times longer + bulk billing are at all time lows). Because of these factors I think some more attention needs to be paid to spending tax dollars on major projects and not just throwing them back to taxpayers in an effort to win votes.

Please don’t reply saying “but it’s the states that should be spending the money / but it’s the federal govt. that should be spending the money / GST is collected by one and allocated to the other / etc”. I’m sick to death of the finger pointing between state and federal government. Part of their job is to work together seamlessly and if they can’t do that they’ve failed as well.

ShannonaZon 10:57 am 29 Oct 07

I’m going to say Health and Education

Ingeegoodbee 10:55 am 29 Oct 07

Tax cuts offer little, I’d like to see the money the Government does manage to squeeze out of me go to improved services – be they hospitals, schools or public art…

GnT 10:55 am 29 Oct 07

Spending on services, please. Especially when my modest tax cut will get eaten up with the next interest rate rise.

Thumper 10:40 am 29 Oct 07


Lord Mælinar 10:32 am 29 Oct 07

Toll Booths at the border. Then Health, Education and Tax Cuts.

piperdoon 10:26 am 29 Oct 07

health and education most definitely.

BUT, I’d like to see the ACT government stop charging its taxes on the total of my home insurance premium plus Commonwealth GST – rather than on the premium alone – surely a tax on a tax is illegal?

swissbignose 10:16 am 29 Oct 07

Health and Education gets my vote.

Taxes are paid for a reason.

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