Telstra apologises for nude Carney photos

jennybel75 1 April 2009 48 is running a story about nude photos of ex Canberra Raider Todd Carney turning up on a mobile phone which was apparently rented from Telstra in Canberra about 6 months ago.

Seems like Mr Carney just can’t escape scandal whereever he goes.

ED – Without the photo I’d have assumed this was an April Fools joke.

But here’s what Todd had to say:

    Carney confirmed he had used a Nokia handset to take the explicit images of himself in front of the bathroom mirror while home alone late one night at his Goulburn home “about six months ago”.

    The beleaguered player – sacked from the Canberra Raiders after a string of high-profile drunken misdemeanours said he had forwarded the photos to a girl he met on social network site Facebook some months later after she exchanged a lewd photograph of herself.

    “She’d asked me to take them before … I don’t want to go back to that night though,” he said.

    Carney said he was at a loss as to how the photos ended up on the handset, but speculated they may have been forwarded by an unknown person who picked up the Nokia handset he lost in January.

For the very brave or curious, News are running a slideshow of the pics.

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48 Responses to Telstra apologises for nude Carney photos
Thumper Thumper 8:28 am 27 Mar 12

heavenandhell said :

i think he really just needs to grow up a bit and wow people still want to be with him after the pics that came out of him and the dog ???

That was Joel Monaghan, not Carney.

Carney is the guy that gets pissed, does burnouts, runs away from the police and pisses on patrons in clubs.

Monaghan, on the other hand….

heavenandhell heavenandhell 12:01 am 27 Mar 12

i think he really just needs to grow up a bit and wow people still want to be with him after the pics that came out of him and the dog ???

OzChick OzChick 11:21 pm 01 Apr 09

Must have been a slow day in Goulburn.

Granny Granny 10:29 pm 01 Apr 09

Nope. That’s something I surely haven’t done.

bd84 bd84 10:25 pm 01 Apr 09

hek62 said :

C’mon we’ve all done this …..

I can’t say I have. Why you would even consider it is beyond me, you have absolutely no control over who they get sent to. Even if it is to your dearest loved one, people are stupid and forward them on, or break up with them and get revenge by posting them on the internet.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:45 pm 01 Apr 09

Don’t make me go for another Google statistically unique phrase here, I-filed. 😛

farnarkler farnarkler 9:05 pm 01 Apr 09

Sorry hek mobile phones with cameras didn’t exist when I was his age.

I-filed I-filed 9:03 pm 01 Apr 09

jakez said :

It’s hard to believe he is a rugby player with that body. He barely looks like he lifts.

Nonsense! Wiry, naturally athletic bodies can be super strong. Anyone would look like crap in the face in that light. He normally has quite a nice face. Oh, and men who carry on about small d*cks are usually “protestething too much”.

hek62 hek62 8:59 pm 01 Apr 09

C’mon we’ve all done this …..

farnarkler farnarkler 8:54 pm 01 Apr 09

You couldn’t write better comedy. Pity he wasn’t the subject of a 7 up or Truman Show type show…………….hmmm perhaps he is and doesn’t know it.

ant ant 8:24 pm 01 Apr 09

… and what the HELL is his other hand doing?! Argh!

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 8:20 pm 01 Apr 09

ugh, he is fugly. inside and out.

but i still want to see the uncensored pic…

fabforty fabforty 7:54 pm 01 Apr 09

At first I thought this was an April Fool’s Day joke and then I realised it was… of course… Carney.

What kind of a tool gets bored and takes nuddy photos of himself ? Oh… hang on… a small one !!

sunshine sunshine 7:50 pm 01 Apr 09

lmao! it just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it. poor carney, only a matter of time before he stuffs up again. maybe we should send him overseas next time.

Granny Granny 6:59 pm 01 Apr 09

Well, you know. Times are tough.

ant ant 6:57 pm 01 Apr 09

… Who sends nekkid pictures of himself to strangers on facebook. That is actually *really* sad. Isn’t that what the cheerleaders are for?

Granny Granny 6:16 pm 01 Apr 09

… with an incontinence problem!

Granny Granny 6:14 pm 01 Apr 09

Rocket surgery indeed! *lol*

… But I don’t want him for his brain …. Lucky because a zombie wanted it first. Just look for the skinny starving one!

ant ant 6:10 pm 01 Apr 09

He’s got fading patterns all over his arms. And look at the mental effort going into getting the mobile phone to do something… this is rocket surgery!

Granny Granny 6:08 pm 01 Apr 09

The head is nothing that a paper bag wouldn’t fix! Phwoar and stuff!

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