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The new direction of shopfronts and libraries

By johnboy 27 October 2006 35

As the public becomes aware of his closures, the Territory and Municipal Services Minister, John Hargreaves, has seen fit to put out a explaining what it is he’s up to with the shopfronts and libraries..

As with schools the plan is to have less facilities out in the community and new supposedly bigger and better facilities in central locations.

When the Romans withdrew the legions from Britain the justifications were similar.

In some consolation to those who use the civic shopfront the new civic library will have a counter offering some of the services.

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35 Responses to
The new direction of shopfronts and libraries
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bonfire 1:49 pm 30 Oct 06

putting lightrail in canberra as a mass transit public tranport system would be a sound and logical project – it woudl ease road congestion, reduce parking problems, reduce the amount of familys who NEED 2 cars, allow planner and developers to build high and medium density residential buildings where they would not cause road and parking problems, and be impervious to fuel price spikes in budgetary forecasts.

Crunching numbers based on ‘cost’ does not always reflect the long term benefits.

action buses with their restrictive load capacity and unattractiveness to commuters, do not currently and will never offer a viable mass transit system to canberrans.

seepi 1:36 pm 30 Oct 06

I thought you traded it for the Tharwa Bridge?

VYBerlinaV8 1:33 pm 30 Oct 06

And where’s my fucking dragway?

youshould_knowthis 10:38 am 30 Oct 06

So evidently youshould_knowthis, you’re the one who doesn’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

Geez, areaman, did you see the Canberra Times on Sunday? Its on the front page, in case you missed it.

Despite the fact you work in the LA somewhere, you’re obviously out of the loop – are you Karin McDonald?

Pandy 8:01 pm 28 Oct 06

Hargraeves the loud-mouthed drunk is a twat for displaying Government stinginess. Role on 2008 mate and I’ll vote you last.

The busway had a cost-benefit study done on it (I saw the tender documents advetised). Corbell either says the study is not finished; wont release it; or says he cannot find it: it depends what time of the month you ask him. Must mean that the study showed how up-the-shit the whole pet project was going to be.

Wasn’t Simon the twat who was going to build a cappucino light rail to Manuka back in 2001? Now he has V. Dunne doing his biding by wanting to light rail Canberra.

joeyjo 7:32 pm 28 Oct 06

This is terrible! The civic government shopfront is the only one I can easily get to. So much for that…


cranky 5:46 pm 28 Oct 06


Maybe gagging the Coroner was not a hippie, feel- good social engineering project, but it was classic Sonic.

He has the tendency to support his mates, unfortunately without thinking through the perceived level of incompetence demonstrated by these mates. ESB officials, graffiti sprayers spring to mind.

Not sure the ACT ratepayers should be required to contribute a red cent towards the defence of these clots.

casalingo 3:02 pm 28 Oct 06

The decision to close the Griffith Library is just plain bad. Here we have a little oasis of decency and civilisation, a place of beauty and serenity, a functioning government service, and they want to stomp it out. Get real, Mr Hargreaves, people aren’t going to bus through sleazy interchanges to go to the libraries at Civic and Woden. If they get more “clients” its because bored public servants, people waiting for buses and other vagrants go in and out. Griffith Libary functions as a library, people go there to read, to hear stories, for the peace and quiet. Why destroy what, through good fortune more than good planning, has been created there. If the Stanhope government hadn’t squandered the property boom windfall it has received on mad schemes like the arboretum and a bloated ACT government service, it could afford to provide the basic, decent services that ratepayers expect. If the government needs savings, there are disfunctional public housing slums that should be sold off and redeveloped before they collapse into complete disrepair – not so far from the Griffith Library.

barking toad 4:55 pm 27 Oct 06

And, of course, the gay marriage project has surfaced again.

And wasn’t there a puffy chested press release put out in the last week or so that, among other things, mentioned setting up some new indigenous consulting body?

The hippies can’t help attacking the cat meat.

el 4:38 pm 27 Oct 06

at this point is it also worth thanking Save The Ridge?

Ari 4:33 pm 27 Oct 06

I didn’t call anything a “hippie, feel-good social engineering project”.

But bike lanes that no one uses cos they’re too dangerous for everyone involved come to mind when those words are used.

areaman 4:28 pm 27 Oct 06

… and how much was spent on the busway plans before the Govt finally realised it was in financial shit?

I think somewhere around $500,000 to $1,000,000 from memory was allocated, over a couple of years, I’m not sure how much was spent. That may have also been for planning on the Gungahlin bus lane, is that still going ahead?

areaman 4:24 pm 27 Oct 06

Areaman, how about the money spent trying to gag the coroner?

Wether you agree with that or not, I wouldn’t describe it as a hippie, feel-good social engineering project.

Ari 4:22 pm 27 Oct 06

… and how much was spent on the busway plans before the Govt finally realised it was in financial shit?

Ari 4:21 pm 27 Oct 06

Areaman, how about the money spent trying to gag the coroner?

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