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The new direction of shopfronts and libraries

By johnboy - 27 October 2006 35

As the public becomes aware of his closures, the Territory and Municipal Services Minister, John Hargreaves, has seen fit to put out a explaining what it is he’s up to with the shopfronts and libraries..

As with schools the plan is to have less facilities out in the community and new supposedly bigger and better facilities in central locations.

When the Romans withdrew the legions from Britain the justifications were similar.

In some consolation to those who use the civic shopfront the new civic library will have a counter offering some of the services.

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
The new direction of shopfronts and libraries
Thumper 3:09 pm 27 Oct 06

And it’s very nearly beer oclock…

Thumper 3:09 pm 27 Oct 06

Aboretum has been muted as cancelled but the removal of dirt from the GDE to the arboretum site would suggest otherwise.

The SIEVX memorial was not going to funded by the government.

The busway has already been a massive waste of money.

seepi 3:01 pm 27 Oct 06

I have heard the Arboretum is cancelled – but i have also heard it is only reduced from 12 million to 6 million in funding – anyone know for sure?
Also the SIEV-X memorial was not approved.

Last I heard the busway was on hold.

Absent Diane of the 2:58 pm 27 Oct 06

well they have approximately 68 minutes to duke it out before everyone stops caring and starts heading towards their various pubs and beer fridges to quench that well earned thirst. A thirst that could drive someone like me crazy, and that my friends is not a good sight -me running around like a headless chicken because I haven’t had my friday juice of life. (go areaman)

Thumper 2:55 pm 27 Oct 06



Round one?

Thumper 2:51 pm 27 Oct 06

I can feel a good ole shoot out about to occur.

In the Red corner, Areaman, weighing in with his rare comments to defend the Stanhope government.

And in the Blue corner, the new comer, youshould_knowthis, charging in and letting fly at the said government before getting aquainted with the people here on RA.

Ding, First round….

bonfire 2:44 pm 27 Oct 06

yeah – benchmark my rates against other jurisdictions PLEASE!

youshould_knowthis 2:38 pm 27 Oct 06

Are you f*&^ing kidding areaman?

SIEV-X memorial

Need I go on……….

Smackbang 2:36 pm 27 Oct 06

that’s just bizarre. dickson is only 4km away from civic, it states. as if that is somehow convenient! so when they close the civic shopfront all those civic workers who currently use it are supposed to make their way to dickson during their lunch hour?!

areaman 2:36 pm 27 Oct 06

But, despite the parlous state of govt finances, they’ll still find funds to throw on hippie, feel-good social engineering projects.

Bullshit, what programs?

youshould_knowthis 2:34 pm 27 Oct 06

Benchmarking against other states or places is absolute rubbish!!

The best thing about Canberra for a long time has been the fact that it is better than those other places we benchmark against.

And to say no-one is prepared to pay for it is crap – look at the increases in rates and taxes since Stanhope took over – we pay more every year, our rates are through the roof, and we keep getting less and less for it.

We are being royally screwed……

barking toad 2:34 pm 27 Oct 06

The bottom line is what all this is about.

The mayor and his cronies will be cutting back on paper clips too, not just services. More local taxes (in the guise of “levies”) and ongoing increases in all charges

There must have been a shit load of lunches and lobbying to retain the AAA credit rating.

But, despite the parlous state of govt finances, they’ll still find funds to throw on hippie, feel-good social engineering projects. They can’t help themselves.

Thumper 1:47 pm 27 Oct 06

“When the Romans withdrew the legions from Britain the justifications were similar”

And thus followed the Dark Ages.

Benchmarking against other jurisdictions is bullshit. It’s like the old argument everyone’s mum used to use, ‘If Johnny jumped off a cliff would you?’

simto 1:36 pm 27 Oct 06

Because the community will want everything. And they don’t want to pay anything for it.

Benchmarking is about making sure that people won’t be better off going somewhere else, not about giving the best service to your clients.

bonfire 1:30 pm 27 Oct 06

instead of benchmarking against other jurisdictions, why not ask the community in which the facilities reside what they need.

arrogant fucks.

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