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The Problem with the Canberra Liberals

By The View From Here - 12 October 2008 60

Now I’m sure that Zed Seselja and his cronies are genuinely nice people who, deep in their hearts, really believe that what they are doing is for the good of Canberra and the Canberra people in general. Of course, being Liberals doesn’t real mean that they are liberal in the true sense of the word, in fact, they are generally far from that and one only needs to look as far as Steve Pratt to realise this.

And yet, in this enlightened age of collective bargaining and new age music, they still cling to the freemarket will rule all policies and even more genuinely think that they can really do some good to the Stanhope ravaged communities that cringe in the windswept, barren and featureless suburbs such as Gungahlin, Lanyon and Dunlop. But, as much as Zed is young with a big goofy smile, and his party believe what they are doing is right, they seem, well, pretty wet and ineffectual to be brutally honest.

Indeed, if they were a 14 year old hockey playing girl you’d suggest that they need a few more footy seasons in them.

Quite a few years ago in a time now seemingly forgotten by many, a great fire ravaged this place. The fire itself was not unexpected, nor was the damage it caused given that it was roughly a kilometre high with a front as wide as Tasmania. And when the chief Minister Mr Stanhope stood up in front of all and sundry and declared that it was his fault he was widely applauded. Sadly, in the coming months, Mr Stanhope backed away faster than a alter boy from a priest from the comments he made and pretty soon it seemed that the fires where everyone’s fault. That is, except his.

And then came an election. An election that could have only been won by one party. And that was the Liberals, led then by Brendan Smyth, an annoying elf that one day woke up in the bottom of the garden to find he was supposed to be a leader. Of course, he faltered, Stanhope blustered and bullied and an unlosable election was lost. Not only that, the ineptness of the Liberal party at that time saw them actually lose ground and allow majority government for the first time ever in the ACT.

Sorry, what was that again? The ALP allowed Canberra to burn to the ground and the opposition lost votes? Ineffectual indeed, like throwing oysters at a charging rhino on speed.

Much soul searching followed with rumours flying left, right and centre, but mainly right. People quit and became loudmouthed but totally ineffectual independents, and leaders changing faster than Italian prime ministers. Indeed, for a while there was no opposition in the ACT given the state of the Liberals and that Deb Foskey, the Greens member was more worried about staying in her tax payer funded public house whilst carpeting everyone about global warming.

And in the meantime no-one noticed Mr Stanhope as he simply went about his ways totally unhindered and unencumbered by any political opposition. A statue of Al Grassby appeared amid much wailing, moaning and gnashing of teeth. Gas fired power stations suddenly were planned for every suburb, pot holes got larger, government enterprises went broke and dodgy looking deals happened.

And yet, still the opposition sat in stony silence like the giant rock moas on Easter island, not daring to make a move in case someone noticed them and asked what the hell they were actually there for. Except for Vicki Dunn, who can’t stop speaking.

And then there is this Moonie stuff? I mean, what the hell is an Australian politician doing cavorting around in Korea with someone who’s minor plans are world domination and major plans are probably not worth repeating. Is Zed serious when he remains steadfastly silent on the issue? Besides, weren’t we fighting these little blighters only 50 years ago for world domination? And if Zed is cosy with these guys does that mean we will be a sister city with some other Asian place that no-one has heard of or will ever visit? No thanks Mr Cultist, I want my Canberra free of bizarre cults and place names.

Having said that, I’m still sure that Zed is a really nice bloke with a big generous Christian heart. But this also worries me because, like 747 Kevin and John ‘Blokey Mateship’ Howard, will he push these views onto us, the community? I mean, I’m not adverse to being nice to people and I regularly give to charity but seriously, have these guys actually thought about the abortion issue rather than just follow the teachings of swarthy bearded Jew who went around annoying Romans?

There is so much to like about the current ACT Liberal party, but as yet I haven’t discovered it and so with two weeks to go before an election I am seriously in a quandary. Whether to emigrate to the UK or to New South Wales, except I’ve heard that New South Wales is even more a basket case than here.

I’ve heard that Wiltshire is nice in autumn.

What’s Your opinion?

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60 Responses to
The Problem with the Canberra Liberals
maryhow 7:53 pm 12 Oct 08

Ever noticed when you see Gary Kent (Liberal candidate for Molonglo) out at a shopping Centre, he has an enormous bodyguard with him that looks like Odd Job from the Bond movies. Didn’t know candidates needed protection. Maybe he is worried that Jim Murphy will sit on him.

tom-tom 7:47 pm 12 Oct 08

this post; just like the view from here’s last effort reeks of the motorists party

AussieGal83 7:43 pm 12 Oct 08

Politikos, its not as bad as the rhetoric coming out of the Motorist Party. They actually have the gall to say that they will do something about road congestion because it’ll help save the environment. Oh please.

politikos 7:32 pm 12 Oct 08

Most of this is irrelevant to me. The Libs lost my vote today when I read their crap about being green. Do they seriously think that someone who’s passionate about environmental issues is going to vote Liberal instead of Green – yeah right! As for me, I’m not going to vote for a party that’s spouting off green policies just because the polls show the greens are doing well. I want a conservative party to vote for, and the Libs ain’t that. I’d rather vote Green – at least I’d know what I was voting for! The Libs are just spineless.

Wahooti 7:01 pm 12 Oct 08

Val Jefferies is being bankrolled by Liberal piggybank Jim Murphy and is/was a Liberal ( If you really don’t want to vote for Lib/someone who’ll join with the Libs straight away keep looking.

Swaggie 6:42 pm 12 Oct 08

By nature I’m normally inclined to vote Liberal but I’m so disenchanted with this lot, the most ineffective bunch of infighting, squabbling, cheap points scoring “politicians” I’ve ever come across with an abject campaign that is all style no substance. I’ll be voting for Val Jefferies. He’s no media star but he will bring some common sense to an Assembly that’s increasingly lost tough with reality.

whistle 6:41 pm 12 Oct 08

Zed Instead

futto 6:41 pm 12 Oct 08

I want a government that is afraid of the electorate. In that way, unpopular decisions (hopefully) wouldn’t see the light of day, such as a one lane GDE, a power station on the middle of suburbia, and a lack of solid water solution after years of permanent water restrictions.

The current government is not afraid of me and although I don’t particularly like the Liberals, I will be voting for them, and I hope they remember that the electorate.

ARTistic-U 6:24 pm 12 Oct 08

Wahooti, yep, that too. There’s something very unlikeable about Standrape and also his off-sider, the ever so calm (on ABC radio anyway), Katy Part-time Gallagher.

I think the Canberra community are ready for a fresh face in Seselja, and also a fresh team in the Libs.

To the original poster of this thread, nice try in those 40002 paragraphs, but you can’t convince me. Mind is made up, but you go right ahead and vote for another four years of this Standope/Gallagher nightmare. It’ll be the longest nightmare I’ve ever had if the Labor fools get in again.

GO ZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

grundy 6:05 pm 12 Oct 08

I couldn’t stand reading that any further after the first paragraph, that was terrible.

Wahooti 6:01 pm 12 Oct 08

‘Stanhope’s smirky, smug grin’

Can’t say I’ve ever seen that one. Angry Face? Yes, every night on WIN.

ARTistic-U 5:58 pm 12 Oct 08

Zed? Goofy smile? I don’t think so. Take a look at Stanhope’s smirky, smug grin and Zed wins hands down in that department.

I’ll be voting Liberals – got the seven year itch with Standope and to tell you the truth, any alternative is better than him. Lies, empty promises and wasting taxpayers money on poopy artworks. Travelling along the embarrassing GDE each morning isn’t too good either.

He’s done his dash – time for a change.

Let’s give Zed Instead a go.

Wahooti 5:43 pm 12 Oct 08

This was the only line I disagreed with:

“There is so much to like about the current ACT Liberal party”

Wide Boy Jake 5:36 pm 12 Oct 08

What a load of crap.

LlamaFrog 5:25 pm 12 Oct 08

good to see Labor posting crap with usual bias.

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