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The rains have failed again

By johnboy - 31 August 2006 44

The Canberra Times informs us that unless September makes with the rain we’re going back into water restrictions.

Because bossing people around is so much more fun than sane water pricing.

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44 Responses to
The rains have failed again
Absent Diane 2:51 pm 31 Aug 06

here’s a solution – population cull. Then i can have three showers a day.

or we could shift canberra to somewhere, where there is more water but little population and offer everyone $5000 for doing so. You know what, that is pure genius.

ok i’ll shut up.

barking toad 2:44 pm 31 Aug 06

But arsey, if we don’t have plants who’s going to convert all that bad carbon dioxide into oxygen and stop global warming and polar bears drowning and seas rising to flood burley griffin?

arsey 2:35 pm 31 Aug 06

James-T-Kirk, you are the sort of person that drives me nuts!!!!

Why are you dumping my drinkable water straight into the dirt?? It is insane. Gardens and lawn are the most useless items this society has ever dreamed up.

I think they should either ban gardens or heres a better solution, how about having a separate meter just for garden taps, that way idiots with water guzzling gardens and lawns can be charged at the higher price they deserve to pay for wasting our limited drinking supply.

Thumper 1:00 pm 31 Aug 06

I still maintain that the ACT government are not serious about this issue one iota.

If they were they would make it mandatory for all new houses and buildings, whether residential or industrial, to have water tanks.

And for those that have not got them now they should provide massive subsidies so that they can afford to put a water tank in.

smokey2 12:53 pm 31 Aug 06

Water pricing is like the price of petrol – increase the price and demand will fall a little bit. Until the move North I spent 3 years working for the local water authority. I noticed people with large water usage fell into several categories, ie large garden, swimming pool or spa, teenage daughters or disabled (incontinent) children. Teenage daughters were probably the most significant users of water. Large rural residential households with a large garden, swimming pool and teenage girls were the worst combination. Pricing will probably not make much difference nor will the supply of class A recycled water to such households. Which backyard in the ACT are we you going to build the dam in for when it does rain?

S4anta 12:47 pm 31 Aug 06


The point of this excercise is water CONSERVATION. Building one, two or three dams is hardly going to encourage the idiots who whinge about these initiatives to think carefully about where their used, unwanted water goes, and how best to use it, rather than piss it down a drain now is it?

Big Al 12:42 pm 31 Aug 06

JTK asks whether or not the Snowy Scheme would be built today?

Possibly not. Back then Australia decided to invest heavily in agriculture – because after all, all that knowledge economy stuff was best left to the people who really understood that stuff – like the English. Agriculture needs water and that’s why the Snowy Scheme delivers a tad over 90% of all the water it captures to irrigators.

Today of course instead of relying on agrarian socialism to deliver or veges and fresh fruit we’d be importing our produce from places that grow it better, cheaper and more efficiently than us and our economy would have grown in other ways …

Chris S 12:30 pm 31 Aug 06

Or water the garden, JTK.

Thumper 12:08 pm 31 Aug 06


Knowing your line of work, I think I have a good idea where those documents came from so I also think I can say that they are probably correct.

James-T-Kirk 12:07 pm 31 Aug 06

Clearly, we all have to hold it in, and only go to the loo at work.

During *non core* time

Maelinar 12:04 pm 31 Aug 06

I have an interesting document on my desk that details water consumption in Australia (these figures are unverifiable by me Areaman so you’ll just have to put up with them):

Loo : 29%
Shower : 20%
Washing Machine : 19%
Kitchen Sink : 15%
Sinks : 13%
Dishwasher : 2%

So these restrictions are aimed at a 2% water consumption rate ?

The usefulness and outcomes of these restrictions beggars disbelief if the stats I have at hand are accurate.

James-T-Kirk 12:04 pm 31 Aug 06

Thumper, I agree with your statement. When it’s Odds and Evens, I *increase* my watering to every second day. I use a computer timer, and water every *third* day. With Ods and Evens, it would be illegal for me to water every third day, so I change it to every second day.


Why don’t they just build another dam and be done with it. If we had telephone or electricity infrastructure that was in the same state as the water infrastructure, there would be hell to pay.

More people = increased water demands. It does not equal reduce demand because we dont have the guts to build more water storage.

Bloody dumb guvmits. Would Australia have built the snowy scheme today? Or would we have not bothered about it, because it was *politically sensitive*

barking toad 11:50 am 31 Aug 06

And with the introduction of restrictions to watering on the odds/evens system people will religiously get out and water every second day because that’s when they’re allowed to.

Without the restrictions they’d probably just give the garden a good soaking once a week even if there was no rain.

Thumper 11:43 am 31 Aug 06

We are not in a drought.

Australia does not have droughts. Long dry periods are the normal state of affairs.

Australia has occasional wet periods in between long dry periods.

Call them antidroughts if you like.

When people and governments realise and acknowledge this then we will have a decent start to water conservation and use.

smokey2 11:41 am 31 Aug 06

What a big surprise the winter rains have not arrived!
We are in the worst drought and fire season in living memory along the East coast of Australia and people in Canberra are worried about the price of H2O.

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