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The return of CrazyChester

johnboy 12 October 2006 137

She’s back! CrazyChester is back!

We’ve all missed the raving nutbaggery but today she’s left the following bizarre and cryptic comment.

“I’ve already got them, S4anta, but thanks for the encouragement.

So JB, I’m wondering if I show you up to be the jerk you are, will you and your fellow RA members who have put shit on me (and I just know some of you are ACT ALP hacks) be offering me a public apology? Or don’t you like eating crow shithead?

I know it’s so unlikely given I’m stark raving mad according to all you experts. You no doubt got your psychiatry qualifications from the same place as CIT’s student counsellors, I guess. That would be the student counselling service that have been producing and desseminating fraudulent medical information about me and which I’ve asked to have the Police investigate.

Now given this apparently happened with the then Education Minister’s approval (I did ask you to look into it Katy but I guess you couldn’t be bothered) and given she is now Health Minister, how’s everybody feeling about the confidentiality of their medical records?

I’ve asked for an explanation but not even the Chief Minister will deign to reply. Cat got your tongue, Jon? As I’ve breached the Protection Order about half a dozen times since Sunday night including going to a CIT teacher’s home, I would have thought I might have had a visit from the Police by now. Especially as I’ve gone out of my way to make sure they know the Order has been breached. But it’s no speakies.

Game. Set. Match. Pricks.

Comment by crazychester — October 12, 2006 @ 12:34 pm

As usual I have no idea what she’s talking about, or why anyone owes her anything. It’s nice she thinks she’s won… whatever it is she’s won.

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137 Responses to The return of CrazyChester
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Ari Ari 9:36 am 09 Nov 06

All the XXXX … and the linedancing with Evil’s mum.

Danman Danman 9:12 am 09 Nov 06

Welcome to Thursday everyone.
JB whats the record for most comments on a story – surely some of CC’s stories have to be up there.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 9:03 am 09 Nov 06

its all the XXXX i drink.

Thumper Thumper 8:56 am 09 Nov 06

We are all obviously ALP lackeys, just read the comments…

Except for AD, of course. Bloody redneck conservative!


Jey Jey 8:47 am 09 Nov 06

Why are you insistent that RiotACT is evidence of the Government’s failings CC?
RiotACT has nothing to do with the Gov. Shouldn’t the fact that we bag the ACT Gov out just as much as the opposition illustrate this???

Maelinar Maelinar 2:24 pm 08 Nov 06

Tagline anything in this thread.

Subject for next podcast: CrazyChester

My personal pick is
This is Riotact.

Nobody Loves you, Everybody Hates You, You shoud go and eat worms. Comment by simto — November 7, 2006

ozmreeee ozmreeee 1:09 pm 08 Nov 06

Wow – I really need to get out more … well come into RA more frequently. This is actually my first CC experience.

CC, you rock! Great entertainment – and I’m sure eventually I’ll actually be able to comprehend some of what you are saying. I will persevere!

RandomGit RandomGit 12:32 pm 08 Nov 06

CC frothed:
Add to that the fact not a single one of my allegations or complaints has even been addressed (most were not even acknowledged),

Remember that comment you made about not needing any documents to back yourself up? In fact you do need them, you need evidence to back any allegation or complaint, or else you WILL be marginalised as a loony, that’s as due a process as anyone can expect.

el el 11:50 am 08 Nov 06

My position is very simple. I expect government to be transparent and accountable

Ah, I see – *that’s* your problem right there.

Good luck with that.

bonfire bonfire 11:05 am 08 Nov 06

how exactly is this stanhopes fault ?

he wouldnt know you from a bar of soap crazy.

simto simto 9:29 am 08 Nov 06

… But it does include her assertation that Chief Justice Higgins is a good bloke. So that might get the judiciary onside.

crazychester crazychester 9:29 am 08 Nov 06

No I’m afraid I wasn’t sectioned as a loony. Quite the contrary, actually. But don’t let that tax your tiny mind, bonfire.

As for the rambling nature of it all, you’ll have to take that up with CIT and Stanhope et al as that is entirely their doing and readily explained by the complete absence of any formal process from start to finish. Which is why the circumstances are so difficult to explain in terms of what would normally be regarded as due process.

Add to that the fact not a single one of my allegations or complaints has even been addressed (most were not even acknowledged), let alone disproven, by the arrogant staff of CIT or Ministers Gallagher or Barr, plus the refusal to supply vast amounts of information which anyone with more than half a brain would know I’m entitled to, and the complexity of the matter shouldn’t exactly come as great surprise.

My position is very simple. I expect government to be transparent and accountable but the best this lot has been able to produce is an endless wall of silence behind which lies nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

bonfire bonfire 9:14 am 08 Nov 06

im not sure exactly how producing these threads in court is going to be the TADA moment you imagine crazy.

YOU logged on and created an account.
YOU have provided all the info we ave on YOU.
YOU boast about breaking the law.
YOU foretell of criminal activities.
YOU admit to being sectioned as a loony.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 9:06 am 08 Nov 06

dot points.

simto simto 9:01 am 08 Nov 06

We’re also not affiliated with the ACT Government, the CIT or, indeed, with any other agency that you may or may not have a justified agrievement with.

My main problem is that, for someone who claims to be a media student, I cannot understand what on earth you are talking about. There’s such a mishmash of incoherent gabble in your voluminous posts that, apart from getting a general sense that you’re very grumpy with a fair range of people and have been hauled in for psychiatric assessment a couple of times, I still couldn’t say for the life of me what the hell it is that you’re banging on about.

If you can put your argument in five coherent, short sentances, it’d help both your reputation and our understanding.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 8:58 am 08 Nov 06

**falls off chair laughing**

good one LG!
**wipes tears from eyes**

LurkerGal LurkerGal 8:53 am 08 Nov 06

CC, you do know we aren’t the government, and that Johnboy isn’t actually Jon Stanhope, don’t you?

CouldExpire CouldExpire 8:30 am 08 Nov 06

Well perhaps if you behaved a little less erratic and more normally, the close of your account wouldnt be suggested!

crazychester crazychester 8:24 am 08 Nov 06

LOL Oh dear god, what a bunch of supercillious pricks.

Censorship? Yeah, that sounds like the ACT to me.

Thumper Thumper 8:13 am 08 Nov 06


It’s time to close this one down. Not only do I have no idea about what she’s on about, but all this rambling and ranting is probably only going to hurt her in the long run.

Close the account. Let’s not let her stuff up her life anymore.

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