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The RiotACT guide to singleton survival – Episode 1: Tools

By johnboy 18 December 2006 35

With many of our younger readers heading off into the world to fend for themselves for the first time we thought this would be a good time to take you through the things you need to know if you’re going to stave off scurvy and impress people you’d like to sleep with, all with a minimum of cost and time spent cleaning.

First up you’re going to need tools in the kitchen. If you’re lucky your parents will give you a few hundred dollars for this purpose. You don’t need that much.

All you really need is:

1 decent sized knife
1 frypan
1 big pot (you can possibly get by with just the one wok in place of a frypan and a pot but it starts getting tricky if you want pasta or rice with your meal)
1 pair of tongs
1 stirring stick with a flat bottom
1 chopping board (not pictured)

There you go, anything else is wasteful frippery which will encumber you when moving and be a pain to clean.

Now take the money you saved, head down to the pub, and use it to buy a counter meal for yourself and free drinks for someone you’d like to have sex with.

More to follow…

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The RiotACT guide to singleton survival – Episode 1: Tools
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Mr_Shab 12:24 pm 20 Dec 06

You’re assuming that the ex-chefs eat differently to you at home. We probably don’t. Anyway, most of us have some guilty pleasures that would never see the light of day in a restaurant in a million years.

Absent Diane 11:51 am 20 Dec 06

I have invented some awesome recipes, which I would like to send in and share with the world… but too be honest am afraid of attracting the ire of the chef/exchef’seses that hang out in these parts.

johnboy 11:26 am 20 Dec 06

If you’ve got something you’d like added for this series best to email it to

the better written and more complete the more likely to be published.

Indi 11:19 am 20 Dec 06

Episode 6 – does living with my mum at 35 have an effect on my social life?

simto 11:03 am 20 Dec 06

Episode 5- What’s wrong with living alone anyway?

Indi 11:01 am 20 Dec 06

Episodes 2,3,4 should be sub-headings with accompanying insight that provides the instruction necessary to deal with such ‘episodes’.

I foresee an RA guideline to house-sharing…

terubo 5:20 pm 19 Dec 06

There speaks the voice of experience, AD?

Absent Diane 5:00 pm 19 Dec 06

Episode 4 – How to shag your flatmate and not ruin your living arrangements. This one is easy. Don’t do it.

terubo 4:51 pm 19 Dec 06

Episode 3 – the highly vocal and sexually unrestrained flatmate…

Maelinar 4:28 pm 19 Dec 06

Episode 2 – the phantom flatmate..

simto 4:25 pm 19 Dec 06

Having said that – does JB want to write them all? Or would he rather a couple of other enhusiastic site members have a go at their own? (yes, I know there aren’t a whole heap of other enthusiastic site members willing to write decent copy, but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway…)

simto 4:19 pm 19 Dec 06

That’ll presumably be episode 2 or 3.

Or possibly 50. You never know how long these periodic guides are going to go…

Indi 4:14 pm 19 Dec 06

Can we consider a thread to compliment this one, along the lines of: ‘how to select a suitable flat mate?’

Mr_Shab 8:47 am 19 Dec 06

Mundials are made from the same steel as the more expensive German brands, but they just don’t have the immaculate finish of a Wusthof or a Henkels. Good knives for home, but in a professional environment their shortcomings would become more obvious.

A pro’s choice of knife is a fairly personal thing. My personal preference was Furi, which don’t hold an edge quite as well as a Wusthof, but are nice and light and easier to sharpen.

For use at home, putting a knife over a stone every week will just wear your knife out. Once a month is more than enough. A steel is essential, though.

BTW – if you say you’re trade, having some burn marks and cuts on your hands is usually proof enough.

Maelinar 8:35 am 19 Dec 06

p.s. the benefit of using Mundial is if you ever chip the blade, take it to King of Knives and they will replace it – they have a lifetime guarantee on them.

p.p.s. Tell them you’re trade when you buy the knifes and they’ll give you a discount (no actual proof required)

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