The Vikings Are Coming!

Ntp 11 July 2007 10

Not the Canberra Vikings but Vikings to Canberra. Yes after a 6 year absence the ABC tells us Denmark is soon to announce a new Ambassador to Australia and will reopen their embassy shortly after.

Personally I’d like to see the Danish embassy or trade commission sponsor some of our sporting teams. Who better to sponsor the Raiders or Vikings?

What other things in Canberra can you think of that would benefit from Danish input?

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10 Responses to The Vikings Are Coming!
Meconium Meconium 11:10 pm 19 Jul 07

I love my beer. Everyone thinks Carlsberg’s the most popular Danish beer, and it is around the world, but not in Denmark – Tuborg has that distinction. An interesting side note though is that Carlsberg, a successful brewer for the past couple of hundred years, sponsored the researcher who identified the species of lager yeast which differed from the usual ale yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae – the lager yeast was named Saccharomyces carlsbergensis.

As for Danish culture, there’s only two beer brands available in Canberra, Carlsberg and Tuborg, and the Tuborg we get here is brewed in New Zealand.

So bring a few cases of some of your country’s other good beers, will you, Ambassador?

Thumper Thumper 11:50 am 12 Jul 07


Or just stereotypical Viking with a brother called Olaf, or Igersol.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 11:47 am 12 Jul 07

they could put on schools teaching us how to conquest; they could call it “The Lief Ericsson School of Rape, Pillage, Eating Rotten Shark and Discovering Previously Unknown Continents Whilst Wearing Animals Furs Saturated In Urine Because Urine Kind of Preserves The Material and Back Then The Smell Wouldn’t Have Bothered Them as They Were Probably Used To It” – (TLESORPERSADPUCWWAFSIUBUKOPTMABTTSWHBTATWPUTI for short) – I am not actually sure if lief ericsson was exactly danish but he is the only famous viking I can think of except for King Harald – and I can’t really remember if he was danish or norwegian.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:28 am 12 Jul 07

Carl Nielsen wing for the School of Music.

S4anta S4anta 10:54 am 12 Jul 07
Ralph Ralph 10:44 am 12 Jul 07

And some Lego.

Maelinar Maelinar 8:23 am 12 Jul 07

More Womens Day articles about that tassie bird.

Thumper Thumper 8:09 am 12 Jul 07

A statue of Beowulf.

emd emd 8:12 pm 11 Jul 07

Love a word association game.
Danish… pastry!

I wonder if they’ll have an impact on the arts community? It’s the first thing I think of with Denmark.

They’d probably support another go at the civil union laws for same-sex couples, given they’ve been legal in Denmark for almost 20 years.

They might also like to get involved in the Steiner/Waldorf community here – I understand that this is a popular thing in Denmark.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 6:26 pm 11 Jul 07

Bacon – how to properly cure it.

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