The weirdest video in history? The Seekers in Canberra

johnboy 14 May 2009 37

[First filed: May 13, 2009 @ 10:29]

The mayhem of YouTube has thrown up this unforgettable gem posted by “vbvbvb088”.

It’s 1966 and Australia’s 50 million record selling Seekers are touring Canberra perched on the back seat of a big convertible car while “A world of our own” plays in the background.

I’m still bug-eyed.

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37 Responses to The weirdest video in history? The Seekers in Canberra
old canberran old canberran 6:23 pm 14 May 09

wishuwell said :

old canberran I once was lucky enough to do a service on the Bentley at the Kingston workshops in the 70’s.

I imagine it would have been a dream to work on. Great piece of machinery. I seem to rmember that Lord Casey preferred the Bently to a Rolls cos it was cheaper.

Sound Curator Sound Curator 5:00 pm 14 May 09

This footage is a segment from “The Seekers Down Under” made in 1966 – in colour for the overseas market. As well as the Canberra segment the film shows The Seekers in various “colourful” locations including the Gold Coast, the Barossa Valley and taking part in the Moomba parade in Melbourne.

You’ll be pleased to know it is preserved in your National Film & Sound Archive – you can look it up in NFSA’s online catalogue under its title number 19527

CoffeeGeek CoffeeGeek 4:56 pm 14 May 09

This is a gold mine of all things Canberra. I found a pic of the Park Royal too:

Clown Killer Clown Killer 10:58 am 14 May 09

It must have been a standard thing for cars to leak oil back then.

There were probably a lot more British built cars on the roads back then that used cork seals. I only start to worry when my Land Rover STOPS dripping oil – means it’s time to lift the bonnet and top up the levels.

Very Busy Very Busy 10:08 am 14 May 09

It appears that the second house shown towards the end of the clip is 81 Mugga Way. Using street view the house is still very original and the carport at the top of the block still stands. The house next door has changed significantly though.

It’s interesting to note the thick black oil stains along the road outside the legislative assembly building. It must have been a standard thing for cars to leak oil back then.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 10:01 am 14 May 09

Everyone seems to have been behaving themselves on the roads back then – Canberra’s bad drivers had obviously not moved here from Melbourne and Sydney yet.

That VW though, unless there were a lot of cream ones on the road back then, looks like it might have been following them.

Steady Eddie Steady Eddie 9:51 am 14 May 09

Don’t bother trying to get this on DVD. The pic shakes so much as to be unwatchable.

wishuwell wishuwell 9:36 am 14 May 09

old canberran I once was lucky enough to do a service on the Bentley at the Kingston workshops in the 70’s.

wishuwell wishuwell 9:25 am 14 May 09

If the sound track for Canberra 1966 was ‘A world of our own’ then the 2009 sound track could only be ‘The carnival is over’.

old canberran old canberran 3:23 am 14 May 09

Ah! Those were the good old days when you could leave your car unlocked at the Watson shops while you had a haircut or visited the doctor.
The bus in the final frames is one of Quodlings Queanbeyan buses and it was perfectly legal to park where the VW is in those days.
The Bently at Parliament House is the Governor General’s car and yes, I think that is Holt standing on the steps. He was PM in 66.
I reckon the street in the tail end is definitely in Red Hill somewhere as there is a big house with a flag. Possibly La Perouse Street or Golden Grove. Just guessing here.

Great video JB, good find.

YapYapYap YapYapYap 2:35 am 14 May 09

Love this – apart from the Seekers. That looks like Monaro Cres in Red Hill. The car is a 1965 Pontiac Parrisienne. I used to see it regularly in the (then) outer-north i.e. Downer/Watson around that time – and I recall it doing wedding duty at the ‘church’ at the Rosary School in Watson one weekend. My dad worked in South Building a few years after this was shot, as did I more recently. On that theme, my mum and her dad both worked in the old Jolimont building, in Mum’s case in Civic, and in Grandad’s case at Jolimont in Melbourne – they moved the thing here in the mid-sixties and it went from being a Vic Rail building to the Civic Police Station, and later the Super Board building. Old Canberran will recall the thing catching light one day – corresponding with the visit of the Queen/Pope/LBJ – I can’t recall exactly who.

OOps, a bit off subject

sexynotsmart sexynotsmart 8:34 pm 13 May 09

Just fabulous, darling!

I swear the same VW Beetle was illegally parked outside the Legislative Assembly today.

And it’s been a while since I’ve seen a WEST German flag.

Also, I didn’t think Ms Durham was such a hussy. I saw BOTH her knees in the gratuitous shot as she made herself VERY comfortable on the backseat. I mean these days, that’s what Canberra is famous for. Until now I never realised that “The Seekers” started the Canberra pornography industry.

Skidd Marx Skidd Marx 6:31 pm 13 May 09

I can confirm that that film clip is greatly enhanced on grass.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 6:11 pm 13 May 09

What a boring looking city!

Where did you say it was again?

Gobbo Gobbo 5:10 pm 13 May 09

Hercsie said :

Was that Harlold Holt on the steps of (old) Parliament House?

Has to be. They obviously met him as that was the PM’s car leaving.

Well spotted.

Hercsie Hercsie 4:34 pm 13 May 09

Was that Harlold Holt on the steps of (old) Parliament House?

wonsworld wonsworld 3:36 pm 13 May 09

johnboy said :

Saccharine and reliant on foreign writers for hits?

Saccharine? I would argue that they were more light 1960’s folk music but your second point is possibly very true. Given that a majority of Australian artists from the 60’s relied heavily on immigration (or at least was developed from immigrants).

Max Merritt, Mike Rudd, Dinah Lee, Ray Columbus, Bruno Lawrence – NZ

Billy Thorpe (& Tony Barber an original Aztec), Olivia Newton-John, the Twilights (Glenn Shorrock & Terry Britten, Mike Sykes and Clem “Paddy” McCartney), John(ny) Farnham, The Easybeats (Stevie Wright, Snowy Fleet, George Young) – UK

Easybeats (Harry Vanda, Dick Diamonde) and Johnny Young – NETHERLANDS,

Gary Young from Daddy Cool was from the USA

and it goes on….

BUT it was a GREAT clip.

Bells Bells 3:16 pm 13 May 09

Thumper said :

Come to think of it, I actually hate them more after seeing that…

Sadly I can’t hate them. When I want to feel sad and sentimental about happpier times with my parents, I call on the Seekers. Pathetic isn’t it?

GardeningGirl GardeningGirl 2:47 pm 13 May 09

That was fantastic! I saw The Seekers with Louisa Wisseling at the Canberra Theatre in the 70’s and with Judith Durham at the convention centre theatre in the 90’s.

Hercsie said :

I remember driving past the old parkroyal at night as a little tacker in the back of dads xp falcon and marvelling at the mutilple fountains in front of the hotel – they were all lit by different colour lights.

I remember the trip home from the Starlight Drive-in, and insisting on being woken so I wouldn’t miss the Parkroyal fountains 🙂

piperdoon piperdoon 2:24 pm 13 May 09

hmm, that didn’t work too well 🙁

– type in ACT legislative assembly for location.

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