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Amanda Whitley 9 March 2011



Just what is so wrong about living in this big country town we call home?

People always talk about how Canberra is a big country town and how there’s only two degrees of separation between you and any stranger you see on the street here. And they say that like it’s a bad thing…

But on the whole, living in a place where people remember your name is actually a pretty nice thing. It’s like all of Canberra is a pub named Cheers.

Knowing your coffee guy remembers you take skim and two sugars after an eight month absence from his espresso counter; having the King O’Malleys bouncer greet you by name (this may or may not be a good thing); getting a discount from your local shoeman…

The thing is, it’s all these little things that make you feel at home. It’s knowing that you have a place in the world and you’re missed when you’re not around. And it’s the little conveniences that these almost-relationships provide you with that make you feel connected to your local community.

Read the whole article and weigh in. Is Canberra’s ‘small town feel’ a blessing or a curse?


Fashion mavens the world over have proclaimed Autumn/Winter 2011 the season of brown.

They are in a state of bliss at the emergence of the palette of brown and camel and beige and throwing around adjectives like “rich, versatile and exciting.”

Personally, I’m a little stumped by it. But you cannot escape the earthy tones this winter. All the major fashion brands have launched their Winter 2011 campaigns and most have chosen not to favour black or grey this season.

But how do you wear it? The secret to wearing brown successfully is accessorising and not feeling as though it won’t match anything. Canberra stylist Jenny Kozlow shows us how.

Read the full article and see examples of how to wear it wearing items you can find without leaving Canberra.


Andrew Haskins is something of a Canberra foodie institution. About a decade ago, he transformed the then-lonely Griffith shops into a dining destination with his restaurant Fig, followed that up with the wonderful PodFood in Pialligo, and has now turned his Midas touch to a new venture, 3 seeds.

3seeds is, as the titles suggests, made up of three components: a cooking school, a gourmet store and canteen.

With Australia still riding the crest of a MasterChef-inspired passion for cooking, 3seeds teaches technique to underpin the enthusiasm. The classes cater for all skill levels and lesson themes range from Italian to Thai to BBQ to Seafood, to name but a few.

By day, the canteen is a relaxed, casual and stylish experience which gives diners the option of eating in or taking away. The office workers of Majura Park beat a path to 3seeds’ door on a daily basis to enjoy delicious, well-priced fare which is a far cry from the Quarter Pounders served up at the Maccas next door.

The third ‘seed’ is the gourmet store. In addition to boasting a well stocked larder of boutique goods and condiments, it has a range of ‘gourmet-to-go’ pre-prepared meal options. You can choose from components to supplement a dinner or the full dinner party.

Get more of the lowdown on the delicious 3seeds and read the full article.


She’s one of those women who wears a multitide of hats seemingly effortlessly. Blogger, television presenter, author, “social commentator”, mother…it’s hard to pin Mia Freedman down to just one title.

When we talk to her, though, she has her author hat firmly on, and chats happily about her new book, Mia Culpa: Confessions from the Watercooler of Life. It’s a light and entertaining read that covers everything from body image to motherhood to ageing to dating to modern technology.

Seemingly diverse issues, but Mia skillfully wends her way from one topic to the other, in a style reminiscent of the meandering patterns of female conversation.

Described by her publisher as “funny, moving and just like one wonderful dinner-party conversation,” the book is based on some of Mia’s favourite columns; reshaped and given new life in a book format.

As the dust jacket proclaims, “Mia has a knack for putting into words the dilemmas, delights and dramas of women everywhere.”

Get more of our review and interview with Mia by reading the full article.


It may not compare with floods and cyclones in terms of disasters, but limp hair is a serious matter. Take it from someone whose product-free hair rivals only The Beatles’ in the mop stakes.

Lucky then, that there’s now a product that delivers instant oomph…and it’s as easy as ‘shake and style’.

Schwarzkopf Osis “Dust It” is an absolute revelation for those of us who resent the time they spend under the blowdryer. Simply section your hair where you want extra oomph, and shake the powder on right at the roots.

Once it’s applied, simply get in there with your fingers, fluff it up and style as desired! It’s also great for when you want to put your hair up and achieve some volume at the crown. Genius stuff…

Read more and find out where to grab your new must-have “Dust It”.

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