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johnboy 10 July 2013 12

This just in from our friends at the ABC apropos Friday night:


We have a half hour special on homelessness this week.

1. FIRST PERSON – one man’s story of life on the streets – and his redemption through the love of the woman who became his wife and the mother of his young daughter.

2. FRONT LINE – One street worker introduces Chris Kimball to three men who have nowhere to live. They all open up to him about their lives – and their need for respect as much as a roof.

3. THE SERVICES – What’s available – money is being cut from a number of services – whilst new kid on the block Common Ground – is getting new funding.

4. SOLUTIONS – Andrew Penfold puts his mind and heart towards some big picture solutions. (CEO of the Indigenous Education Foundation)

Stunning pictures by our cameraman Greg Nelson

Music “Song for Viola” by Peter Bradley Adams

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12 Responses to This week on 7.30 ACT
HiddenDragon HiddenDragon 11:32 am 15 Jul 13

As I read this story:

and particularly “Territory and Municipal Services recently undertook a comprehensive audit of street trees in Dunlop which identified those that require maintenance works as well as vacant sites for street tree planting” – I thought how good it would be if we cared as much about our invisible people as we apparently do about our trees.

Thumper Thumper 8:26 am 15 Jul 13

Homeless people are some of the most vunerable people in our society. Generally unemployed, lacking self esteem, mental problems, lack of direction and self respect due to a number of causes, they are, or become, pretty much invisible which allows governments to ignore the problem.

Apparently the ACT ticked off on all it’s homeless KPIs not long ago and then had the temerity to congratulate itself for doing such a wonderful job.

Have a look outside and tell me we are doing a good job. True, there are no easy solutions but there are a great deal of simple things that could be done to alliviate the problem. Nothing against public art but one skywhale, penis owl, LSD goldfish or pile of rubble on the GDE could make a hell of a difference.

As a modern society we should hang our heads in shame that there are people out on the streets in the middle of a Canberra winter.

Madam Cholet Madam Cholet 5:52 pm 14 Jul 13

I made a point of watching this too. Like one of the people interviewed said, many people might be one or two y packets away from that situation. It makes you thank your lucky stars and feel totally helpless at the same time.

One of the people who runs one of the aid organisations had to cut 750k from her budget this year – that sounds like a few pieces of street art and a Sky Whale to me. It’s not much money for a government to fund, but a lot for a not for profit to either find elsewhere or cut.

Brianna Brianna 5:16 pm 14 Jul 13

Masquara said :

If the government tightened up ACT Housing and got rid of the housing cheats, that would free up hundreds of dwellings straight away.

Agreed but I think the housing department has to jump through a lot of legal hoops to start getting tenants out.

fabforty fabforty 5:06 pm 14 Jul 13

Thanks IrishPete and HiddenDragon for the links. I just watched it.

Not sure there is an easy solution but at least there are some people working on it. The funding issue is a disgrace, though.

Masquara Masquara 2:42 pm 14 Jul 13

If the government tightened up ACT Housing and got rid of the housing cheats, that would free up hundreds of dwellings straight away.

Brianna Brianna 1:17 pm 14 Jul 13

Agreed. An excellent segment.

HiddenDragon HiddenDragon 11:57 am 14 Jul 13
IrishPete IrishPete 11:07 am 14 Jul 13
fabforty fabforty 10:04 am 14 Jul 13

Is this episode available on the net anywhere ? I have had a look but no joy.

Any links would be greatly appreciated.

c_c™ c_c™ 11:58 pm 13 Jul 13

Some superb work by the 7.30 ACT team this week, quality journalism and great production values. I think it actually showed up the national program, which in recent months has been adopting all the hallmarks of a tabloid (ham music, fast crop shots, yuck). Very good.

HiddenDragon HiddenDragon 11:42 pm 13 Jul 13

This was one of the best and most moving efforts I have seen in a long time from the ACT 7.30 team – congratulations to all involved. I hope every MLA (not just the one who was interviewed) watches and reflects, very carefully, on their priorities.

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