Three month Dickson project to revitalise Woolley Street

Lachlan Roberts 5 September 2019 23

An entry gate, designed by Jodie Cunningham, at the southern entry to Woolley Street is part of the project. Photo: Lachlan Roberts.

A large gateway entry sign, picnic tables, play equipment, a public alfresco dining area, improved parking along with an array of events and activities will spice up Dickson over the next three months as part of the City Renewal Authority’s trial to revitalise Woolley Street.

Developed as part of the Dickson Place Plan, the Woolley St. Project will trial improvements to the accessibility and amenity of the public spaces in Dickson’s dining district.

Phase one of the project will see the construction of a decorative entry gate at the southern entry to Woolley Street, picnic tables, a temporary events pavilion and a long alfresco dining area for public use.

The project will see a stretch of parking bays converted into short-stay bays for convenient quick takeaway pickups and will also trial modifications to traffic flow and parking in the Dickson centre to alleviate the crowded and often logjammed street.

The initial stage, which is set to be completed by mid-October, will also install festoon lighting, cherry blossom trees, short-stay parklets and other interactive installations along the dining precinct.

This parking will be converted into short-stay parking spots. Photo: Lachlan Roberts.

From mid-October, the project will run an array of activities and events as the nights get warmer such as a community concert, martial arts demonstration, takeaway movie night, ping pong tournament, night markets, paper festival and bonsai workshop, culminating in a Great Woolley Street Banquet.

City Renewal Authority chief Malcolm Snow said the project, which is set to run until 10 November, will test a range of temporary improvements to public spaces along the street.

“The City Renewal Authority worked closely with the local community to create the Dickson Place Plan, a road map to strengthen and improve Dickson’s identity as the area continues to evolve and grow,” Mr Snow said.

“Some of the actions in the plan, developed in consultation with the community, included festivals, smaller events, public streetscape changes along Woolley Street, and public art.”

The City Renewal Authority's outline for the project. Image: Supplied.

The City Renewal Authority’s outline for the project. Image: Supplied.

Mr Snow said the Woolley Street Project will trial public space upgrades and activities to help inform more permanent long-term improvements.

“The activities and events have been designed to encourage both residents and visitors to explore and engage with local businesses,” he said. “The feedback from all our temporary projects will give us important information to inform the long-term renewal of the area.

“Together, we hope to create a better, brighter Dickson for people to work, live, play and experience, now and into the future.”

For more information, including a list of events, click here.

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23 Responses to Three month Dickson project to revitalise Woolley Street
Vindalu Vindalu 3:29 pm 13 Sep 19

The restaurants are too big, the rents too high and the streets should be closed. Small restaurants and bars, street hawkers, night markets, street performers et al, that’s the way to go. Provide some open air music to attract people and let’s live a little. Dickson is easy to get to for a lot of people, they just need a reason to go there.

Anita Zotti Anita Zotti 12:14 pm 08 Sep 19

I really don’t like these “temporary ideas “ to “renew “a place. Spend so much money on it, block the traffic, make so much mess in dickson at the moment. the gate and all the activities only last for a couple of month!!!! How about really do SOMETHING to this area! 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Mark Katalinic Mark Katalinic 4:44 pm 07 Sep 19

Well it wouldn't be a log jam if they put in adequate parking

Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 9:26 am 07 Sep 19

I guess Cooleman Court got the infamous Yellow Park

Tim Thornley Tim Thornley 10:43 pm 06 Sep 19

And all it really needs are some free parking spots.

Ashley Louise Ashley Louise 10:11 am 06 Sep 19

Tarsha Dimeski Bianca Baumer omg read this and look at the pictures!

Christa McCulloch-White Christa McCulloch-White 7:09 am 06 Sep 19

Can’t wait! Anything to improve the Dickson area is great 😁

Madi Brennan Madi Brennan 2:47 am 06 Sep 19

Judith Lawler the lights are gone!

    Judith Lawler Judith Lawler 6:59 am 07 Sep 19

    Madi yes they’ve been gone a little while 😢

meomi meomi 9:56 pm 05 Sep 19

It is about time for government to spend some money to improve the the look of the city. Look at our city, the quality of the open space is just shameful.

Jennifer Davis Jennifer Davis 9:31 pm 05 Sep 19

Luke Kay about time!!

gooterz gooterz 9:15 pm 05 Sep 19

China town used to be busy. Soon to be ghost town as rates and rents go up.
You don’t get the effort put in past the lake. Tuggeranong is merely buying votes and inner south is pollies spending on themselves.

Kieran May Kieran May 8:14 pm 05 Sep 19

Yet in Tuggeranong, a golden opportunity to create a vibrant dining zone was missed by creating on street parking. So now, diners can smell the fumes and soak up the noise from the passing and parking traffic. 🤔🤔

Grant Tobias Grant Tobias 7:52 pm 05 Sep 19

Oh surprise; more Inner North spending...

meomi meomi 7:51 pm 05 Sep 19

This is great! Canberra really needs to try some new ideas in the public space. Some ideas might fail, but still better than doing nothing to make a change. We are so tired of the relentless brick pavers and empty garden beds (is this really a garden city?)

Jason Duarte Jason Duarte 7:12 pm 05 Sep 19

Looks like less parking too...

Lucy Baker Lucy Baker 5:45 pm 05 Sep 19

Martial arts, ping pong and bonsai. Stereotype much?

Lucy Baker Lucy Baker 5:44 pm 05 Sep 19

Is this why parking in Dickson went from $2 to $3 an hour? Oh and that colourful gate is made of cloth over a scaffold and parts of it are already unravelling. Please, Andrew Barr, not another fiasco to rival the $1.5 million container centre built on the old Futsal slab!

Ed N Joanne Towner Ed N Joanne Towner 2:30 pm 05 Sep 19

What is with this Gateway Stuff!

jibril jibril 9:43 am 05 Sep 19

Cautiously positive, Woolley St has turned into a wasteland recently with a myriad of restaurants closing up. Hope the trial extends beyond 3 months and people won’t be too put off by the extra limitations on parking.

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