To buy a car in Canberra or not to buy….. Definitely not to buy!

avengerness 20 October 2010

What is it with car sales in Canberra being so exorbitantly expensive?

A simple search of displays how much we are getting ripped off, and yet the ACT dealers continue to tell us that they are offering great deals. To the extent where a recent attempt to purchase a car ended up in 8 months of searching and eventually a purchase at over $5000 cheaper in Sydney.

My search for a car started with car yards here but they blatantly lied about cheapest deals, admitting this to people I know that they wouldn’t bargain as there isn’t enough commission in it. Well, congratulations to a certain dealer who will remain unnamed, I just purchased else where as promised, as well as 7 other friends and you lost approximately $210,000 in sales between us over the past 3 months.

So, what are other people’s experiences buying cars in ACT? Are they honest? Did you get a good deal? Are you looking at Sydney? (so highly recommended!)

As a side note, funny as hell and goes to show what happens when you are a woman shopping for a car….. I was walking past the used car yards in Fyshwick and when I explained what I was after and budget I was told there was no way I would find that. When I told him, that did exist in a particular model and that price had been available in NSW but I hadn’t been quick enough he told me…. wait for it……

“I wouldn’t buy a car from Sydney anyway….. the cars sit in tunnels…. the tunnels make the rubber wear away quickly and you have to re-fit the car and then you have massive problems with the mechanics… due to all that pollution, in those tunnels…..”

Reminded me of Rabbits…. in China……

Applause to that man. What an idiot.

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