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Todd Carney’s open letter

By johnboy - 3 August 2008 53

Todd Carney has chosen to speak directly to you. This is the original of his open letter.

The text reads:

    “The purpose of this letter is to clarify some things to fans of the Canberra Raiders, Rugby League fans and the public in general.

    I feel I need to tell my side of the story regarding an incident at a Canberra pub on Sunday 20th July, after our win over the Roosters. It has been well documented that I was drunk and that an incident did occur in the toilets.

    I am extremely sorry for the incident which occurred, however I believe the details of that night have not been reported accurately. I was not running around (as some would have you believe) urinating on patrons in the bar. The person involved was drinking in our group and whilst yahooing in the toilets, things got out of hand. The line between good fun and inappropriate behaviour was crossed.

    It was not my intention to degrade or offend anyone and I have apologised to the fellow concerned. I am regretful of the incident and the ensuing media circus and am embarrassed at the unwanted focus on myself and the Club.

    Since this, I feel that ‘every man and his dog’ has a “Todd Carney” story. My primary school sweetheart has emailed the Club and the media about the time I pulled her piggy tails! Not really, but it feels like an old fashioned witch hunt.

    Look, I am not an angel – far from it. I am a 22-year-old; I love my footy and having a good time. I am the first to admit that I have had some issues off the field – just Google me! I am also very aware that I have had some problems when drinking alcohol. I do not have an alcohol problem in needing to drink all the time or anything like that; more a problem with not handling myself in a proper manner on occasion when on the drink. I am addressing this issue to avoid future incidents.

    Furthermore, whilst there have been some things I’m not proud off in the past, I don’t get around barking at women or deliberately trying to antagonise people, contrary to some media reports. I also try to do my bit with promos, autographs and appearances in the Community etc.

    In regard to the Canberra Raiders, I love the Club. I have played with them since I was 12 years old and recently knocked back a number of big money deals from other NRL clubs and overseas to sign a four year deal with the club. On the whole, the Club has been very supportive of me throughout my career and helping with issues in the past.

    However, I must say that I am disappointed with the way that this incident has been handled. I have read reports about my teammates having input into my punishment and I have not even been given the opportunity to address them or the coaching staff on my issues.

    I was not present or invited to discuss the allegations with the Board, I was just handed a punishment through my Manager.

    I am still committed to the Raiders, however I am appealing the process of these events in the hope that I can be back on the field in the lime green as soon as possible, if the Club allows it.

    If my actions have caused hurt or embarrassment to my fans, family and friends as well as the Club, I am truly sorry.

    Todd Carney

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53 Responses to
Todd Carney’s open letter
Danman 12:19 pm 03 Aug 08

Raiders – my advice to your management – once bitten…

If I was caught drink driving and evading authority whilst doing so – you could bet your arse I would be out of a job quick smart – and have prospects of any gubment employment smashed for life.

Pandy 12:04 pm 03 Aug 08

and whilst yahooing in the toilets, things got out of hand

or in his hand.

An admission of guilt. Hang him high.

spoonbill 11:59 am 03 Aug 08

This guy is incapable of moderating his behaviour, despite all the Raiders have done, and should be sacked. This is not an apology, this is merely a clarification to lessen the blame. It is a sad indictment of our society that he has people like Sammy supporting his this appalling behaviour.

Granny 11:45 am 03 Aug 08

Sammy said :

Think about this from a regular workplace point of view. An allegation is made against an employee, and then when the allegation faces scrutiny, it is withdrawn. The employee still faces severe punishment, without being given the opportunity to explain their side of the story. Doesn’t sound particularly fair.

Sammy, the allegation was obviously withdrawn as a favour by a forgiving person; not because it didn’t happen. Why else would Todd Carney have apologised to the guy?

From a regular workplace point of view? I reckon he’d be long since gone.

Joe Canberran 11:45 am 03 Aug 08

Banning someone from drinking does not teach responsible drinking habits – it if anything encourages binge drinking similarly to binge eating after fad starvation diets. Teach the lad about wine, some beer appreciation courses, etc so he learns how to enjoy a fine drop without getting sloshed and doing something stupid.

Thumper 11:42 am 03 Aug 08

Bear in mind that this is a culmination of bad behaviour, not an isolated incident.

johnboy 11:34 am 03 Aug 08

Peeing on a guys head is out of proportion?

Bear in mind he agreed to similar terms last year after the “on the run from the law” saga.

Agreed though they should have met with him during disciplinary proceedings.

Sammy 11:32 am 03 Aug 08

Let’s also examine the punishment proposed by the Raiders:

* Sit out the rest of the year:

Harsh given the Raiders current form, which could see them play in the finals.

* No alcohol until 2012:

This is draconian! Holy crap, four and a half years without any alcohol. Seriously, this is ridiculous.

* Undergo counselling sessions:

Not so unreasonable. I think most players could use some.

* Complete community service:

Probably unreasonable, if this whole thing has indeed been blown out of proportion.

* Pay a $20,000 fine:

Again, pretty unreasonable.

Joe Canberran 11:24 am 03 Aug 08

A lot of cynics out there and not without some cause but in an attempt of displaying fairness I’m going to take this on it’s face value.

Todd’s a nob when on the piss. He’s admitted as much. Some of my best mates have been nobs when on the piss, mostly when they were around Todd’s age. I’d like to think most of them are a lot smarter than Todd and none of them were in the national spotlight and as we know being in the national spotlight does not make you any smarter. Now most young men when on the piss have at least seen someone try to recreate the “don’t cross the streams!” scene from Ghostbusters or dueled lightsabers while at the urinal. It’s not a great leap it realize that drunken willie waving is fraught with danger and even I, the most mild tempered of individuals, have threatened to deck one of my mates if he didn’t start pointing his equipment back towards the wall.

I’m not saying that he has been harshly treated or anything (I couldn’t really give a rats as i don’t like league) but lets keep the incident in perspective.

Sammy 11:13 am 03 Aug 08

Think about this from a regular workplace point of view. An allegation is made against an employee, and then when the allegation faces scrutiny, it is withdrawn. The employee still faces severe punishment, without being given the opportunity to explain their side of the story. Doesn’t sound particularly fair.

johnboy 11:06 am 03 Aug 08

If they have announced disciplinary measures without hearing his side of the story I think you’ll find the Raiders could be in big trouble.

Whether they were able to contact him at a suitable time will be an issue though.

Thumper 11:04 am 03 Aug 08

So now he’s the victim?

I wonder who wrote it for him?

Duke 11:04 am 03 Aug 08

Quite right, Johnboy. At least he’s not having his regular CT newspaper columns ghost-written by a well known sports journo.

johnboy 10:58 am 03 Aug 08

I’d say Todd had some help.

But in the same situation even professional writers would be foolish not to do the same.

Duke 10:49 am 03 Aug 08

That Todd is quite the wordsmith – very eloquent indeed!

Note to Todd’s manager: Apologies sound more genuine if written by the accused, not his management, but nice PR job all the same.

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