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Truck convoy into Canberra – Monday 22 August-FYI

By JessP - 11 August 2011 277

I was sent this email this morning…..thought it wise to share with fellow rioters:

My husband works for Harden Shire Council and was advised by the RTA that a very large convoy of trucks will be converging on Canberra on Monday 22 August for a blockade.  He suggested I might pass this information on to you. 
The trucks are coming from as far afield as Perth, Adelaide, Mt Isa and other points in between.  At this stage the RTA do not know how many trucks will be involved but it is intended to be a blockade through the main streets of Canberra, converging on Parliament House.  We will be having one convoy staying overnight in Harden – probably double Harden’s population! 
There are a total of 9 convoys and below is some detail of the directions the trucks are coming from and the routes they will be taking: 

Departing from  Time Route Arriving Canberra
Hall 5.30am Most direct route allowable through Civic centre of town                                     6.00am
Murrumbateman 5.45am Gungahlin Dr/Tuggeranong Parkway/Cotter Rd/onto Adelaide Ave 6.45am
Yass 6.00am Northbourne Ave/Majura Rd/ Morsehead/Kings Ave                             7.15am
Goulburn 5.00am Majura rd/Morsehead/Kings Ave                                                                 6.30am
Coolac 6.30am Northbourne Ave/Majura Rd/ Morsehead/Kings ave 8.30am
Harden 6.00am Gungahlin Dr/Tuggeranong Parkway/Cotter Rd/onto Adelaide ave                                       8.00am
Cooma 5.30 Johnson Dr/Drakeford Dr/Tuggeranong Pway/Cotter/Adelaide Ave 7.30am

You might like to let your office colleagues know about this as it is going to stuff up the traffic big time and getting to work that morning could be very problematic.

This link was later sent to me which confirms the the email! 

See for details

Batten down the hatches – they are coming to town and they are not happy!!

What’s Your opinion?

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277 Responses to
Truck convoy into Canberra – Monday 22 August-FYI
patrick_keogh 6:08 pm 11 Aug 11

For those of you who want to “contribute” to the organisation of the convoy, here are the phone numbers:
Peter Whytcross 0427025591
Darryl Pederson 0418450641
Tony Hopkins 0419600560
Russ Martin 0428370098
Ken Wilkie 0427742554
Matt 0427 815 595
Janet 0417 815 595
Peter Baker 0407804089
Nigel Grivell 0408 107087
Noel Porter 0427285216
Rick Finning. 0428510101

I for one will be attempting to reassure myself that they only inconvenience politicians (who are in places other than Canberra mostly) rather than dinky die Ozzies (spit) such as myself (spit).

Jethro 6:05 pm 11 Aug 11

Does this mean we get the day off work?

Classified 6:04 pm 11 Aug 11

johnboy said :

I just love how they’ll spend more on diesel for this than a lifetime of carbon tax.

I guess it shows how cranky they are!

00davist 5:58 pm 11 Aug 11

Also, considering I have already been in the car over an hour by the time I hit the ACT, and the fact that I am in no way a mornings person, they had better not get in my way!

AFP or not, I will bring a trailer with enough damn ramps to divert all traffic up the gutter, and around them!

GottaLoveCanberra 5:56 pm 11 Aug 11

Hahaha awesome, the phone numbers for each convoy leader is listed on their website. Now I wonder where I can find the radio frequencies they’ll be operating on to create further chaos!

00davist 5:55 pm 11 Aug 11

Before we go for another Election, Can we please quietly swap Abott for somone else?

Lets face it, We wouldnt be in this position if he had not been the face of the opposition last election!
(I realise we would also not be in this mess if the current Govt. was able to do theire Job, but that might be asking a bit much of this crowd)

Turnbull, Hockey, A Gorilla, Hell bring back Howard, Just ditch Abott!!!

(Also, lets remember that Abott informed the independants he would do ANYTHING to get there support, so if he had got in, it would be no different, it would just be him forcing us to stomach the independants ideals.

Loose Abbot, Go to Vote, and get them by wthout the need to woo independant loonies!

amarooresident3 5:53 pm 11 Aug 11

johnboy said :

I just love how they’ll spend more on diesel for this than a lifetime of carbon tax.

Nah, the owner drivers will be able to claim the fuel rebate. Every other taxpayer will end up subsidising their right to protest. Socialism!!!1!

amarooresident3 5:49 pm 11 Aug 11

I wonder how many people will join the convoys? They are asking for a very big commitment from anyone who wants to particpate.

Oh, and check out the poetry. Banjo would be proud.

There is movement in Australia, the word has passed around,
A bob tailed truck is leaving Darwin NT on the 17th,
Canberra bound.
Now the truck will bolt from Katherine yards on the 18th of August 2011,
No doubt the mob will be joining him, on his journey down.

A progressive Convoy is what he has sent the message for far and wide,
The call will be answered without a moments hesitation from all who can drive.

So down your tools, put your leave notice in – for today we become part of Australian history together.

johnboy 5:49 pm 11 Aug 11

I just love how they’ll spend more on diesel for this than a lifetime of carbon tax.

alaninoz 5:45 pm 11 Aug 11

Holden Caulfield said :

Hmm, the flyer states: “Together we can force an Election!”

Not a chance! Labor will try and avoid one like the plague given the opinion polls, and the senate won’t make trouble either.

EvanJames 5:36 pm 11 Aug 11

Ah, is this The Hayseeds? Or a different group?

As you know, we are all politicians because we aer in Canberra, so stuffing us up will work.

I don’t like that timetable with the routes… Majura Road might get really nasty. It’s already pretty busy in the mornings (mega busy). Northbourne ditto. Glad to see there’s none coming in from the East. Maybe I better not give them ideas or the Goulburn mob will come in via Bung.

Holden Caulfield 5:21 pm 11 Aug 11

Trouble is if they pull it off it will gain attention. Certainly more than would be gained by speaking directly to their relevant MPs anyway.

Apart from that they can GAGF!

Hmm, the flyer states: “Together we can force an Election!”

Let’s see how they go with that one, haha.

Eppo 5:10 pm 11 Aug 11

Jerks. Why do they have to inconvenience a bunch of innocent people to try and make a point? Nothing could make me less interested in their position, despite whether they have a valid concern or not.

The site did mention the AFP will be escorting them, so hopefully there will be some form of order to it all.

tfl 4:43 pm 11 Aug 11

Oh well – there goes my Monday morning, I guess. Anyone have a free couch walking distance from ANU?

Also, thanks for the heads up!

Gershwin 4:27 pm 11 Aug 11

How nice. It’s a shame we had an election only last year and there won’t be another one simply because some people didn’t like the outcome.

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