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Twilight of the 6th Assembly – Chaos in the Labor ranks

By johnboy - 22 August 2008 24

Zed Seselja is making sure that no-one misses the disintegration of morale within the Government as the clock counts down to the final sitting day on 28 August.

Here’s Zed’s take on recent events:

    Today in relation to Mr Stanhope and Mrs Gallagher’s conduct as shareholders of Rhodium:

    Karin Macdonald attacks Jon Stanhope and Katy Gallagher’s performance as shareholder Ministers through the Public Accounts Committee.

    Jon Stanhope criticises the intelligence of members of the committee, says the committee is wrong and says he will get his own contrary legal advice.

    Today in relation to Labor staffing arrangements:

    Wayne Berry moves legislation to have Mary Porter’s husband removed from her staff.

    Jon Stanhope and other Labor MLAs join Wayne Berry to vote against Mary Porter and pass the legislation.

    Mary Porter hits back and says she will keep her staffing arrangements up until the election and refuses to comment on the merits of the legislation.

    Yesterday after Mr Stanhope’s disorderly conduct in the Chamber:

    Jon Stanhope ignores Wayne Berry’s attempts to restrain him from heckling and shouts over the top of him.
    Wayne Berry threw Jon Stanhope out of the parliament for three hours.

    Karin Macdonald, Mick Gentleman and Katy Gallagher who are in the chamber fail to call a division to protect Mr Stanhope from humiliation.

    And just not knowing what’s going on…

    Mick Gentleman stood in the Assembly and denied the Labor Party was running ads despite a radio ad already on air and featured on their own website.

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24 Responses to
Twilight of the 6th Assembly – Chaos in the Labor ranks
tom-tom 12:09 pm 22 Aug 08

yes you can use how to vote cards in act elections; you dont see them much because they cant hand them out within a certain distance of polling places. from memory this rule came into place from a lib/minor party deal early on in self govt.

back to topic; i dont think this weeks efforts are any sign of disunity in the labor ranks; who here couldn’t see zed putting on his media voice and whining about the arrogance of the stanhope govt. etc if they had called a division when stanhope got flicked? and am i to understand zed thinks having a govt mla NOT sit on a report which reflects badly on the govt. is a bad thing?

oh and how come no ones pointed out the irony of the libs accusing anyone else of disunity?

jakez 12:06 pm 22 Aug 08

I don’t think HTV’s are technically illegal, they are just useless. Firstly because we have Robson rotation so it would be confusing, secondly because you can’t campaign within 100m of a polling booth.

Thumper 11:56 am 22 Aug 08

If one were cynical, they would think exactly that.

johnboy 11:50 am 22 Aug 08

There are laws agin it Peter.

Mostly, one suspects, because how-to-votes were more use to minor parties under our electoral system.

Thumper 11:50 am 22 Aug 08

Ah, we’ll all have to run the gauntlet of candidates at local shopping centres soon.

peterh 11:48 am 22 Aug 08

Aurelius said :

How To Vote cards aren’t used at Territory elections
You’re pretty spot on otherwise.

considering the amount of tactics the ACT Govt are using from the fed election, particularly from the libs, it is only a matter of time….

poptop 11:42 am 22 Aug 08

I’ve already started receiving my election junk mail in deepest Brindabella. Candidates are threatening to telephone me for a bit of a chat before 18 October.

Someone is not advising them wisely, if they are taking this approach. =-/

barking toad 11:27 am 22 Aug 08

Pity we don’t have an effective opposition to make some hay while this bit of sun is shining.

But we may get some glee from the mayor getting his panties in a bunch over the next week.

mutley...again 11:24 am 22 Aug 08

Shame they didn’t put a little more effort into that. It really isn’t very well written for maximum impact.

Thumper 11:09 am 22 Aug 08

It would appear that Stanhope has lost his iron fist control and the natives are rebelling against his totalitarian ways.

Not all is well in the ACT labor party.

However, I wouldn’t be dancing on their graves yet. I still subscribe to a minority ALP government with the backing of the Greens.

Aurelius 11:05 am 22 Aug 08

How To Vote cards aren’t used at Territory elections
You’re pretty spot on otherwise.

peterh 10:50 am 22 Aug 08

anyone hear the ticking from 24?

not long now, junkmail will have an election flavor, won’t be able to go to the local shops without candidates hunting you down for a quick (1 hour) chat, the ads on tv, radio etc.

culminating in the how to vote flyers littering the ground outside the polling booth.

Skidbladnir 10:46 am 22 Aug 08

This is all Crazy Chester’s doing.

LG 10:46 am 22 Aug 08

And who says the Assembly isn’t a professional outfit?

G-Fresh 10:41 am 22 Aug 08

Go Stanhope! Harder.

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