UAP candidate’s sexist, racist Facebook rants revealed

Ian Bushnell 3 May 2019 47

The UAP’s Tony Hanley: Comments are ‘defendable’. File photo.

The United Australia Party candidate for Bean, Tony Hanley, is the latest would-be politician to be embroiled in controversy over offensive social media posts, with a Facebook account in his name making sexist and racist comments.
It also puts the spotlight on the Coalition’s preference deal with Clive Palmer’s UAP. The Liberal party has placed Mr Hanley second on its how to vote cards behind its candidate Ed Cocks.
Labor has placed Mr Hanley second last ahead of Mr Cocks.
The Facebook account has since been deleted but the posts deride gays and lesbians as the most horrible people ever, say the average taxi driver has five wives and 23 kids, who might be future terrorists, and suggests it’s time for a superbug to cull populations overseas.
The ABC reported the account also carried online posts referring to women and same-sex attracted women as “fem-nasties”, “dykes”, “big fat fugly chicks” and “Dolly Birds FEMBOTS”.
One post, in a response to an ABC story about a Saudi agricultural company buying farmland, stated: “Vote for selling our politicians off to the tea towel heads!”
The ABC said Mr Hanley had declined to be interviewed but said in texts that the posts were “defendable” and cited his record of good works in the Canberra community.
In a sign the UAP is in damage control, its candidate for Fenner, Glen Hodgson, has also pulled down his Facebook account.
The Liberal Party did not answer questions about the preference deal but noted Labor’s placement of UAP ahead of them in Bean.
“We don’t support these comments and are encouraging all Canberrans to vote Liberal,” the party said.
Labor condemned the preference deal and said it had put the UAP and the Liberals in unwinnable positions at the bottom of its how-to-vote card because it believed that both of these candidates should not represent Canberra in the Federal Parliament.
“Only the Liberals and Zed Seselja are doing deals with Clive Palmer and Tony Hanley in Canberra in a desperate attempt to hold onto power,” Labor said.

“Zed Seselja needs to explain to Canberrans why he has put this candidate in the number two position, directly after himself. Why is Zed and his Liberal candidates in Canberra asking Canberrans to vote for a man who is sprouting derogatory and racist views on social media?”

Greens candidate for Bean Johnathan Davis has also voiced his opinion on the issue, taking to Twitter to say, “In light of recent comments on social media, I urge Tony Hanley (@UnitedAusParty Can. for Bean) to consider his future, and for @ZedSeselja and the @CanberraLibs to remove him as their #2 on their [how-to-vote cards].”

The Liberal Party has now lost three candidates because of their social media posts, with Tasmanian Liberal candidate Jessica Whelan resigning today after being linked to Facebook posts containing anti-Muslim and anti-immigration views.

Two Victorian Liberal candidates had already quit this week over their anti-Muslim and homophobic social media posts.

Labor has also lost one of its candidates in Melbourne for making ‘lewd’ comments online, and a Northern Territory Senate hopeful has had to resign.

The UAP was contacted for comment.

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47 Responses to UAP candidate’s sexist, racist Facebook rants revealed
Stephen C Stephen C 7:56 pm 04 May 19

A pretty woeful effort from the UAP. If you’re looking for real liberal values of social freedom and smaller government, I suggest skipping both the Liberal Party and Hanley and put Matt Donnelly of the Liberal Democrats #1 in Bean.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 11:59 am 04 May 19

The line between free speech and third-party offending of some people is becoming very thin.
Well, in Australia that is. Some other countries in the world don’t even allow thoughts about things they don’t like.

Mac John Mac John 9:28 am 04 May 19

Looks like he has a bit of weight like Mr Palmer. Wondering what he thinks about Mr Palmers failure to pay his employees their entitlements? Mr Palmer is not fit to sit in the Senate. Also noting the liberals are preferencing this man. They too do not deserve to be elected

    Margaret Freemantle Margaret Freemantle 9:57 pm 04 May 19

    No they don’t deserve to be elected!

Cat Stephenson Cat Stephenson 6:38 am 04 May 19

How good is screening candidates?

Melanie Calvert Melanie Calvert 11:03 pm 03 May 19

I can't decide whether I'm more shocked by this guy's ill-informed hate speech or his inability to construct a coherent sentence.

HiddenDragon HiddenDragon 6:02 pm 03 May 19

As time rolls on, it becomes ever easier to believe that fringe politics in ‘Straya is really just the Deep State having a bit of fun.

Andrew Dudley Andrew Dudley 5:51 pm 03 May 19

Everyone here needs to go to the Bean-UAP Facebook page and leave a nice positive review for old Tony to see 😘

Trudy Pierpoint Trudy Pierpoint 5:24 pm 03 May 19

Does anyone screen the United Australia Party candidates and the One Nation candidates ?

It doesn't look like it!

    Mereana Otene Waaka Mereana Otene Waaka 11:44 pm 03 May 19

    Daniel Duncan beats racist, misogynist any day.

Fortress Epiphany Fortress Epiphany 3:26 pm 03 May 19

I hope someone is going through the major party pollies social media posts too.

    Anka Savasci Anka Savasci 3:27 pm 03 May 19

    Of course they are. The SMH has been full of examples.

    Fortress Epiphany Fortress Epiphany 3:30 pm 03 May 19

    I’d never run for office, my social media posts are often grumpy enough to put someone offside 😃😃😃😃

    Anka Savasci Anka Savasci 4:13 pm 03 May 19

    The key is to only be grumpy and controversial in your private posts. It’s the public stuff these knobs are getting caught on

    Mark Gallagher Mark Gallagher 6:17 pm 03 May 19

    Ann Chaplin there's a difference between grumpy and racist. If you've just been grumpy you're probably safe.

    Daniel Duncan Daniel Duncan 6:36 pm 03 May 19

    Mark it's (The current year) people are offended by you looking in there general direction.

    Fortress Epiphany Fortress Epiphany 6:39 pm 03 May 19

    Mark Gallagher what I think is racist might not be the same as your view.

    Mark Gallagher Mark Gallagher 6:40 pm 03 May 19

    Ann Chaplin that's okay. You can learn to be better.

Hans Dimpel Hans Dimpel 3:13 pm 03 May 19

says everything about Seselja that this his the person he puts as no. 2 on his how to vote cards. Disgusting - both of them.

Natalie Grey Natalie Grey 2:22 pm 03 May 19

So everyone condemning this guy, can I assume you're all equally upset about the Labor candidate Luke Creasey posting rape jokes? Or Greens candidate Connor Parissis making violent anti-semitic comments?

    Natalie Grey Natalie Grey 2:41 pm 03 May 19

    Mark Kulasingham my point is that although all these things are wrong, it seems to be much more easily over-looked if it's a left-wing politician doing it.

    Alison Brittliff Alison Brittliff 2:42 pm 03 May 19

    Natalie Grey sure am

    Simon Argall Simon Argall 2:47 pm 03 May 19

    Natalie Grey he was 22 years old. He has gone anyway.

    Mark Chapman Mark Chapman 2:49 pm 03 May 19

    Natalie Grey Rubbish. These things get buried by the Murdoch press for right-wing pollies if they can get away with it.

    Natalie Grey Natalie Grey 2:52 pm 03 May 19

    Mark Kulasingham for example two politicians/candidates caught in a strip club The right-wing candidate forced to resign, the left-wing politician became Prime Minister.

    David Bohn David Bohn 3:29 pm 03 May 19

    Natalie Grey yes absolutely

    Natalie Grey Natalie Grey 3:48 pm 03 May 19

    Simon Argall so being 22 makes it Ok? What age do you think a man needs to reach before we should expect him to know that rape, or joking about rape, is wrong? Particularly with Greens/Labor talking about lowering the voting age, we can expect 16 year olds to have the maturity to vote but we can't expect an adult in his 20s not to know that rape is wrong or that you don't joke about it?

    Simon Argall Simon Argall 4:05 pm 03 May 19

    Natalie Grey I didn't say it was ok to say that. I don't believe it's ok to say things like that at any age. It is not a joke ever.

    Helen Goddard Helen Goddard 4:48 pm 03 May 19

    Well actually, Natalie Grey, we thought this bloke was old enough to know better. Remember this?

    Alison Elizabeth Alison Elizabeth 6:35 pm 03 May 19

    Natalie Grey yep pretty appalled at all these people running for office who are so obviously unsuitable.

    June Kirk June Kirk 6:51 pm 03 May 19

    Natalie Grey focus Natalie !

Housh Fallah Housh Fallah 2:19 pm 03 May 19

So what it's going to be - claim he was hacked, or "sToP bEiNg SnOwFLaKeS iT's PoLiTiCaL cOrReCtNeSs GoNe MaD?"

Peter McArdle Peter McArdle 2:18 pm 03 May 19

So this bloke will now be the hasbean candidate.

How low can Clive and his mates go?

Mark Dawson Mark Dawson 1:53 pm 03 May 19

Another one is also in trouble:

Helen Goddard Helen Goddard 1:50 pm 03 May 19

Aside from the fact that he should be disendorsed, the Canberra Liberals need to be called out over this guy as they've done a deal over preferences which means he gets their second preference.

    Natalie Grey Natalie Grey 2:29 pm 03 May 19

    Helen Goddard what about calling out Labor for one of their candidates being caught posting rape jokes?

    Helen Goddard Helen Goddard 2:37 pm 03 May 19

    I did ... on my own timeline. Because I’m balanced like that. This article was about this particular individual which is why I responded. It wasn’t about anyone else. The ALP candidate has now been disendorsed and has resigned. This candidate has not and the Canberra Libs have not done anything regarding the preferences. His stance on women and same sex couples is homophobic, misogynistic and many other adjectives. And the preference deal is a disgrace ... on top of the individual himself.

    Helen Goddard Helen Goddard 4:50 pm 03 May 19

    And don't forget this ...

Deirdre Russack Deirdre Russack 1:38 pm 03 May 19

Pot calling the kettle black.

    Mereana Otene Waaka Mereana Otene Waaka 11:42 pm 03 May 19

    Deirdre Russack I was thinking the same thing.

Melinda Gonczarek Melinda Gonczarek 1:35 pm 03 May 19

The caliber of UAP members broadly, let alone in Canberra, is pretty amusing!

Julie Maynard Julie Maynard 1:26 pm 03 May 19

So he hates everyone except skinny white people. Mmm...okay.

Peter Fogwell Peter Fogwell 1:25 pm 03 May 19

His next party meeting is at maccas.

Ash Manwaring Ash Manwaring 1:09 pm 03 May 19

Disgusting! 😡

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