23 October 2012

UC charmers pay ANU a stone week visit

| johnboy
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old ressies

c_c has pointed me at an interesting post on the ANU Stalkerspace:

Was anyone else abused by these fugly fat moles today at ANU? Their t-shirts read “old ressies” and “old res boys 2012”. I will not tolerate the sexually explicit and abusive language directed at me today while i was walking to class with my bike. comments like “get back on your bike and tell me how good the ride is” or “I bet you like riding your bike… I’m a better ride than your bike” are not OK! after I told them to “F*** off” in front of a unresponsive audience they told me to go “finger myself” and then asked if i “was bleeding yet?” If i ever see these useless dickheads walking around i swear to god i’ll kick them in the balls and spit in their faces until they cry for their mothers and beg for forgiveness!

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Got this in my uni email inbox today

Dear Students,
I know that many of you are currently enjoying Stone Week as I have seen and heard this enjoyment today on campus. Whilst I strongly encourage you to have fun at this time (before really settling down to the hard work I know you’ll all be doing to prepare for your exams and final assignments), I would like to remind you that the University has certain expectations about behaviour whilst you are on campus, or indeed elsewhere if on University business, or whilst you are clearly identifying as a UC student in public (through the wearing of Stone Week t-shirts for example).

Unfortunately, the University has received some complaints about alleged bad behaviour by students on campus and elsewhere this week. I would like to draw your attention to University policy that includes the possibility of sanctions for commonly accepted offensive behaviour. The Student Conduct Rules 2009 (the Rules) stipulate that a student must not “engage in, or be a party to, conduct … that is likely to bring the University into disrepute”: http://www.canberra.edu.au/university/governance/legislation/rules/pdf-rules-2012/University-of-Canberra-Student-Conduct-Rules-2009.pdf

The Rules also prohibit behaviour by students found to be offensive to other students or members of University staff.

Complaints from students, staff members or members of the public about the design of Stone Week t-shirts or offensive behaviour during Stone Week will be taken seriously and appropriate action will be taken. The University administration cautions you to think carefully about this, as under the Rules a student may be suspended or excluded from all or part of the University or ordered to pay compensation if found to have engaged in prohibited conduct.

The University of Canberra wholeheartedly condemns harassment of women and any such conduct would breach the University’s student conduct rules.

My apologies that the alleged behaviour of a small number of students has made it necessary for me to send out this message to all of you.

I wish you an enjoyable Stone Week, and hope that it’s memorable for all of us for all the right reasons.


Associate Professor Michele Fleming, PhD, GAICD, MAPS

Dean of Students

Director, Student Equity and Support Unit

University of Canberra

ACT 2601, Australia

milkman said :

Strange. When I went to UC there didn’t seem to be these groups at all. Everyone just hung out and drank cheap beer.

Ah, those were the days…

+1…Sitting out of the front of the old bar (the one with the psychedelic mural on the wall) drinking and wondering whether we should head down to 2B9 for our Commercial Law lecture…Stuff it, lets enjoy the cheap beer, music, and passing parade..Good times..

Strange. When I went to UC there didn’t seem to be these groups at all. Everyone just hung out and drank cheap beer.

Ah, those were the days…

I always thought “fugly fat moles” were women. These boys look like the wannabe sportos who I encountered at the old CCAE (now Uni of Canberra) when I was there in 1986-88. As a former editor of the student newspaper who had to wade through almost illegible and incomprehensible contributions with an overflowing WPB at the ready I note that the standard of written expression by tertiary students hasn’t improved over the years.

Nice sleave, brah.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd2:21 pm 23 Oct 12

Sound like real heros.

with tiny little dongers that will never be used.

People who voluntarily wear the same clothes like this have something wrong with them. Their collective wardrobe is supposed to make up for a total lack of individual personality.

Where do they learn such contempt towards women? Such a pathetic lack of imagination is displayed in their comments.

But I bet some of them will find girlfriends with very little idea of anything better, who are desperate to be part of a couple. Sigh.

I Remember these Wally’s from a few years ago at the pot belly busted the Dunnys started mouthing off at some of the woman folk and took great offense at being forcibly removed.

& people wonder why so many students are studying via correspondents these days…

You can see the police station in the photo. She should have just circled over there, and told the police there are a bunch of kids yelling abusive comments at women and passers by.

Instead she/others are trying to get some type of internet lynch mob going.

I used to live on res and it was possibly the worst week. Spent half of my time in the library because i didn’t want to deal with drunk borderline comatose people when i got “home”. I’m surprised CLV hasn’t tried to clamp down on it more.

These must be the unmanly pale zit faced virgin pencil-necked needle-dicks with low sperm counts and no testosterone at all that one of the drill sergeants at Holsworthy warned me about. You have to be careful with such vermin. They’re harmless in isolation, but they tend to hang around in packs where they will collectively have the courage (but not the manners) of one hundredth of a normal man, and this causes them to say offensive things to isolated women.

It also looks like someone’s stolen their socks as well, which is just the sort of thing that happens to critters like this.

Unfortunately, times have changed for the worse, and beating them in the street with whips is no longer allowed.

I’d imagine that visiting a real university was a frightening and confronting experience for them.

Yep, the f***wits are out in force this week. UC Old Res, you will never find a more retched hive of scum and villainy…


Having lived on Old Res for two years, it is nothing unusual.

Some of their yearly T-shirts that have been reduced in the past have been digusting.

I found carrying an air horn around and blasting it in their ears does the trick. Although that did result in me getting a broken nose once but it was well worth it.

There was a whole bunch of toilet paper strewn around the UC residences, along with the remnants of eggs on the footpath, and even more empty beer bottles and abandoned shopping trolleys than usual yesterday. i might have to take the long way home this week.

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