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Unlicensed 15yo caught drink-driving

By neanderthalsis - 18 April 2008 50

While posting this I just witnessed a black Volvo driven by an elderly man in a hat drive the wrong way up National Circuit…

Just stolen from the ABC website:

Unlicensed 15yo caught drink-driving

A 15-year-old boy has been charged with drink-driving after a police pursuit in northern Canberra this morning.

Police attempted to stop the teenager’s car on Cotter Road but he failed to stop and they followed him through the suburb of Higgins.

Police say the chase lasted for five minutes with speeds reaching up to 150 kph in a 90 kph zone.

The driver was arrested and breath-tested, allegedly recording an blood alcohol reading of 0.042, more than twice the legal limit.

Police say the boy was also unlicensed and the car was unregistered.

He is expected to appear in the ACT Children’s Court today.

Given our numerous “car with idiot driving” posts of late, here we have another candidate for natural selection. Who’s to be he gets a nice stern talking to by the kiddie court and will continue to reoffend until he kills someone.

What’s Your opinion?

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50 Responses to
Unlicensed 15yo caught drink-driving
Thumper 3:33 pm 18 Apr 08

FFS, okay, serious now.

Give him a stern talking to and let him go his merry way.

Mælinar 3:32 pm 18 Apr 08

haha @ tap, got no nuts.

I’m with Mr Evil on this one for any subsequent comments.

Mr Evil 3:30 pm 18 Apr 08

Why is there always so much pressure on this site to be serious!!!!!

tap 3:27 pm 18 Apr 08

I might wait until there is a more serious suggestion….

unless they are serious… 😉

if so, if i were a nutless kid that has just been put in bondage while the whole town bashed and buggered me I would be a little upset and angry with the world. You?

Mr Evil 3:27 pm 18 Apr 08

Throw him naked into the ‘mosh pit’ at World Youth Day and let Fr Fatfingers and Br Feelgood show him the errors of his way.

Deadmandrinking 3:24 pm 18 Apr 08

Thumper…we’re talking about about law and order. That sounds like some kind of weird-ass fetish.

Mælinar 3:23 pm 18 Apr 08

Hug him and Kiss him and invite him to mungbeans and lentil dinner with WMD and Tap.

Oh, not that compassionate ?

Mr Evil 3:19 pm 18 Apr 08

Drop him in Tuggeranong with a $100 note super-glued to his forehead.

Thumper 3:16 pm 18 Apr 08

Dip his dick in chicken broth and then dangle it in front of a famished weasel….

Thumper 3:15 pm 18 Apr 08

Cut his nuts off in case he breeds…

neanderthalsis 3:11 pm 18 Apr 08

Tap, I personally like the idea of a public pillory. Genuine family entertainment.

Thumper 3:10 pm 18 Apr 08


another f*kcing retard…

DarkLadyWolfMother 3:02 pm 18 Apr 08

I wonder how they’ll deal with the kid (if found guilty, of course).

The cynic in me is suggesting being unable to hold a license for 2 years.

tap 3:00 pm 18 Apr 08

This is fantastic. We could just cut and paste all the comments from the florey stabbing guy post and put it in here and be done with the whole thing right now. But we wont, lets do this again. Neanderthalsis, what do you think should happen to this child?

Danman 2:56 pm 18 Apr 08

elderly man in a hat

Big hat or little man ?

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