Upholstery cleaning in the ACT

Echidna 7 February 2010 16

So I have a wee bit of an issue.

My rescue cat peed on my loungesuite overnight. Money is a bit tight given it is kitten season.

Has anyone got any recommendations on companies that clean fabric lounge suites but will not charge more then I actually paid for it ($200), or alternatively any advice on how I can clean it myself?

The smell is… well unbearable to be honest. Advice would be greatly appreciated.

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16 Responses to Upholstery cleaning in the ACT
Gobbo Gobbo 6:04 pm 09 Feb 10

If you need to clean up cat pee, get a dog to piss on the same spot.

The intermingling of differing species urine neutralises the odor

nicnacvb nicnacvb 2:53 pm 09 Feb 10

I had a similar problem with my cat when we moved house. She’s a nervous little thing.

We used a spray on product called urine-off. You can buy it from any pet shop or vet (around $30). They also market a black light which is supposed to find the stains. Worked a treat, and we still have the same lounge suite with no issues or comments from visitors.

It uses an enzyme that removes the odour which is really important, because if you don’t cats will just keep weeing in the same spot.

Make sure you keep it out of sight though as visitors tend to ask strange questions when they see the bottle 🙂

Thumper Thumper 7:51 pm 08 Feb 10

What is a rescue cat?

I dunno. But I want one..

Punter Punter 5:31 pm 08 Feb 10

What is a rescue cat? Did you mean rescued cat?

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 2:33 pm 08 Feb 10

prhhcd said :

“all males have issues with weeing in the right spot”.

When you’re a male, the world is your urinal.

prhhcd prhhcd 2:03 pm 08 Feb 10

Hi guys. Thank you all so much for your comments. Unfortunately the cushions cannot be removed from the lounge and I could not find the actual spot 🙁
However, my weekend was spent lovingly wiping everything down with the suggested vinegar solution. Yes my house now smells of vinegar but that is preferable to cat wee anyday!
The little troublemaker has found a new home, and yes, I told the new owner to which she merely replied “all males have issues with weeing in the right spot”. Nothing like a sense of humour!
So thank you all for your advice. Greatly appreciated.

CHW CHW 10:12 am 08 Feb 10

When my four year old boy fell asleep on the lounge and SATURATED the couch cushions, I took the covers off and washed them.
Then I took the foam inner cushion outside and put them on clean concrete; made up a bucket of sunlight soap and hot water (‘spose any fabric detergent would work just as well, really), and poured it over the cushions and trampled until sudsy.
You know, like grape pickers do to the grapes in those cool old tubs.
When you have turned the cushion over and trampled some more, bucket more cold water over until passably rinsed.
Roll foam inner cushion up to squeeze water out, then place across the lines of the clothesline to dry – if you hang the cushion from the line it might tear.
You might have to give it a couple of days to dry – try to remember to bring it inside at night.

cleo cleo 11:14 pm 07 Feb 10

Wash the area with woolwash and white vinegar mixed together, when dry use VAC for spray from coles to get rid of smell.

nogod nogod 10:57 pm 07 Feb 10
sepi sepi 10:22 pm 07 Feb 10

For a really cheap lounge – I would just give up. The smell will go eventually, but it will takes months and months to wear off.

You can pour white vinegar all over the spot, but that is better when the mark is still wet I think. You can also get a product called Urinoff from vets. It works quite well, but in a lounge, if the cat weed right through it, you won’t reach it all.

I’d pour vinegar all over it and put it out in the sun or in front of a really sunny window for about 2 weeks, and consider getting a new lounge once the cat is gone or trained.

astrojax astrojax 8:44 pm 07 Feb 10

” Blot stain with a paper towel and sponge with cold water. Blot away any excess moisture and clean the area with a solution made with two cups warm water and one tablespoon vinegar. Apply a stain and odor remover that is a bacterial/enzyme cleaner.”

from a five second google search – they also recommend a product called ‘bio-zet’, which supermarkets should have. canesten make a good anti-bacterial cleaner we use as the final clothes washing rinse when thrush is at large, should do the trick.

SolarPowered SolarPowered 5:10 pm 07 Feb 10

Dario’s Carpet Cleaning (northside)

He has cleaned our carpets twice and our lounge once. The lounge wasn’t all that expensive – sorry can’t remember the price, but I remember thinking “that’s cheap”.

He is friendly, professional and does a great job.

I have no affiliation whatsoever – just a very happy customer.

Cameron Cameron 4:55 pm 07 Feb 10

Stain Busters. http://www.stainbusters.com.au or 6296 6296.

Unfortunately, anyone who does this on the cheap won’t get rid of the problem at all. I suggest you call them and ask to speak to John or David about the nature of pet urine and the steps necessary to remove it properly. At the very least you’ll be well armed with information in order to make a service comparison with them and the people that will get your lounge suite wet for 50 bucks without achieving anything.

deejay deejay 3:07 pm 07 Feb 10

Have you considered plain old bicarb soda and water? It’s fantastic for all smells. Bicarb mixed with vinegar is even better, but I’d only do it if bicarb and water isn’t enough because you don’t want a vinegar smell, either.

dvaey dvaey 1:55 pm 07 Feb 10

There is a powder you can buy which you simply sprinkle over the affected area and vacuum up. Removes the stain and the smell. Also works on carpet. Not sure where we got it from, probably woolies or maybe even a pet store, but the canister outlasted the cat, so good value for money.

tess553 tess553 1:48 pm 07 Feb 10

no odour quite as all pervasively nasty as cat’s wee is there?
i seem to recall reading in one of those stain removal books -( maybe Spotless
sold at ABC shops i think Shannon Lush and Jennifer Fleming) that bicarb sprinkled and then removed a nd on eof those wool washing detergents worked but depending on how much you love the lounge i would read up on it first.

certainly in the one and only time this happened to me i was lucky enough to spot the culprit and so used paper towels immediagtely to remove liquids and then Bio Zet laundry detergent to remove all traces – but this was only on the side of a chair not deep into any upholstery.

Good luck and Bless you for your kitty rescue work

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