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V2 Rocket in Mitchell

By p1 - 17 January 2008 28

After reading the resurrected “The incredible expanding War Memorial” thread the other day, I was driving past the AWM’s facility in Mitchell, and there does appear to be, in the yard out the back, a V2 Rocket . It is amazing what is lying around the city that you don’t know about until it is pointed out to you.

V2 Rocket in Mitchell

It is also amazing that a thread can last years, then go down hill so fast.

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
V2 Rocket in Mitchell
Mælinar 12:12 pm 18 Jan 08

Perhaps they should consider loaning/donating it to a RSL. Individual RSL are extremely capable of looking after discrete objects, moreover, they would be absolutely chuffed if an army truck pulled up with a V2 on the back.

Thumper 12:02 pm 18 Jan 08

Sadly the AWM doesn’t have unlimited funding and conservation and correct storage of these objects is extremely costly.

Thus, some objects are going to have to be allowed to degrade faster than others.

See this site

Mælinar 11:51 am 18 Jan 08

I don’t think we’d be so foolhardy with Ned Kelly’s third gun, why should we be treating this any differently ?

Gungahlin Al 11:40 am 18 Jan 08

Mael, there’s a perfectly good V2 inside, and a V1 as well (plus there’s a V1 in the main AWM). So I guess it’s a case of how many does one need?
Intriguing to look insode the old one though – the controls are SO rudimentary it was truly amazing that such a thing could find its way all the way to the target without even the semblance of a computer…

MWest 11:38 am 18 Jan 08

There is also a restored V2 on a trailer inside the building and a Me 163 Komet rocket fighter on display in the ANZAC Hall at the War Memorial proper. Some details about the history of the Komet, complete with photos, can be found here.

Mælinar 11:25 am 18 Jan 08

Lest we forget that this thing being left out in the elements was created in anger by people hostile to our way of life.

When it has rusted through, and is subject to disposal, some of that memory will be lost.

I do not think it is being cared for responsibly. RSL’s do better jobs with their cannons.

Gungahlin Al 9:54 am 18 Jan 08

The Big Things open day is in August annually. I’ve emailed some pics from inside through to the RA boys.

Thumper 9:44 am 18 Jan 08

Military vehicles, ships, etc, are sexy…

niftydog 9:28 am 18 Jan 08

They for some reason stopped the public tours where you could walk around the viewing platform. It’s a shame, it is such a fantastic place. I was privileged to work in there a few times when you could still hold functions there. Crawling into the jap. mini sub to place lighting inside it for one of the shows was surreal.

It’s just amazing how this equipment that has been laying idle for decades can still give you the willies just by looking at it. It all looks so sinister and dangerous – and thinking about the people who used the equipment and what they witnessed sends shivers down my spine every time.

Thumper 8:45 am 18 Jan 08

Just watch the newspapers, they advertise when it’s open.

I did some work out there back in the late 90s when i was doing some cultural heritage stuff for the AWM.

It’s worth seeing.

Pandy 7:56 am 18 Jan 08

Occasional open days

Gerry-Built 7:02 am 18 Jan 08

anyone know if your allowed entry into the Mitchell AWM facility?

che 7:13 pm 17 Jan 08

yep, the one inside is much better, they have some great stuff squirrelled away in there

hingo 5:17 pm 17 Jan 08

I was the one who asked what the hell it was in the old thread. Thanks for posting a picture. Its quite amazing that Canberra has two of these things. One of them is apparently the most complete example left. The War Memorial also have the original launching vehicle.

Danman 5:16 pm 17 Jan 08

My error – I mentioned Limestone Lizzy

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