Vandalised young trees in Civic

qwerky 10 January 2008 29

There are a number of young trees near the Canberra centre that have had several boughs yanked off, or left to dangle dangerously on the footpath, the raw wood exposed. I spotted this outrage on Tuesday, unfortunately too close to the end of Summernats for me to think it would have had nothing to do with that estimable event. Whoever the culprits were, I hope they’re feeling some shame now they’re sober. Everyone has to suffer as a result of their cruel stupidity. The shade provided a building will never be as cool or as soothing as that provided by a tree, and buildings don’t produce oxygen either.

The main reason I think that such senseless vandalism is increasing in our society is that we have so many old, healthy and established trees planted in our streets in rows, none missing.

How many trees will we have in 50 years?

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29 Responses to Vandalised young trees in Civic
VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 8:49 pm 13 Jan 08

“I saw distuebing tree vandalism tonight in the carpark at Belco Mall – a your rights at work poster bolted into the tree.”

This just goes to show how little labor/unions care about the environment.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 8:10 pm 13 Jan 08

qwerky = SGS

staria staria 8:06 pm 13 Jan 08

Oops, I got them mixed up – SKEGS were the skaters and westy’s/booners were kinda the same thing…

Sorry for the double post!

staria staria 8:04 pm 13 Jan 08

Weren’t westy’s skaters and booners into heavy metal? I remember the dedicated westy’s wearing flanny’s and the booners wearing tight stonewashed jeans…. noice!

Nemo Nemo 11:33 pm 11 Jan 08

Maelinar – check out the tree directly in front of you as you leave the red bridge – 4 bolts in it holding up two posters.

ant ant 9:54 pm 11 Jan 08

We used Boon, Westy and Bogan interchangably. But Bogan is a better-sounding word for people who stuff up our society.

Thumper Thumper 8:57 pm 11 Jan 08

I always thought booner was a Melbourne term?

Sands Sands 8:00 pm 11 Jan 08

Ha, booner and westy. I haven’t heard those for years. Yeah, Bogan is definitely an import.

Ben H Ben H 6:16 pm 11 Jan 08

To the people complaining about the “boganisation” of our society – since when did Canberrans use the word “bogan”? I remember we used to use the word “booner”, which before that was simply “boon” or “westy”. This might have just been at my schools though?

Snahons_scv6_berlina Snahons_scv6_berlina 12:56 pm 11 Jan 08

But we can guess as the worth of those leafy green crops you speak of Danman 🙂

Danman Danman 12:30 pm 11 Jan 08

maybe they should put razor blades in them near the bottom of the main trunk.

I for one know that this is a rather successful way of persuading individuals to avoid my leafy green crops.

Mælinar Mælinar 12:27 pm 11 Jan 08

The trees you see today are simply the ones your parents in Chev impala’s, duck’s ass hairstyles and baseball bat letterbox softball didn’t knock down when they were growing up.

Circularly, the more destruction of plantings that goes on, turns into a bigger industry replacing them, which turns into a bigger skills base of agriculture related specialists.

So by destroying trees, they are fostering the industry base and skills future necessary to replace them – all funded from the taxes gained by the idiot who got inebriated in the first place.

Furthermore, telling somebody that what they are doing is actually a good thing, and they’ll most probably stop.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:02 pm 11 Jan 08

Indeed, in fact it has even happened at my own house, or at least attempted to. For whatever reason a selection of plants, including three young eucalypts, were removed from our garden, but then left behind near to where they were originally planted. Fortunately, all seem to have recovered now.

But, I still maintain that the claim of “How many trees will we have in 50 years?” with the assertion it will be few due to vandalism, is a bit of an overreaction.

Following on from the cricket debacle, it must be this week’s theme. 😉

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:54 am 11 Jan 08

The destruction of trees and occasional theft of expensive plants is actually a concern for both a number of developers and other people with more money than sense in Red Hill & Griffith…

I recall often explaining to suprised security guards that their job that night was to guard saplings and plants from far-off-places from theft.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 9:49 am 11 Jan 08

To the people complaining about the “boganisation of our society” did your parents predict the end of the world when you were kids too?

The fact that the trees mentioned by the OP were damaged is indeed a terrible shame and waste of resources, of those who planted them, and energy, for those that destroyed them. But to suggest that no tree will ever survive long enough to reach mature status is going out on a rather big limb don’t you think.


Sikkukkut Sikkukkut 9:21 am 11 Jan 08

The tree thing isn’t peculiar to Summernats. It was happening all last year. It was a depressingly regular cycle as I walked through Civic on my way to my car: young sapling goes in, within a couple of days young sapling has had a couple of limbs ripped away, within a couple of weeks young sapling is down to a stump, not long after another young sapling goes in and it all starts again. Why the hell aren’t they putting guards* around them? You’d only need them for a couple of years until the tree got big enough – the sort of drunk dickhead who’ll rip off a tree branch for a larf doesn’t strike me as having the initiative to actually go and get the tools to finish off a big tree, or all the well-established street trees would be defoliated too.

*By “guards” I mean those round metal things that make the trees at least a little bit harder to attack, not human sentries, just in case you were wondering.

Mælinar Mælinar 9:12 am 11 Jan 08

@Nemo – for the most part, I have found the orange signs to have been hung in a responsible fashion. I will check out the one at Belconnen Mall the next time I’m over that way though, as I use that carpark.

I think a more curious question would be why did they bother putting up any signs at all, wouldn’t it have been a better value for money to use such an extensive signposting regime in non-labour bastions ?

Thumper Thumper 8:16 am 11 Jan 08

If caught they should be whipped with a stout piece of birch.

Then one of those sharp spiny trees…

ant ant 1:47 am 11 Jan 08

Well said, Mike! Perfect.

Mike Crowther Mike Crowther 1:00 am 11 Jan 08

There are some who simply can’t resist the lure of killing a more intelligent life-form than themselves.

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