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Veteran threatens to shoot himself outside Parliament House

Xanthomyza 7 October 2005 16

I just got this link forwarded to me by a colleague this morning.

The link is to a veterans forum, with a message for 29 September 9:14am reading thus:

“… If you have not been informed a F111 veteran has been arrested outside Parliament this morning in fact just a short time ago. Had a rifle and was threatening to shoot himself outside the Parliament … This is what stress and indifference drives people to do …”

Did anybody hear about this? There was nothing in the papers or on the tube.

The forum page makes interesting reading.


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16 Responses to Veteran threatens to shoot himself outside Parliament House
bulldog bulldog 8:57 am 11 Oct 05

Welcome to the defence force son; you are now part of one of the worlds elite cannon-fodder…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:10 pm 08 Oct 05

Meanwhile, while these deseal-reseal guys are fucked over, some nutjob dual-citizen who asked to be returned to the Phillipines will now probably get a huge compo payout and full medical care paid for by the Aussie taxpayer.

Thumper Thumper 10:23 am 08 Oct 05

BTW, F-111s are affectionately known as ‘Pigs’.

And no Bulldog, you are right about our PM. He is always ready to be seen sending off troops, welcoming back sailors, etc, but when it comes to anything else he becomes conspicuously quiet.

For instance the new Australian Defence Medal which we supposed to issued with a couple of years ago, it hasn’t even reached the stage of production yet.

just another government promise that has not been honoured, just like the new Defence joint at Bungendore or wherever.

Its simply disgusting to think they can turn a blind eye to the plight of seriously injured and sick ex servicemen when these people served their country and were willing to put themselves under fire if the need was there.

bulldog bulldog 4:06 pm 07 Oct 05

PS: I hate having to use terms like ‘the ANZAC spirit’ because our prime miniature (or ‘the toxic midget’ as coined by one of the ex-diggers) has spoiled terms and expressions like this; but I make an esception this time because it’s an apt observation.

Don’t get me started on what he done to the term ‘mateship’. What a f*cktard; he wouldn’t know the first thing about ‘mateship’. But I digress.

bulldog bulldog 4:04 pm 07 Oct 05

Thumper, your’s and Mael’s points were not lost on me; I was going to make reference to your comments but I was running late for something important which I didn’t end up going to anyway…

But good link Thumper; I’ll have a bigger poke around there when I have a chance.

I have to ask (as I have been in a bit of a hole this week) whether this was covered or mentioned on the news or in the paper? I would think that event the crap that I have absorbed in the last week would have mentioned something this important…

Thumper Thumper 3:51 pm 07 Oct 05

This is from an ex military site,

“Well i’d say it has something to do with the pig tank deseal/reseal issue (a lot of ex 111 techo’s are dying/suffering due to the chemicals they used when maintaining the fuel tanks in the pigs).

Another ex-serviceman getting shafted.”

Thumper Thumper 3:34 pm 07 Oct 05

I think that’s what Mael and I were getting at.

Check out this site.

bulldog bulldog 3:00 pm 07 Oct 05

Just read the forum in it’s entirety (making a note to head back there) and all I have to say is that it’s a f*cking disgraceful state of affairs. I would encourage everyone who has an interest in the services and the federal government’s treatment of diggers to read this.

What can you say about it all? Disgraceful. Disgusting.

This is not what Australia and the ANZAC spirit is about.

Thumper Thumper 1:55 pm 07 Oct 05

Geez, dangerous place that, I thought you only got hangovers in Brisbane!

I guess they don’t supply you the dipped DPCUs and mossie nets for Brisbane.

Maelinar Maelinar 1:51 pm 07 Oct 05

Lol Greenbank Training area in Brisbane

Thumper Thumper 1:29 pm 07 Oct 05

Thats right. I forgot about the RR virus. I must have been pissed when you told me. Ah, Shoalwater, Kanungra, Timor?

Didn’t know about the teeth though.

I’ll swap you two broken bones in my back, two dodgy knees and occasional bouts of vertigo?


Maelinar Maelinar 12:28 pm 07 Oct 05

Thumper, I got Ross River Virus for my troubles, and I lost 2 teeth to a dentist who was losing her hair from standing too close to the xray machine. I still have bad dreams about her.

One of my wife’s fonder memories of the Armed Forces of this country is when she got the shits with me being at home off my face on drugs because the pain in my mouth was too great (from my experience with the whole deal I spent at least a week asleep and don’t remember too much at all), so she called Dental and told them she was bringing me in, bundled me into the car and drove out to base.

Dental saw me as soon as possible cause of the civvie factor, the next utterance she heard was “Oh my god, look at the Blood” and heard lots of gurgling noises.

They 1/2 wiped my face off and presented me back to her still off my face, covered in smeared blood and glaring at her still cause I was happily sleeping 30 minutes previously.

And of course, a couple of teeth absent.

Thumper Thumper 12:02 pm 07 Oct 05

Without reading the article, which I will do at a later stage, I would suggest that this man has been rather f*cked around by Vets Affairs.

When you get injured or leave the services of this country you are treated like dirt by the government. They no longer want to know you. I know ex Vietnam door gunners who are in really bad health, suffer severe PTSD, and get a pitance for their service. Almost everyone I served with has health troubles in some way, bad knees, stuffed backs, etc. (Except Mael who emerged unscathed….)

And yet I can slip on a chip in a shop and sue for half a million dollars?

I ask you, where is the justice in this?

If I am correct without reading the article this guy would associate with the Goop troop who used to handle av gas and other nasty shit for the RAAF back in the 70s and 80s. These guys are now having some very serious health problems to which the government has continually turned a blind eye.

I may comment more when I’ve checked out the forum and a couple of other ex military forums that I am involved in.

Jey Jey 11:25 am 07 Oct 05

I started to read it but I got bored

Thanks for summarising it for us though.

Maelinar Maelinar 11:15 am 07 Oct 05

Jey, hold that thought until you’ve read the forum.

I have just finished (it’s quite a read), and I agree wholeheartedly with what’s going on. As an ex serviceman of this country I can better describe my treatment as nearer to ‘big black man with illicit intent with me trouserless bound to a desk’ opposed to ‘waves of houseslaves to attend to my every whim’.

The media silence is deafening.

There was a remarkable comparison made to a person who works in Parliament who took an item of Gym equipment without permission, did not do a familiarisation class, and injured himself. He got $60k for his efforts, yet this poor chap who has threatened to kill himself gets a maximum of $40k even though he will suffer from such things as being confined to a wheelchair, not being able to hold objects, having his brain eaten by an as yet unidentified reaction etc etc.

He has been to receive medical treatment, he has sought all avenues of assistance. They told him to fuck off. It’s not the medical facilities fault, they only work off the money they receive, which comes from the same place where some dumbass gets $60k for flogging an exercycle without having the knowledge to use it.


Jey Jey 10:56 am 07 Oct 05

Maybe he was protesting against the ‘Walk to Work’

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