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Voodoo on the way to Bungendore?

By Jethro - 10 September 2010 26

Here is a question that I have had about the ACT ever since my first drive out to Bungendore.

What’s with all of the stuffed toys nailed to trees on the stretch of road between Queanbeyan and Bungendore?

Every time I drive out that way I’m a little perplexed to see dozens upon dozens of children’s stuffed toys nailed to trees, sometimes quite high up.

Anyone know where they came from, why they are there or who had the time and inclination to put them there in the first place?

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Voodoo on the way to Bungendore?
PBO 2:18 pm 10 Sep 10

They are nailed there to attract P Platers.

astrojax 1:36 pm 10 Sep 10

Postalgeek said :


thumper beat you to it:

Thumper said :


though without the obligatory capitalising of the first letter, so thumper can clearly not be trusted.

i thought they were placed there by a lazy santa’s helper who couldn’t be arsed climbing into some slacker kid’s chimney to deliver what s/he clearly didn’t deserve…

Pommy bastard 1:30 pm 10 Sep 10

Ritual sacrifices, in the traditional Welsh Witch style of “Twll Tyn Pob Annibynnwr”,
by Gillard to get the independents to bend to her will.

Postalgeek 12:55 pm 10 Sep 10


farnarkler 12:15 pm 10 Sep 10

Or perhaps it’s a cuddly version of the Blair witch.

pptvb 12:07 pm 10 Sep 10

They’re watching you……..

farnarkler 11:44 am 10 Sep 10

The Milat clan put them there.

p1 11:42 am 10 Sep 10

I heard that it was an ex-boyfriend who took a girls teddies and nailed them up…

Wiley 11:34 am 10 Sep 10

Looks like it’s some geocaching fun.

Thumper 11:33 am 10 Sep 10

Each one represents a virgin who was sacrificed on Mount Ainslie.

True story, I heard it from a mate who knew a guy that once lived in Tibet and was a relative of someone who was a mason and knew a person in the ACT government.

Oh what dark, dark times befall us…

lobster 11:01 am 10 Sep 10

They are always different ones. So I think different people keep on doing it after someone else started it years ago.
There used to be a giant monkey in one of the trees.
It’s fun for the kids to count them.

One of the rumours I have heard is that a few were originally put up for a kid who had to travel from bungendore to Canberra for hospital treatment regularly.

Another one a few were put up at the scene of a car accident were a child died.

Who knows? I think it’s a nice oddity to look out for on the trip.

I tell American visitors that they are drop bears.

p1 9:44 am 10 Sep 10

I love how this pops up every couple of years. I thought urban legends were supposed to spread word of mouth without the need for people to ask.

August 12, 2007 – Two queries from a newbie

November 16, 2007 – Teddy Bear Lynchings

May 25, 2009 – Baffling questions around Bungendore

firestorm22 9:26 am 10 Sep 10

Fantastic topic – I have wondered on MANY occasions what the hell those nailed stuffed-toys are all about. Kinda creepy and weird as you drive along and the distance over which they’re present seems to be getting longer and longer.

Would love to know what they’re all about!

RickFish 9:20 am 10 Sep 10

the first time i saw this i was totally creeped out. iv tried counting them but got bored at about 40 it is quite disturbing.. one of these things that drives me crazy i need to know why they are there and did someone stop at every tree on one go to do this or was it added to over a long time..

answers please

Thumper 9:10 am 10 Sep 10


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