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VW servicing in Canberra

By Queen_of_the_Bun 7 November 2013 48

I have a 10-year-old VW Polo that I bought new from an unnamed VW outlet in January 2014 (it had 300k on the clock).

Being a complete eejit, I have used the car dealership to service the car since.

Since February 2012, it has had an ongoing problem with voltage to the throttle. This problem causes the engine to “knock” and the car runs so roughly that it is undriveable.

I’ll spare you the details but after paying *insert car dealer name here* more than $4000 over several visits to fix the problem, on 24 October I was gouged by them for $1400 for a “routine” service, which included cleansing the throttle body and replacing the windscreen wipers.

First time I shut the boot afterwards, the rear wiper casing fell off.

And last Friday, eight days after the throttle body was cleansed, the engine light came on and the same fault from Feb 2012 came back.

My advice? If you buy a VW, don’t take it back to the dealer for servicing.

What’s Your opinion?

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VW servicing in Canberra
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lobster 4:10 pm 11 Jan 14

On the topic of VW. I need to get a key copied (flip key and central locking buttons) for my 2003 Golf. Looks like it will be just under $500 from Slaven for a key.
ASI said that they couldn’t copy it. Is there a cheaper way to get a spare key?

Pork Hunt 10:58 pm 10 Jan 14

farnarkler said :

As boring as they are I think Lexus trumps VAG for reliability and safety.

But what if I want my VAG to be safe and reliable…

poetix 10:06 pm 10 Jan 14

vet111 said :

Or, if you want RELIABLE, legitimate euro quality that costs a smidge more, go for a BMW….

Yes, I believe you now. You are indeed a lawyer, not a vet.

farnarkler 6:49 pm 10 Jan 14

As boring as they are I think Lexus trumps VAG for reliability and safety.

Grrrr 6:36 pm 10 Jan 14

I probably wouldn’t be a VW owner if the Toyota Hiace 4WD, Mitsu Delica or even Mercedes Vito/Viano 4WD vans were sold here .. But they aren’t, and an $80k 4WD Sprinter is just a bit too pricey for my taste. I’m not against grey-imports either, just wanted something new-ish.

I just got Northside Euros to service my VW. Don’t take your VW there – so I won’t have to worry about him being too busy when I go back!

bigred 5:40 pm 10 Jan 14

VW group produced cars seem to my reasoning to offer the best compromises balancing vehicle cost, safety and reliability. Shame the dealership support is so awful, from the moment you first walk in the door. Thank goodness for CVWC.

JimCharles 6:52 pm 09 Jan 14

vet111 said :

JessP said :

Owned 4 Volkswagens and had them serviced by the VW dealers in Canberra. All of them have been great cars – not major problems and I highly recomend Volkswagens to any wanting a well built, comfortable and ecomincal (generally anyway) vehicle. Maybe I was lucky but I would still buy another VW.

I coud tell you about the lemon Nissans, Holdens and Fords I have owned or have been owned by family members.

That said the VW dealers can be a little on the exxy side when it comes to servicing and I always ask for a quote before they go in and ask to be advised an quoted for any additional work that needs to be done (one notable recent request was changing the windscreen wipers for $100. I responded with ‘you have to be f*&%$g joking – NO’).

Anyway for older VWs the Canberra VW centre is good value for servicing.

Or, if you want RELIABLE, legitimate euro quality that costs a smidge more, go for a BMW….

Or more reliable, and for less, and serviceable by any VW engineer, a Skoda….although they seem to be marketed as more of a premium brand over here.

farnarkler 5:33 pm 09 Jan 14

A search of may have saved you a lot of money. One would expect a German built car to be very reliable (read W124 Mercedes) however, your Polo could’ve been built in Germany, or South Africa, China, Spain, Brazil, Angola or Slovakia. Still, you could’ve done worse; An Alabama built Mercedes M class. Comedy on wheels.

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