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Warm Winter in Canberra?

By Demosthenes - 21 July 2009 60

Is it just me or is it unusually warm this winter?  Everyone bangs on about how ‘cold’ Canberra is but we’ve had but a few measly frosts and a dusting of snow in the far distant hills.  Is this normal, or are people just whiners and like to bang on about ‘cold’ Canberra and dress up in Siberian outfits to make a point about it?

I do think Canberra has the best climate in the country and it never ceases to amuse me how people make a big song and dance about the ‘cold’.

What’s Your opinion?

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60 Responses to
Warm Winter in Canberra?
Pommy bastard 7:17 am 22 Jul 09

I have to agree with Thumper et al, the winters here are very mild. I put this down to them being a dry cold, rather than the wet cold of other places,(notably Cornwall Thumper.)

Dry cold just makes your skin feel cold, a wet cold seeps into your very marrow.

Postalgeek 12:04 am 22 Jul 09

Honestly, there are some people out there as soft as marshmallows. I’ve been in Canberra for nearly 40 years, and I remember the winters of my youth seemed much colder. But even then they never compared to northern hemisphere winters which will snap yer tits off.
The winters we have now are positively balmy.

YapYapYap 11:26 pm 21 Jul 09

I came back to Canberra about 8 years ago and noticed that the summers seem both hotter and longer, with the cold weather kicking in a bit later and the winters seem shorter. That said, the last twelve months have been a little more ‘normal’

ps I’ll see if I can avoid FUD, whatever that is, and produce some hard data to support my theory

c9 11:15 pm 21 Jul 09

Wikipedia tells me that -13 was a record low for December in New York. A bit misleading, like calling our 3 degree day out standard temperatures, though anybody visiting our fair city on that day may be forgiven for thinking it’s a regular occurance.

youngone 10:44 pm 21 Jul 09

Yeah I’m with Thumper on this one. I was in NYC in December ’04 and one day it was -13 Celsius at 3pm. It was so cold my hands weren’t working. People were huddling together in Starbucks as if it were the most fascinating tourist destination in the city.

It was 16 degrees in Canberra today – that’s akin to an English summer!

astrojax 10:16 pm 21 Jul 09

it is only late july – don’t get cold til august really. it is a tad chilly at 7am each morning, ‘specially if you’re gearing up to cycle to work, but there are, as astutely pointed out above, far colder climes in which one could live. cold for australian cities maybe, but really, people what rekkun it gets cold here need a pint of htfu…

Mike Bessenger 10:11 pm 21 Jul 09

Personally winter hasn’t really started yet. I have given this abit of thought over the last 6 months and to me it seems the seasons are out of sync. If my theory is correct we are out by about 4-5 weeks, so in effect it’s still the first month of winter. I also applied this theory to autumn and summer and it was dead on.

Anna Key 10:04 pm 21 Jul 09

I think it seems warmer this year because I’m not working with any Queenslanders. They usually start complaining from around mid-April. By the time we hit the sub-zeros, they come waddling in like Comic Book Guy and by the time they remove most of the layers at around 11.00 you realise they didn’t put on 25kg overnight

bloodnut 9:59 pm 21 Jul 09

You must be a late rising student – the days have been loverly.

Get up at 5am to walk the dog.

then get back to me.

Thumper 9:21 pm 21 Jul 09

We did have a day, about a month ago, that reached a maximum of about 2C which is very, very rare.

Jivrashia 9:13 pm 21 Jul 09

Yep, you’re definitely right there Demo.

I cycle to work every weekday, and previous years I’ve muttered curses under my breathe at Mother Nature while I braved a damn cold sub-zero Canberra mornings (usually around 8am).

So far this winter, every morning has been a pleasant ride. Kinda miss the cursing…

Well, we’re only halfway through winter. Let’s see what the other half has to offer…!
(but tonight/early tomorrow morning it’s going to be a sweltering minimum of 7C!)

Thumper 9:08 pm 21 Jul 09

Canberra is not cold.

Seriously, try Washington DC in mid winter, or Cornwall.

It’s no colder, or warmer here than any other year.

Peekz 9:06 pm 21 Jul 09

I was thinking todat that it seems like it’s starting to warm up, but there have been some freezing nights lately. If you’re the type of person that spends after dark inside 7 days a week then you probably haven’t noticed 🙂

bd84 9:04 pm 21 Jul 09

Yes it has been a mild winter this year, except the one day of 4 degrees. There’s only been a few frosts and very few forays into the minuses over night.

rosebud 9:01 pm 21 Jul 09

You must come from the distant land of Dillusionville. Greetings stranger! Put on some headwear, I think the cold is freezing your brain.

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