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Water restrictions forever!

By johnboy - 23 March 2006 29

Mr. Stanhope put out a media release yesterday celebrating world water day by announcing that Canberrans will forever languish under water restrictions.

Well, conscientious Canberrans will. Others will carry on doing what they damn well please, without repercussions, in the Government’s ongoing campaign to drive the law-abiding citizens of Canberra to criminallity.

The ABC has picked up the story.

I guess using price to modify behaviour was just too hard when we can impose a further culture of regulation and compliance instead.

UPDATED: The Canberra Times reportage is now up as well.

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29 Responses to
Water restrictions forever!
Slinky the Shocker 2:53 pm 24 Mar 06

But without all the bullshit of my last 2 posts: I’m with Thumper and bulldog: I’d never dob someone in and if people ignore the restrictions, then so they will. However, considering how law-abiding the citizens of this fair town are usually, I think that it might just get a couple of people to save a drop or two.

Slinky the Shocker 2:48 pm 24 Mar 06

I just flushed my toilet 50 times…just because I can…I AM FREE LIKE A BIRD!

johnboy 2:44 pm 24 Mar 06

yeah, that freedom thing is so passe, only benefits the rich anyway….

Slinky the Shocker 2:43 pm 24 Mar 06

Oh…automated watering system…amazing…these rich do have it good! An alarm clock and a dripper hose will do the trick just as fine.

Slinky the Shocker 2:40 pm 24 Mar 06

Bulldog: I’d try to get it in the legislation!

And to the whingers: There’s always massive communismphobia around the shop, but you expect the state to provide everything: a free dragway, unrestricted water… That’s not communist? The only difference with water restrictions is that you have to put a tiny little bit of effort into things. I really don’t care about the restrictions, because even at stage 3, I managed to keep our massively water-dependent garden – full of feral tropical crap – alive. So what the @#$% is the difference, apart from ideological whinging?

johnboy 2:30 pm 24 Mar 06

So the rich bitches can afford to waste water and the poor can’t. You think that’s Australian?

A) Yes it is really

B) Oh My God! The rich can afford more! Shock Horror!

C) The “rich” can afford automatic watering systems so under the proposed plan they can use as much water as they like and NOT PAY VERY MUCH FOR IT. So can we get something back from them to cover the costs please?

bulldog 2:15 pm 24 Mar 06

so it seems my argument involving the tin o’ diesel wins by default – obviously it’s the only Australian way to enforce water consumption, so why fight it?

Slinky the Shocker 1:16 pm 24 Mar 06

So the rich bitches can afford to waste water and the poor can’t. You think that’s Australian?

podfink 4:02 pm 23 Mar 06

Why wouldn’t you use price to modify behaviour? Water is a resource like food, electricity or fuel. If water was five times as expensive as it is now even the bastards (including bastards on low incomes) would probably not hose down their driveways etc. Supply and demand (even for water) works and is so much fairer and simpler to understand than self-appointed diesel-welding vigilantes.

bulldog 1:11 pm 23 Mar 06

I don’t really give a damn becasue I’ve been doing the right thing. And regardless of how much it shits me to see the arseholes who have beautiful green lawns while their sprinklers are running straight into the storm water drains, I still think it’s unAustralian to dob them in.

However it’s not unAustralian to kick a jerry-can full of diesel over on their lawn though – they’ll soon get the message.

It’s nothing personal, but as an angler the idiots who waste water are fucking with my hobby (passion) and I would rather not have to take up knitting, stamp collecting or model trains when the habitats are turned to sh!t.

I’m not going to save water becasue the mayor “urged” me too – I’m not even going to do it becasue he outright told me to. I’m going to do it because it’s responsible.

johnboy 10:17 am 23 Mar 06

Because “asking” “voluntarily” discriminates against the conscientious and rewards the bastards.

As for the disadvantaged it’s not that hard to give concessional pricing, let alone making the water free up to a threshold.

DT 9:58 am 23 Mar 06

Why would it be better to put water costs up, thereby possibly disadvantaging people on minimal incomes, than ask the whole community to voluntarily cut down on their own water usage? Everyone here is always bitching about the supposed nanny state, but it seems to me that forcing compliance through economic means is a little more nanny-like than asking people to do something of their own free will.

Ralph 8:57 am 23 Mar 06

Good on ya Jon. Another (red) feather for your hat.

Yes I will continue to ignore these communist water restrictions.

seepi 8:56 am 23 Mar 06

I think it’s a good idea too. I’m glad we can use sprinklers from 6, not 7 (when it’s dark), but I wish they’d given us til 10.00 in the morning – who’s up before that do do watering.

Thumper 8:40 am 23 Mar 06

I think if you go way back in the previous posts I suggested that the restrictions would become the norm in time.

And yes, I think it’s a good idea. However, those who have simply ignored the restrictions previously will continue to do.

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