20 May 2005

We got your FLU right here! [HOFF WARNING]

| RandomGit
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Time for the annual scare campaign. Yes, vaccines are expensive so we gotta move some units out of the cold room chop chop! The more people think they are going to die, the sooner they will buy these drugs.

I align with my brother who is a registered nurse. Anyone of good health need only buy a container of orange juice, maybe some echinacea, and take a couple of good old Aussie sickies to overcome the flu. SARS only had such an affect where it did becuase the high populations in Asia mean everyone is constantly fighting off some sort of infection (well, at least, thats what he tells me). But it doesn’t stop the boffins from cashing in on and perpetuating the paranoia.

And hey this is Canberra, so like, it’s cold. So you’re more at risk. So you better buy more vaccine. Would it help if we said pretty please?

A marketing sham. That they can dress it up as a national emergency and have the news runners advertise for free is a bonus. I remember when I had my flu shots last, subsidised by the corporation and it made me sick for a week. I was not above taking all five of those working days and a good slice of the weekend at home. Great savings for the company there, but only in social and stress related stocks as I dish out as much curry to the management as I can.

So please, don’t run around like chicken little when the flu stories reach you. Just get plenty of good rest to be ready for it when it comes and eat lots of veges. This tardish hullabaloo need only be taken to nursing homes where people are already well behind the eight ball in terms of immune systems. Its all those kerosene baths you see.

And as always, all societies ills including the dreaded lurgy, find solution in The Hoff

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Given that gastro will floor you twice as hard as flu (it does me) I’d like to see some effing research into a vaccine for that!

people can die of gastro *nods* but that’s generally the same old people who were gonna die of the flu anyway.

Who knows, even the Hoff might succumb, and then where would Mr Git be?

I don’t want to hear your stinking propaganda ever again. A world without Hoff, are you insane!!! 😉

Well, that’s one way to look at it. But it’ll cost you for the shot.

jamius maximus12:43 pm 20 May 05

Have I got this right…

Whenever I choose, I can go and get a flu shot. This will give me a tiny, mild flu and, in turn, at least a couple of days off work chilling, watching vids and potting round the house? Further, this will be on sick leave so it won’t eat into my annual leave balance. Bonus.

Indeed it hasn’t, I thank you.

Well at least that article backed up my borderline comment about Asia.

But this sort of ‘maybe it will maybe it won’t, it’s nigh time’ sort of guesswork is less certain than the belief that someone would love to put a hand in my pocket in return for an unneccessary needle in my arm.

Oops, sorry about the link highlight, at least it hasn’t forced its wy across the comments box on the front.

In this case, I’d rather authorities were getting prepared for a pandemic.

The Spanish Flu killed something between 20-50 million people in 1918-19 with a disproportionate rate among young, healthy people.

Given the general intervals betwen pandemics, we’re just about due for one.

Who knows, even the Hoff might succumb, and then where would Mr Git be?

Anyway, without being able to categorically reference my observation, news stories, ads and wall posters in doctors surgeries all urge me to get flu shots regardless of what the health department might say on the matter.

talking about the danger of a pandemic

All the peices come together for the cause, all the peices. It’s hard to use the term ‘viral marketing’ without being overly ambiguous in this case. 😉

I must say I haven’t heard of anyone trying that.

I would imagine the feathers would add a fairly pungent tang.

While I take your point about the annual scare campaign to promote flu shots, the use of that Canberra Times article doesn’t support your case.

The Times article is actually talking about the danger of a pandemic from a hybrid avian flu (not the everyday type of flu for which you currently have shots). It’s not advocating flu shots simply because the strain of flu they are talking about hasn’t appeared yet. What it is talking about is our preparedness for such a pandemic.

Besides, Health Dept guidelines don’t advocate everyone having flu shots, just those in high-risk groups (residents of aged-care homes, people with compromised immunity, lung or cardio-vascular disease, aged over 65, etc etc).

Healthy people may shrug off the dangers of flu, but it does kill people every year in Australia.

Gastro, now THERES a virus that definitely does the rounds the most often. But no one dies from it, so…..

I’m a bit slack when it comes to gettting my flu shots. I mean we’re MEANT to have them working in public health. The general public is icky and full of germs 🙁 Damn general public gave me gastro. I didn’t get my flu shot this year, but I got it last year and still got quite ill through the year. *shrugs* I’ll get it ince they force me to, or give it to me free. For now I’ll save the money :p

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