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Wednesday’s apology to Aboriginal Australians

By lotsalag 11 February 2008 314

With Wednesday being the day that the Australian Government apologises to Aboriginal Australians, there is plenty of coverage on the radio of planned gatherings outside Old and New Parliament House.

I am interested in dropping by for an hour to see the festivities and speeches. Does anyone know what would be the best time to go on Wednesday?

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Wednesday’s apology to Aboriginal Australians
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aa1990 1:39 pm 15 Feb 08

All of you need to go and live in an aboriginal community for even just a week..for that matter take a trip up the highway and stay overnight in redfern.

No amount of Sorry or money is going to help the majority of these (previously) fine people. I though it would and spent 6 months trying to help them and sadly to say, know first hand that the only thing that is fact in this matter is the following:

a) The crown (led by UK at the time)fcked them in various ways;
b) We decedied to help (40-50 yrs ago);
c) they fcked themselves and then we (led by Aust govt, somewhat ind) helped them again;
c) and by our help we fcked them again;
d) then, their elders, ATSIC, ILC, fcked them;
e) and there is nothing we can do to fix the past, or sorry to say, the future for the majority.

Hopefully a minority will keep the fine parts of their very long history alive!

Thumper 11:16 am 15 Feb 08

And some ramifications. it will be interesting to see where it all leads.

Thumper 10:58 am 15 Feb 08

Sorry caf,

I didn’t see that post from Nemo that mentioned the Ziggy page.

I read those claims elsewhere on a reputable site. That’s why I had no idea who ziggy was.

caf 10:41 am 15 Feb 08

Actually Thumper, I linked to a page which lists some of the actual legislation text.

pierce 9:37 am 15 Feb 08



Thumper 9:30 am 15 Feb 08

Okay, I see.

It looks as though this guy has simply cut and pasted from every anti apology website he could find, without actually thinking about anything he wrote.

Afterall, anyone who invokes Goebbels in today’s Australian society is way off the mark.

Thumper 9:27 am 15 Feb 08

Hang on, i’ll check it out.

pierce 9:23 am 15 Feb 08

Yep, everyone’s buddy ziggy – it’s right at the end of the post originally linked to.

Thumper 9:23 am 15 Feb 08

Pierce, you know that I can turn your statement around 😉

Wow, for a bunch of people who are big on insisting that it is fact it’s funny how quickly you will uncritically accept a bunch of unverified, undocumented, unlinked assertions.

See it works both ways. Just read DMDs rant.

And I’ve never heard of this Ziggy wanker…

Cheers 😉

Thumper 9:19 am 15 Feb 08

The real plus is the fact that there will now be a greater awareness of the Indigenous plight, and hopefully, a greater resolve by all to do something about it.

There’s a site that advocates hanging?

pierce 9:11 am 15 Feb 08

On the plus side, we have cracked the 300+ comments mark for this post – what’s the record?

(I also meant to say “his position on privatisation”)

pierce 9:09 am 15 Feb 08

Wow, for a bunch of people who are big on insisting on proof it’s funny how quickly you will uncritically accept a bunch of unverified, undocumented, unlinked assertions on some guys personal website that support your beliefs.

Actually, let me suggest that you actually visit the other “opinion” parts of his website and get a sense of the rest of this mans beliefs. (None of which are backed up in anyway by references or links to external sources)

While I like his positions of privatisation and American militarism (and I don’t actually mind his plan to completely eradicate the sale of cigarettes), I find his attitudes on race, the middle east and the insidious attempts of illegal immigrants to turn Australia into a Muslim nation somewhat less appealing. Also his love of Pauline Hanson.

On the plus side Thumper, we have managed to find the redneck site that advocates hanging them.

If this is where “the facts” are coming from, I’m pretty happy in my position.

Thumper 8:38 am 15 Feb 08

I did mention previously that Lowitja O’Donohue was the head of the Stolen Generation Alliance, and for many years the most prominent of ‘stolen’ generation people.

Until it emerged that she wasn’t stolen in any way. But, hey, why let facts get in the way?

And no matter what you think, the following is also fact.

In Victoria, the state Stolen Generations Taskforce concluded there had been no formal policy for removing children. Ever.

-In the Northern Territory, the Federal Court found no sign of any policy of removal of part-Aboriginal children such as that alleged by the Aboriginal Industry.

-In Tasmania, the Stolen Generations Alliance, the very organisation formed to prove that the white man had a policy of removing aboriginal children from their tribes and families, admitted that there were no removal policies as such.

– In South Australia in 2007, the Supreme Court found no government policy to steal Aboriginal children there, either. Rather, stealing black children had been without legal authority, beyond power and contrary to authoritative legal advice.

yes, without doubt some children were removed under dubious circumstances, but at present we are seeing the perpetuation of an untruth which basically says that if you are Aboriginal, then you must be stolen, which is incorrect.

DMD, 80K BP has been suggested but most archaeologists tend to look more at a figure somewhere around, or less than 60K BP, and even that figure is debatable. It’s more likely to be around 40K BP.

BTW, Bolt is way to right wing for me. He says a lot of things I agree with, but then says something outrageous which annoys me no end.

barking toad 11:19 pm 14 Feb 08

Sorry, again, for the last time – unfairly maligning ingee. Meant to be very fairly maligning DmD.

And Nemo, the voice of reason, kicks in again.


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