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Wednesday’s apology to Aboriginal Australians

By lotsalag - 11 February 2008 314

With Wednesday being the day that the Australian Government apologises to Aboriginal Australians, there is plenty of coverage on the radio of planned gatherings outside Old and New Parliament House.

I am interested in dropping by for an hour to see the festivities and speeches. Does anyone know what would be the best time to go on Wednesday?

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314 Responses to
Wednesday’s apology to Aboriginal Australians
Skidbladnir 11:26 am 11 Feb 08

Full text of Bringing Them Home is available here:

For those who want a bit of extra homework before Wednesday.

howdy 11:23 am 11 Feb 08

(given that these lecturers wouldn’t tell people to had over their newborns : P That was more so my analogy – and it’s ‘some crap about handing over new born sons’ is it? – well it’s not crap when it actually happens…)

hingo 11:21 am 11 Feb 08

I second Thumper’s statement.

Skidbladnir 11:20 am 11 Feb 08

As indentified by the HR&EOC in Bringing Them Home, the experience of being forcibly removed from their homes and placed into an institutional environment was identified as a form of specific trauma and major cause of grief and guilt amongst those targetted by these policies.
There were abuses both in policy and of power which further isolated individuals and reinforced their feelings of grief, confusion, and perceptions of guilt.

The first step in healing these traumas is the honest delivery of and reciprocal acceptance of an apology.
It is the responsibility of the Australian Government, on behalf of previous Australian governments that administered this wrongful policy to acknowledge what was done and apologise for it.

This is only the first step as recommended in Appendix 9, Sections 3 component (1), and 5a components (1) and (2), of Bringing Them Home.

Now all we need are for the other 54 Sections of the Recommendations to be looked into for actual policy support.

howdy 11:20 am 11 Feb 08

Sorry Thumper, I wasn’t actually answering your question : P
Crikey actually said the word ‘greater’ anyway which implies instilling a sense of pride rather than directly fixing anything.

To answer your question I would say that the apology is not intended as a ‘fix’ to the worlds problems but it is a step in the RIGHT direction.

Because it is a gesture that will acknowledge that Australians give a ‘sh*t’ my anger is directed at the racism I see hiding behind those in the media feeding the argument that we shouldn’t appologise because it wont ‘fix’ anything.

I don’t really see that in any of these comments but it’s something I still feel passionate about and put in my two cents, having had some excellent lecturers at university for indigenous & cultural studies.

BenMac 11:14 am 11 Feb 08

I believe all the networks are going to show it, but Sky and ABC1 will probably have the better coverage.

I’d suggest getting there early. Parking in the public carpark will be hard, as it is a sitting day, and it usually fills up very quickly. If you do park in the public carrpark, don’t park in a bus/loading zone/disabled park, as parking inspectors do come down (usually only when it’s busy) and will book you. Parking in a 3hrs park is fine even if you’re there more than 3hrs. I believe the House will be opening the front doors to the public at 8am.

There may be some room still in the galleries. If you call 6277 7111, that will put you through to the switchboard. Ask for the House of Reps ticket service and they should put you through. Tickets are free, although by now, there proabaly all gone. Other than that, there’s the Great Hall, and Federation Mall. Security will be tight on entry to both the main entry, and even tighter to the galleries, so don’t bring anything that probably won’t be allowed.

Thumper 10:50 am 11 Feb 08

Hey, I was asking a genuine question.

And you choose to go straight on the attack about some crap to do with handing over first born sons.

I suggest you do a little more research on the subject rather than blindly follow the party line.

howdy 10:47 am 11 Feb 08

It’s a symbolic event.

The symbolic event of NOT appologising was a racist and backwards stance that reinforced the divide between white and Aboriginal Australia.

If you have an issue with the symbolism of making an apology or even the compensation claims that may follow I suggest you be forced to hand your first male newborn straight over to a childless Asian couple. And don’t expect any acknowledgment for any ‘petty’ grief this may ‘inconvenience’ you with either…

hingo 10:43 am 11 Feb 08

Hopefully this is a turning point, but I seriously doubt that saying sorry will do anything but create further problems.

VYBerlinaV8 10:37 am 11 Feb 08

In reality, it will be no different. The problems Aborigines face will still be there on Thursday.

Thumper 9:59 am 11 Feb 08

Why will it be a much better place?

or are you being sarcastic?

Crikey 9:56 am 11 Feb 08

Australia will be a much greater place on Thursday.

VYBerlinaV8 9:43 am 11 Feb 08

With all the hoohaa about saying sorry, I hope this is a turning point for Aborigines.

(Although the apology will be nice, it will be interesting to see if it materially impacts the problems faced by Aboriginal Australia).

Skidbladnir 9:40 am 11 Feb 08

The live video broadcasts start at 0900hrs on SKY, and also on ABC1 (radio broadcast on TripleJ), communal bigscreens in the Great Hall or also on the lawns outside Parliament House.

If you’re stuck behind a computer and have a wide pipe, the video will alo be broadcast through:

(Free BBQ on the Federation Mall from 1130hrs for everybody who wants it)

madman 9:40 am 11 Feb 08

Well the appology is set to begin shortly after 9am. So make sure u get there before 9am and bring your picnic rug along and u can watch the proceedings on the big screen on the lawns, as inside can only accomodate not so many as expected to turn up.

It will also be broadcasted on ABC Television.

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