Welcome to 2007 – the year of the ACT price increases

Jonathon Reynolds 1 January 2007 4

January 1st brings with it the new taxing regime that Stanhope government has rammed through the Assembly in the last budget. This was brought in to gouge a couple of extra million dollars from utility companies in order to fund the Government’s ineptness in properly managing the local economy.

The Australian has an article HERE

The ABC has an article HERE

We ought to set up a price watch and see how long it takes for the Utilitiy companies to pass on the tax and how much this actually equates to. It will be interesting to see if they raise prices to actually cover their costs or use it as an attempt to make extra profit themselves!

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4 Responses to Welcome to 2007 – the year of the ACT price increases
Thumper Thumper 8:13 pm 02 Jan 07

I think I will make it my life’s goal to piss on the statue of Grassby, just for Donald Mackay’s widow.

Seems the right thing to do.

Man, I am fired up tonight….

cranky cranky 9:27 am 02 Jan 07

Perhaps RA’ers and their friends could show their appreciation of the Comrade’s taxes with a show of appreciation on the occasion of the unveiling of the statue of his hero, Grasby the Evil.

This would be a great opportunity to show how much we appreciate the well thought out expenditures of our taxes by the Comrade.

We may need a ‘Deep Throat’ in one of the media camps to alert us to the time of the unveiling, who of course would also alert us to any last minute change of timing. This could be necessary if it was deemed that only 17 spectaters could be accommodated at the unveiling (on OH&S grounds of course).

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:30 pm 01 Jan 07

Yes I heard that too, when it was first announced.

I can’t wait for 2008. This Govt is shite.

Perhaps we can all tax the shit out of the Chief Numpty when he becomes Shadow Leader….given that he earns a hell of a lot more than most Canberrans who can’t afford it.

Kerces Kerces 5:05 pm 01 Jan 07

In fact Telstra has already said they would pass on the price rise. They think it will be something in the order of $2-3 per month, so up to $36 a year extra.

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