What will you do for fun in Canberra?

threeze 6 November 2006 21

We will do anything, as long as we have PANTS.

PANTS (People Against Non-eventful TimeS) is a Canberra based thing that wants to make people aware that there is more to do in Canberra than getting smashed at Mooseheads or taking detailed photos of building sites in Civic (and then writing obsessively long posts about them on a blog).

We want people to say “yes” to things they wouldn’t normally consider, rather than an automatic “no”. We want to prove Canberra isn’t the boring Public Service town it is made out to be, and if we can’t do that because there is nothing to do, we want to make our own fun to compensate (ideally, to over compensate).

So, check us out, let us know about anything that is fun in the ACT that we may miss, and most of all… Just. Have. Fun.

Oh, and it is our annual “Welcome to November” party this weekend. It’s at Muddle Bar, Civic from about 8pm. Here is an invite:

Welcome to November

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21 Responses to What will you do for fun in Canberra?
threeze threeze 12:52 pm 07 Nov 06

Canberra’s best (in my opinion) record store, Landspeed, has “I [heart] CBR” badges behind the counter. I apparently bought the first three they had ever sold.

Thumper Thumper 12:48 pm 07 Nov 06

I used to have an ‘I (heartie thing) Virginia”

Not that I knew her that well….

I think an “I (Lovie red thing that beats in your chest) canberra” is a good idea, if not a little 1970s…

threeze threeze 12:01 pm 07 Nov 06

i’ll probably have a “I [heart] CBR” badge on.

terubo terubo 11:57 am 07 Nov 06

Besides, two’s company, ‘threeze’ a crowd!

terubo terubo 11:55 am 07 Nov 06

It’s a conspiracy. They’re trying to get us into church – to sing the old English hymn “Thus PANTS the hart for cooling streams…”

johnboy johnboy 11:55 am 07 Nov 06

Are you guys going to have a banner or something with which to identify you?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:53 am 07 Nov 06

PANTS – Pay Attention Now Thumper – Sheessh!

Thumper Thumper 11:41 am 07 Nov 06

I stand corrected. I shall examine it in much more detail next time.

Vote for me as ruler of the world.

threeze threeze 11:37 am 07 Nov 06

Thumper, the idea of PANTS isn’t be to a gig guide or like the DIY Wotz On, but more as a way to get people to actually do things rather than posting about them on the internet and/or just heading down to the local every weekend.

It started as a way of us getting our friends to commit to things they wouldn’t normally do and it would be nice if we could extend the reach of that.

Thumper Thumper 11:30 am 07 Nov 06

You know, PANTS could be a front for the People Against Northern Territory Society…

Better put that one under conspiracies….

Thumper Thumper 11:29 am 07 Nov 06

SGS does have the most boring thing on the whole internet.

And that includes http://www.watchpaintdry.com and http://www.watchgrassgrow.com

Which are boith rather boring as well.

However, isn’t PANTS just a derivative of WOTZ ON IN WOLLONGONG, sorry, I mean CANBERRA which we have on RA for every weekend?

And by the way, ‘Pants’ in English slang means, well, rubbish, crap, pathetic….

Mr Evil, “Canberra is boring sometimes, and I blame the Police for that!”

It is obviously all the fault of George Gregan.

kaydo kaydo 10:35 am 07 Nov 06

LurkerGal – I think you’re on the money. Maybe SGS wasn’t as famous as we thought.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:32 am 07 Nov 06

Bulding sites are interesting – especially when there’s an element of trespass involved. 🙂

Canberra is boring sometimes, and I blame the Police for that!

LurkerGal LurkerGal 10:30 am 07 Nov 06

Bonfire, I think he was referring to SGS, not you.

Have you SEEN the 750 photos of “the new civic centre”?

kaydo kaydo 10:26 am 07 Nov 06

bonfire – what’s all that about? what did threeze do?

hk0reduck – Irony noted. But take a look at the site, there’s a bit more going on than just the welcome to November thing.

hk0reduck hk0reduck 10:06 am 07 Nov 06

I like how the aim is to prove that
“There is more to do in Canberra than getting smashed at Mooseheads” while holding an event which will lead to people getting smashed at the Muddle bar.

With this alone I can think of 10 more things to do in Civic alone.
1. Get smashed at the bourbon bar.
2. Get smashed the phoenix.
3. Get smashed at Nitro.
4. Get smashed at Sultans.
5. Get smashed at Meche. (Although I wouldn’t reccomended it)
6. Get smashed at ICBM.
7. Get smashed at Echo.
8. Get smashed at North.
9. Get smashed at King O’Malleys.
10. Get smashed at PJ O’Reillys.

Thankyou PantS for showing me the way %D

bonfire bonfire 9:37 am 07 Nov 06

hey threeze

kiss my arse

Absent Diane Absent Diane 8:56 am 07 Nov 06

don’t believe them thumper. its a conspiracy.

Thumper Thumper 8:09 am 07 Nov 06

WHat? There’s more to do than simply getting legless as a lizard?

ant ant 9:55 pm 06 Nov 06

I like that watch.

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