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When is a Good Time for a Lynching?

By che - 31 August 2005 30

The CT has this story on the alleged fun loving activities of the Civic muggers.

What excuses do we think they’ll put up in defence of their anti-social behaviour?

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
When is a Good Time for a Lynching?
Mr Evil 1:03 pm 31 Aug 05

Problem easily solved: put each of these lowlife rejects on a plane to Bali with a suitcase full of drugs and a tattoo saying “drug dealer” on their forehead.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 12:53 pm 31 Aug 05

Ralph I agree, we need our courts to be filled with Steve Pratt and his many identical siblings.

Absent Diane 12:31 pm 31 Aug 05

their ways haven’t changed

Absent Diane 12:29 pm 31 Aug 05

When they first start showing sociopathic signs they should be put on a monitoring program, perhaps have them taken away from there parents and re-educated and if their ways have changed by the age of 18 wham frontal lobotomy… this way instead of wasting money on longterm jail stayers you spend the money on prevention. If prevention doesn’t work you turn them into vegetables which the original creators should be made to look after. That or create a very violent sport in which they can kill themselves in.

mmm adult…. I don’t think anyone has ever called me adult!!

Special G 12:24 pm 31 Aug 05

Do they even need to put up a defence. All it takes is for them to say that they weren’t loved as a child or something and they will get a slap on the wrist and a 6 month good behaviour bond.


Ralph 12:03 pm 31 Aug 05

We need people like Steve Pratt on the bench. That would put the fear of god into some of these low lifes.

Or maybe we could get Judge Judy as part of the skilled migration program.

ssanta 11:56 am 31 Aug 05

f***ing wankers. Flogging a bloke for 20 bucks. grrrrr

kimba 11:55 am 31 Aug 05

They’ll will treat these thugs the same way they will treat the boy involved it the recent hit-and-run. The bleeding hearts in our society will say they are from a disadvantaged background and will be sent home and told not to be naughty boys again.

I recently spoke to a teacher who ‘taught’ the hit-and-run boy who said he has been in and out of trouble for years – stealing cars, bullying other students and thieving. But the system just kept on turning a blind-eye. Bleeding hearts like Stanhope and others, especially our liberal thinking judges and social workers, have slowing dismembered all the checks and controls in society in respect to these thugs.

LurkerGal 10:40 am 31 Aug 05

AD didn’t add the “appropriate smiley” because he is a grownup.

Growling Ferret 10:28 am 31 Aug 05

Add the appropriate smiley then 🙂 😉 😛 etc

Absent Diane 10:19 am 31 Aug 05

my comment may have been tongue in cheek….

Growling Ferret 10:17 am 31 Aug 05

Handguns are the last thing you want every strapon wannabe hip hop star wanke 18 year old to be carrying thru Civic…

I’d prefer to have the sh*t kicked out of me than take my chances with a pissed or stoned teenager with a weapon…

Absent Diane 10:10 am 31 Aug 05

if we could all just carry guns for personal defence – then im sure these things wouldn’t happen

Ralph 10:08 am 31 Aug 05

Pond slime.

che 10:05 am 31 Aug 05

so do you think Cleatus is his real name or thats just what everyone calls him because of the six fingers and missing teeth?

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