When is a Good Time for a Lynching?

che 31 August 2005 30

The CT has this story on the alleged fun loving activities of the Civic muggers.

What excuses do we think they’ll put up in defence of their anti-social behaviour?

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30 Responses to When is a Good Time for a Lynching?
benett benett 3:19 pm 26 Sep 05

Steve Pratt could patrol the streets late at night with capsicum spray, black gloves, 9mm hand guns (just like police do) on hand and a posse of vigilantes ready to gaol groups of suspect types.
If you look the wrong way, or make a joke towards the vigilante posse, be ware !!! You may be lucky enough to spend a week in prison without charge.

Tool Tool 7:01 pm 02 Sep 05

These guys are weak as piss, notice they can’t pick anyone alone? They are probably the type that go home and smack their wives and beat their kids…….Whats more they are the spineless $$#@ that go and whinge when they have something happen to them – maybe we need to organise a hit on a Magistrate or a politician before something decent happens to these bastards!!

Maelinar Maelinar 12:36 pm 01 Sep 05

I like the idea of stocks. I also like the idea of changing the law so that they can only be defenced by an appointed representative of the victim. User pays in action…

Evictor Evictor 9:28 am 01 Sep 05

Their association with the Rebels is that ‘Tim’ as named in the paper has a rather well known father who is a member.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 8:22 am 01 Sep 05

You’re probably right there Johnboy. Maybe we won’t have to wait for the Police to sort them out after all as it may be done “in house”, so to speak?

If I was those little turds, I’d rather hand myself into the Police rather than wait to be bundled into the boot of a car a 3am one morning!

johnboy johnboy 7:09 am 01 Sep 05

I thought the Rebels connection was interesting.

They’re not a group that usually takes kindly to outsiders trying to trade off their name.

Even if it is a kid of a member, isn’t the minimum punishment a gutshot and leaving town forever?

Absent Diane Absent Diane 3:02 pm 31 Aug 05

Yeah that site is a corker

Ralph Ralph 2:52 pm 31 Aug 05

Speaking of Chavs, I find this site pretty amusing.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:31 pm 31 Aug 05

HAHA @ Chavs – good call!!!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 2:17 pm 31 Aug 05

Sending our crims to bali with drugs could be called “outsourcing”…and we would only have to pay for the airfare…let Indonesia pay for the justice…sounds good to me.

Evictor Evictor 2:06 pm 31 Aug 05

Filthy chavs.

bulldog bulldog 2:05 pm 31 Aug 05

Where are the cops when this sort of thing is going on? I know they can’t be everywhere at once, but it would seem that these piss-weak tossers aren’t afraid of accosting people in open places. It’s not like Akuna St and City walk is a dark back alley, so it would seem that these punks are attacking without fear of retribution. Experience is the only thing that would lead them to this behaviour.

I have previously floated the idea of installing miscreants of this ilk in Garema place as phlegm recepticles, although I like the added challenge of finding the most painful spot to ditch my smokes out on. Nice one ssanta.

There’s no cure for people willing to hunt in packs; they are animals and not fit to live amongst human beings. Far North Queensland I tells ya.

Either that or a roving vigilante lynch mob who protects the good folks of the ACT from antisocial behaviour. If the cops can’t do it we should take the law into our own hands.

These oxygen thieves really push my buttons.

em em 1:22 pm 31 Aug 05

I was thinking “bring back stocks” as I read that story. Great suggestion! Plus apples are 89c a kilo at the moment, should we wait for them to soften before we start throwing them?

ssanta ssanta 1:18 pm 31 Aug 05

Stocks in Civic. That way people have a place to put their chewing gum and ciggerette butts rather than flicking them everwhere, you could stick your chewie or stub your ciggie out on some miscreant. Pure gold, and very visible punishment that would stop others.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 1:15 pm 31 Aug 05

MR Evil that is positively evil…. I like it!!!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:03 pm 31 Aug 05

Problem easily solved: put each of these lowlife rejects on a plane to Bali with a suitcase full of drugs and a tattoo saying “drug dealer” on their forehead.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 12:53 pm 31 Aug 05

Ralph I agree, we need our courts to be filled with Steve Pratt and his many identical siblings.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 12:31 pm 31 Aug 05

their ways haven’t changed

Absent Diane Absent Diane 12:29 pm 31 Aug 05

When they first start showing sociopathic signs they should be put on a monitoring program, perhaps have them taken away from there parents and re-educated and if their ways have changed by the age of 18 wham frontal lobotomy… this way instead of wasting money on longterm jail stayers you spend the money on prevention. If prevention doesn’t work you turn them into vegetables which the original creators should be made to look after. That or create a very violent sport in which they can kill themselves in.

mmm adult…. I don’t think anyone has ever called me adult!!

Special G Special G 12:24 pm 31 Aug 05

Do they even need to put up a defence. All it takes is for them to say that they weren’t loved as a child or something and they will get a slap on the wrist and a 6 month good behaviour bond.


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